Financial Assistance

This is to inform or as you maybe are already aware that Naph Galang is currently confined at the Las Pinas hospital suffering from stroke. He was in the Intensive Care Unit for some time and is now recuperating at the ward section.

Given the situation that resulted to excessive medical bills which wiped out their family’s savings and put them into huge debt, I would like to appeal to your kind heart to please extend some sort of monetary aid at any amount just as to help Nap and his family be relieved somehow from this enormous financial obligation.
You may hand it over to me or to his brother Tony Galang stationed at Schneider Cav3 facility.
For more details, you may contact MF’s ribbon mic.

Thank you so much and may you be more blessed!

Musically Inclined Financial Analysts

Part of the program during our First Quarter Team Bonding is a videoke challenge. But since we’re busy at the kitchen I was not able to witness that but as I heard from the other side of the venue it was joined by some newbies and team leaders.

Other than some members of the team brought their guitar and beat box though I was not so sure if they have something like sampletank too.

Music is indeed everywhere, no matter what you do it is a kind of outlet to release different kind of emotions be it happy, sad, stressed or hype.

Since Lolo Left Us

It’s been twenty four years since lolo died. I can barely remember the remaining hours of his life when he asked me to visit him in the hospital. It was almost midnight then but my lola said that lolo is calling my name repeatedly so I went to see him not knowing that it was the last time and my last chance to see him alive and breathing. I did not stay in the hospital as there should only be one companion allowed per patient. Few minutes after I got home, we got a call telling us that lolo has left us.

It was one of the most painful days of my life. I was in grade five then so he will no longer see me graduating from elementary moreso from high school.

My lolo, he was the most strict man that I knew. He was that protective of me and now I realized why he has to do that. I even had this idea that it was from him that I got this strong personality,so as this loud voice which always sounds mad even if not really.

I don’t know how my life would have been with him around me as I grow up. I miss lolo, the kind of grand father who never fails to bring me home anything whether he wins or loses from his favorite cockfighting hobby.

I believe that you still watch over me lolo, you might be disappointed about that some points in my life but I’m sure from up there you will understand. Just letting you know that even decades have passed your memory remains in our hearts. We love you Lolo Jamin!

Visita Iglesia 2016

I remember during the first four (4) years of us doing the Visita Iglesia, we are going through the route of Trece – Indang – Mendez – Tagaytay – Silang – Dasma – Imus – Kawit – Noveleta – Tanza. But since last year, we are being transported by our car named Peter giving a lot more of convenience for us. And if we were doing just the two of us (dadi and myself) before now we are five when we did it.

Batang Ngalay

Even with the comfort of just sitting in the car my prince still complaint about being tired and ask his dad to carry him at our last stop for the thirteenth and fourteenth station.

ALE : Attitude is Everything

Last Saturday February 27, 2016 was the first women’s voleyball match of Ateneo Lady Eagles against De La Salle’s Lady Spikers for the 78th Season of UAAP (University Athletic Association of the Philippines). The latter had the chance to regain victory in this elimination game after several series of losses in two years from ALE.

I remember I used to be on the green’s side not only that they’re bearing my favorite color but because I used to be a part of the company who supports them (with its logo on their jersey) until such time that I was greatly dismayed about how Abby Maraño is playing on the court (apology for her supporters – just my opinion). I didn’t like the way she make faces with too much arrogance every time she was able to block an opponent’s spike or every time her drop-ball succeeds. Probably it is indeed a great honor to having been executed such great blocking/offense power but I wish there is a better way of showing that kind of pride.


Having said that, Alyssa Valdez on the other hand impressed me that much. No matter how remarkable the way she plays the game she remains humble wearing those big smiles in an unoffensive manner. I have loved her since then.

Yesterday, I saw how one of the Spiker’s player portrayed the same conceit I’ve seen from Tiyang Abby and it was indeed very disappointing. Yes maybe it is just being seen on-court for they say that off-court is a different story since they are in fact friends. The point here is not about the friendship -it is about the character a real athlete should possess on and off court. It is about becoming a model especially for youth who tends to idolize a player.

Nothing really personal against them as I know they work hard to be in their position but just a piece of advice for them to keep humility above all because at the end of the day attitude is everything.

