First Time "Facial Services" Experience

I ain’t vain and have never been so vain about myself.Though I guess I have complete make-ups and accessories but I don’t usually use them. It was really the first time  I ever allowed somebody to invade my face this deep. When I was in the city where a lot of beauty salons are scattered around and almost every corner, I haven’t been tempted to go for something like this. Only the “Tropang Utot” did encourage me so far.
With the intention to belong(as I don’t wanna left outside just waiting) and with sense of curiosity I tried the “facial cleaning with laser and vacuum plus whitening soft mask”. I even felt so excited about it when we entered the room. Expecting to be really pampered, the procedure began. I will share with you the process as I’ve experienced it (hope I remember them so well).
Let’s Face It, I am not beautiful to be your model but I have to show my pictures.
 Photo taken before the service was rendered.
I – Cleansing and Applying Cream
  The feeling was great as the cleansing happens. It’s as if cleaning your face of a cotton ball with your won facial cleanser applied with a cream that’s so cold which refreshes your face.
  See the cream? Sorry I haven’t got the guts to ask what kind of cream was that.
II – Steaming
Putting hairnet back prior to steaming
After some series of scrubbing, brushing and etc (I haven’t noticed all the deeds as my eyes were closed most of the time) the beautician (is it the proper term to use?) put me under the steaming machine for I think 5mins or so. 
III – Pricking
 This was the most unforgettable stage of all. It hurts a  lot. I can’t help myself but to keep my breath on this. With lips bitten my tears fell down to my cheeks going to my ears. Good thing she put cottons in each. It is as if hundreds of tiny pinches being done to my face with full concentration on my nose that really made me cry. Huhuhu! It wasn’t pampering anymore.
I still manage to smile despite the pain
IV – Putting on the Whitening Soft Mask (Hoping this really whiten my face. Hehe! )
After the the throbbing step, she wiped my face with a damp cloth, put a thin cloth-like thing and applied the mask on top. She left this stuff to my face for around 20mins.
V- Final Cleansing
Then the clock alarmed as a signal that the allotted time has lapsed and so she did the final cleansing. She uncovered my face and removed the mask completely .
What can you say? So it’s time for some wacky poses.
 Seeing any difference?
 Photo taken right after the procedure.
Dare to compare from the first one.
I just love the thought of first time experiencing a beauty regime most women do though it hurts.
Will try more next time.Thanks folks!

A Search for Wedding Reception Venue

Yesterday, June 25, 2010 when we started to look for our prospective wedding venue. We actually have five (5) venues to choose from, all just within Cavite Area .
Our first stop, Leslie’s Restaurant at CEPZA Diversion Road, Noveleta Cavite. I love its ambiance. With green fields around as if overlooking New Zealand with cows in farm. But I still have to think about the price and have it compared among the others. But I’m pretty sure that the event would be worth remembering even more. I have personally taken photos of the place so I can go back to how it looks like.
 View from couple’s table.

<– ladies’ rest room
                              men’s comfort room–>
top view
my friends posing
I have to give recognition to the Sales person who accommodated us eagerly with free iced tea. Thanks.
Next in line, Portico De Cecilia located at Epza Diversion Road, Magdalo Kawit Cavite. The Garden set-up is also nice to consider. With price a bit higher than Leslie’s, it was so unfortunate that we weren’t entertained the way we wanted it to be as there was an on-going event during that night. Nevertheless, we were at least able to exchange contact numbers for the purpose of my personal wedding and for our business ventures as well. And one more thing to note about it was that the date I have initially set was already taken as confirmed in the exact time I would wanna hold the reception.
 After the garden set-up we went to Josephine’s Restaurant where they usually handle occasions in an indoor setting though they do have the options to have it arranged in  a garden outside.Well, Josephine is already known for its food but we never had the chance to personally see the samples of what they offer such as the decorations and all. Considering the price it is lower compared to the first two and they even have the options of having a sit down menu instead of just the usual buffet services.
We roamed around the place and we even tried going to the Water Camp as we are trying to organize a swimming with our classmates. Unfortunately, they don’t accept over night swimming. 
Then we planned to go to Cherry’s Pavillion for our next ocular. On our way there, we were able to stop at my ex-boss’ place and I was surprised to see that he has already established a new business just beside his house. Thanks to him as we even had fish balls and halo-halo for free. Subsequently, we went to our target and found out that nobody’s there to answer our inquiries about wedding reception since it’s already late. We just seen a brochure which we cannot take home and saw that the price is the lowest among the four but of course the place itself cannot surpass the environment of the first three venues.
With the assumption that our next destination operates 24/7, we have decided to proceed to Island Cove which we can tag as the most prominent of them all. Unluckily, no Sales person were there to explain things according to our purpose so we never had any idea of what would be the financial implication of the venue they would offer.  
So we went home already somehow dissatisfied since we were not able to complete them all.
Upon reaching home, I immediately surf on Island Cove’s website and asked from their on-line  inquiry engine if they can send quotations for wedding packages. Lately when I discovered that they already did. Taking a peek on their packages I found out that their basic package is even lower than that of Leslie’s and Portico de Cecilia. However, I can’t totally say more things about so I have to compare them all in detail. Will share with you the outcome of the comparison next time.

FiSS Blessing And Inauguration

June 24 is not just Macoi’s bday, not just Saint John’s feast but also a day to remember for APC by Schneider Electric as the new Finance Shared Services (FiSS) Office was blessed and inaugurated. 
This is one of the reasons why I didn’t skip for work and had the celebration of Macoi’s birthday done on Friday instead. Aside from the consideration of making the day more enjoyable for my expected visitors –  my office mates and college friends.
The event was attended by the entire Local Finance Team along with some of other Department’s officers and management team, few third party guests and the Respectable Philip Woodburn who’s the main man of the occasion.
We were directed to come in formal business attire and so we did. The program started with the acknowledgment of the presence of guest and visitors and next to it was the Prayer blessing by the Priest from the Main door till the green ribbon was cut. With few candles lit the sanctification with the holy water for the entire office area immediately followed. The throwing of coins was also done to complete the blessing tradition from where I was able to catch 9pcs of P5 coins (obviously a total of P45).  After that a speech from Miss Myrna Asistores was delivered and subsequently from Philip Woodburn.
 Next to it was the most awaited part. Eating Time with food in buffet set-up — pancit, baked macaroni, empanada, fresh lumpia, chicken lollipop and fruits and tiny muffin for the dessert. Yummy was the Pritchon  (Pritong Lechon from Pritchon Corporation)which some of us have tasted for the first time matched with cold soft drinks in can. This was uniquely served chopped and wrapped with fita bread topped with a sauce of your choice (can’t recall the varieties though). 
Catering courtesy of Doyet’s Canteen
We had fun eating really as always. Of course an event couldn’t get any better without the picture taking. One of my favorites as well.
Isn’t it obvious??? But I won’t claim to be obsessed maybe just a picture addict.
some of Finance’s boys and girls
Below are few IT men captured in the scene and me, xy and metz dealing with the plate.
I don’t know how Paolo did the shot to appear like this
But the best of all photo is the “wacky” moment – my trademark replicated by the group smiling with their tongue out and a peace sign.
And so I shouted “wacky” this time and will do it over and over again.

A Bag for All Occasion

These are my bags… bags left here with me as others were already given away. I was a certified bag addict then and I no longer am this time.

None among them was my favorite.

This is actually my constant companion these days. A pouch I use in the office and every where I go. As if my bag for all occasions.

I just found it underneath our TV rack containing wires, connector jacks and adapters. Full of dust I washed it and started to use it for office since my first day at my current employer. Lately when I found out that it was just a good deal in a boutique where my cousin bought his pants and shirt.

I used to carry huge bags with me which almost contains our house but I guess there’s no need for me to do that again as I am 14mins (on the average) away from home. And even though there’s a necessity to take big baggage, such as during outing and sports events to attend to, this pouch will still be put in.

What’s inside this petite luggage?
1)    Beauty stuffs – make-up and hair accessories (this pouch acts as my vanity kit too…)
2)   Bills
3)   Mobile phones  (including my iPhone which I used as my camera), headset and chargers
4)   Coin purse and card holder
5)   Ballpens
6)   Fem pad
7)   Meds
8)   Flash disk
9)   Eyeglasses, and my
10)Rosary which I always carry with me.