Finger Foods Store

We just have opened a new small business at home. It’s a selling of newly cooked finger foods such as french fries, some chinese dumplings, fishball, chicken balls, squid balls, cheese sticks and a lot more. My uncle, his wife and one of his sons are taking care of. The opening can be considered really successful with a good amount of sales obtained just for that day.

They did with a music coming from the mobile phones with its sounds coming out of the bluetooth speaker of cousin but I am not sure of they still neededed a kind of speakon connector for that.

It is a good thing now that people in the neighborhood have a place to go to whenever they need some snacks. We also serve ice cold softdrinks.

Manny vs LGBT

I am just so glad that the issue between the boxing champ of the Philippines is subsiding little by little. As for me, there is no such thing as perfection. Everyone is bound to make mistake whether it is intentional or not. Manny maybe had the wrong choice of words, LGBT might have overly misinterpreted such and media may have edited the interview as shown but one thing is for sure – it was published for people to react.

We are responsible for our own reactions and there is a right way of doing things where we need not use any passage from the scriptures to prove anything to anybody. I understood LGBT probably was deeply hurt but if you think you’re not doing anything wrong then there’s no reason for us feel guilty and react negatively on that. Manny already sent his public apology and who are we not to accept it? Media on the other hand is there to give us the latest updates, entertainment and etc. but the way we use it is another story.

Instead of us trying to look at the imperfection of things and people, let us try to control ourselves and give our best effort to look at the brighter side of life. Just my two cents.

Precious Valentine Gifts

stackable rings

Other than Christmas season expression of love is mostly seen during Valentine’s day. Flowers, Chocolates, Teddy Bears and a lot of stuffs are scattered everywhere making the Heart’s day even more special for those people who have a partner. But this day is not just for couple and for those with personal partner but for people who are remembered – remembered in the sense that because of how they get along anybody would love to give a thing for the purpose of recognition and appreciation.

However, if you have this great love for a person you usually would want to give not just a simple but an extravagant and precious gifts like those Joy Jewelers stackable rings something that can be treasured for a lifetime.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Toy Musical Instrument

flute recorder

Last Weekend my son told me that he is going to bring his toy trumpet in school – the one that he used for New Year’s eve because his teacher wants them to bring a toy musical instrument. I never allowed him to bring that since in my mind if it is indeed musical instruments that’s needed then he might take his guitar instead. But I thought about general guitar parts which could be broken if they would play on that so just today I decided to buy a recorder flute instead. When I came home I planned to reveal a surprise thru it thinking that he should be happy with that but then he said “its done, I don’t need it anymore” and so I told him its okay you can just learn playing it at home.

Water-based Aroma Scent

Last year I bought an air-freshener humidifier for less. It was on sale at a mall with a bottle of aroma oil in green bamboo scent. True to my excitement we were able to consume the oil in a short period of time faster than how it has been suggested without me knowing that the refill of such is not commonly found anywhere. Now I am having a hard time looking for one as the packaging says that only water-based scents are suitable for the revitalizer. There was one available that we’ve seen in a hardware but the cost seems to be to much for the purpose. I wish I can find one online.

A New Kitchen Toy

la germania_2burner gas stove
I am fond of cooking and if there’s one spot at home where you would usually see me it’s in the kitchen. Before the holidays came in 2015 our gas stove had a problem – its left burner was not functioning at all leaving me with a single burner to use. And so I decided to make my dream of having a gas range come true but due to unexpected expenses I ended up having a new double burner gas stove instead. And because it was just a replacement I never needed some kind of corner brackets and other stuff to fix my kitchen top counter and some racks on it.

Spoiled GF

Just today I bumped into an old photo of mine with me holding a bunch of flowers four years ago. It was one of the most surprising days I ever had – our 25th month together. I remember the moment when I came home. I was about to change clothes then so I immediately went upstairs. When I reached the top, I wonder why our huge water container is blocking my way so I opened it up to see what’s in there. When I took of the the cover a bouquet of flower showed up with a note coming from my man saying Happy monthsary mami. I could say I was a spoiled girl and still I am up to this day.