Ever wonder how these things fit in? Well, they do. 

Looking full packed? Actually there’s still a space.

Oops, I forgot to include my fave scent – Clinique Happy.
There you go. Belongings complete and ready for the day’s battle.

This Time I’ve Had Enough

From enough of time to complete my tasks at home last weekend. This time Ive had enough of:


They say that you must spend at least 8 hours to have enough quantity of sleep and I think I had it last night as I got into bed around 11pm and woke up by 7am. And it feels just right. But sometimes it’s not just the quantity that counts but the quality as well. Though I had a headache which brought me to sleep earlier, I had my whole sleeping tired uninterrupted as Macoi was not beside me. I am not saying that I am happy about it though. Yet I am thankful that I had the chance to do so while knowing that Macoi has slept better in his place last night. It was some kinda humid in our sleeping area. In this case, I guess it’s synonymous that I had enough of rest even though I almost came in late for work – like last two minutes and the bell will ring.


That enough of rest I had led me to some sort of a little direction to work on my tasks at office. Despite the fact that I was in a RUSHian and URGENTinian mode. I was able to make it to finally submit some special project documents needed for a certain application. I just wish that those papers were accepted and validated. Anyway, it’s my first time and there’s always a first time from which we can learn from.


I have been exerting effort to achieve a normal BMI and so I do some sort of jogging, walking, running, jumping almost every morning. And since I’ve cited that I got up at 7am today so I never had the time to do it which I really intended. It is because I knew and I have prepared myself to go to badminton tonight. And it happened. It’s the kind of game I want where I sweat a lot. I had to change shirt after the first game because you can really squeeze it and have a bottle of water which came out from my body. It is indeed the kind of exercise I am craving. Enough for me to burn fats and calories – a greater chance for me to reduce weight.

Not to mention that I also did play a little of table tennis during our lunch break. It is undeniably enough of work out.

Hope next time I would have enough time to blog as well. Feeling sleepy now. Just would like to share some pics taken when I was actively playing and joining Badminton tournaments with my ex-officemates way way back. 🙂

                                            – the entire team before the games begin-

– in action with Sir Kiko –

                                                                                           – playing double’s wit Sir Kenneth-

                                               -won with Medals-

A Project for Coi

I missed blogging again… I was supposed to write last night but I wasn’t able to get up when I did lullaby to my prince. It’s already 2:30am when I realized that my PC is still on. That’s when Coi asked for his milk. I was supposed to show what I have accomplished last night. It’s never too late.

The task I’ve listed  was 90% done, it’s the closet that’s left and I’m doing it right now.

                                                                     -our sleeping area-

I was able to clean our room, wash our clothes, take Coi for his vaccine, go to SM for our Jollibee bonding moment and I even had this chance to do a project for Coi.

I was planning before to buy another set of learning chart for Macoi but I remembered he has flash cards sitting untouched in our cabinet. I decided to use them instead. And here’s the output:

What can you say? I had a hard time aligning them all and even harder as Macoi’s roaming around trying to remove what was already pasted to the wall. Nevertheless,it was a success. Macoi can now read them before he goes to sleep.

He can now count from 1-10, sings the alphabet, bahay kubo, Barney and Little Einstein’s songs though you cannot clearly understand the words he utters. Baby talk stage still. Anyway’s he’s just turning two(2) this coming June 24, 2010.

Happy Birthday dearest Coi! Momi and Dadi luv u so much and the rest of the family as well.

Acting as a Housewife Today…

Every time I have the chance, I do love cleaning, doing some sort of a little home make-over, rearranging stuffs and being kinda creative in some ways. It’s giving me a sense of fulfillment seeing the outcome of what I’ve done after wards.

And so now, I am trying to portray the real role of a housewife. Seldom that I do this coz I’m always out of the house during weekends and I really miss doing things like these.

My list of tasks for today:

1) Clean-up our so called room
2) Arrange my files
3) Sort-out anything in my closet
4) Wash our clothes
5) Take Coi for his Anti-H1N1 vaccine (I had mine yesterday)
6) Do grocery shopping in preparation for Coi’s 2nd birthday
7) Have bonding moments with Coi

Hope I can do all these things while also doing tweets and blogs. Nyahaha!

Imagine me as a multi-tasking mother.

A Walk With Coi and Cows.

This day is supposed to be my 9th day of jogging. Woke up at 6am but when I went downstairs Macoi has got up already too.


Having no choice I took him with me. We walked to the venue while I was holding his cutie left hand.


Not yet reaching the place he asked me to carry him so I did as he was attacked by hiccup.


As we got there, I told him to get down but he still didn’t want to. What I did to encourage him was to bring him close to the group of cows. So he did. He enjoyed the scene and had fun imitating the sound of the said animal.


As if we’re having a tour, I brought him to the reclaimed area for the third phase of our subdivision. We walked until we completed walking around the entire vacant space.


Good thing that the sun was already shining so I sweated like I was doing the regular jogging without Macoi. It may not be as much as those days but at least certain calories were burned.


After seeing about more or less 20 cows in the area we decided to go home. On our way home, he asked me to carry him once more and that’s until we reached home.


I may not be able to do the usual activity but I did enjoy the bonding moments I had with coi.

NBA_Game 7 is making me busy right now!


Glad that I was able to haggle for the submission of docs till next week.


Laughing at myself, it’s really comical as we are watching the NBA finals but it’s just the score that we’re seeing.


Boston led by 4, Lakers tied, Lakers led by 3 points and so we assumed that it was a 3point play by the team.


Funny how we imagine the game as it happens as we don’t have the means to see it.



Now our bet is leading by 6 while I was writing it. Haha!


This is my project for today – to blog about NBA’s most awaited game 7 between Boston Celtics and L.A. Lakers.



While just wondering what’s happening it affects my system – feeling really nervous about it for the Lakers.


And so we won! Bryant contributed the biggest points for Lakers!


Ice cream! Ice cream!


Now we’ll claim for it from the boys.






8days of jogging = 3lbs lost

Yeah! You read it right. Believe it or not I’ve already lost 3lbs within my 8days of jogging, running or walking…
At least there’s an improvement. It might be little for now and may not be visible yet but if I will never stop doing this, it will lead me back to my size back then.I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this.
Let me use my computing mind on this. My goal is to get back to my normal BMI (Body Mass Index). Considering my height of 5’4″, I should only be weighing 120lbs or approximately 55kgs only. From 153lbs last week, I am now at 150lbs. My conservative assumption is to lose an average of 2lbs per week. Since I am 30lbs overweight, I would be needing 15 more weeks to attain it. Not bad. If I really make jogging a habit by the end of September or early October this year I would be perfectly fit. Wow!  
 See that curve? That’s mine. I used to be just like that. And now I am dreaming of having the same body again. Just have to translate this dream into reality.

Jogging Day 8

Good Morning Universe!
My plan of getting up by 530am did not happen again. As expected. Hihi!
I just drop by here actually not to write but to visit my site and I was so surprised seeing that the number of my followers increased.
Thanks to GT. Will definitely return the favor later tonight.
Eventually I won’t be needing to write about my daily run. My next concern would be showing the difference if I am really losing weight or not.
Jogging will now become my regular routine. 

Mine’s not a wallet really…

This is actually my first  time to share with Niko’s GT. I’m giving it a pretty try. wink!
I don’t use a regular wallet really so I don’t have a wallet perfectly defined to be shown.
I just use a coin purse – a sentimental one. Maybe not just for me but also to Niko. Hihi!
It was actually a result of an exchange among Niko, me and beth – one of our college buddies too.
It is a purple pink coin purse now comes with a chain given by my current boss which came from Guam and a key for my office drawer.
What’s inside? Obviously coins. The usual and the unusual currency we’re using in our office – our meal stubs. 
The colored ones represent the coins for change and the white  ones are worth P50 each. This is part of the employee benefits of our company.
Seeing something other than my coin purse? That’s my card holder which regularly comes with it. They are my “buddy stuffs” which can’t live without each other. Haha! 
Apparently, you’ll see cards in there but never a credit card as I don’t possess any. Don’t ask me why. I just preferred not to grab one. 😉
There’s nothing complex about my “so-so” wallet(s) but of course these are considered one of my valuables equivalent to a typical wallet.
Remember the purse Niko? I still have it and am using it everyday. Thanks again anyways.