Happy 7S Time

I am just so proud to share that our company (APC by Schneider Electric) is really actively implementing Good Housekeeping methodology in our facilities. Every Friday, 10minutes before 6pm, we are anticipating to hear the 7S chant recited by an employee assigned coming from any department.
Last Friday, I was asked to do it but fortunately I got exempted because of colds. And today I no longer have something to reason out. I had no choice but to do it though I was some kind of tense.
My script
I was a shaking a bit but I was able to speak in a manner clear and smooth to those who listen. Glad to hear positive comments on how I delivered the piece amidst little irregularity of the sound system. Thanks to Allan Buena for the encouragement, to Tita Mariz and Tito Dodi for being my coaches and for my friends and colleagues for the moral support you have extended; this has really helped to further boost my self-confidence. 


Today is just another payday. This day doesn’t make me excited at all becuase I know the money will just slip through my hands. Numerous bills are awaiting to be paid and month-end is even more difficult for me as my housing loan amortization becomes due at this date. Budgeting is not really fun especially when you have nothing to be allotted or you’re even expecting a deficit.
from clipart
Really it is just one of the ironies in life, you’ve got to work hard to spend. Glad I have Coi with me. Just a gentle call of “momi” from him eases me somehow. I just love to be a mom for Coi. Hope I can continue giving him anything he needs.
And I am wishing for more opps please.

In Need of A Camera?

I am a sentimental type of person who loves to look at everything I have kept which reminds me of something, be it a stuff or anything I have held in reserve particularly those photos of events or some special occasions I have been part of.
I love to take pictures but never did I own any camera. I have been dreaming of one before but I was discouraged with the fast pace of technology thinking that I won’t be able to keep a model that’s updated as time goes on. So in order to capture special moments of an extraordinary situation, I have considered the idea of renting a camera instead.
I have learned of a company offering this kind of service – camera hire. Isn’t it a well thought-out business? From there, you can choose from variety of equipment rental such as video camera hire, camcorder hire, or even canon lens hire at the lowest possible rates. They have lots of high-end and renowned brands of video and still camera selection from which you can pick the kind that perfectly fits a certain occasion. They can also help you decide by assessing your need.
Not only that, accessories hire, Apple hire and studio hire are also part of the rental services that they offer. Have you tried availing services alike? You better try it and enjoy taking scenes which will soon remind you of those memorable and precious moments spent with your loved ones without worrying on how to get hold of an equipment of finest quality.
I am just so glad there is something like Camerent which delivers such an easy and reliable alternative. Come on and be one of those pleased and satisfied clients!
For more details, you may visit http://www.camerent.co.uk. You may also follow them on twitter at http://twitter.com/Camerent.

Emotionally Speaking

This is the real me. I mean it may not be a best adjective to relate myself but I guess I am more of it. I am emotional, highly emotional.
By just looking at me, you’ll see me as a jolly person who always wear that wacky smile.
I am more of a crying sweetie behind my strong personality.
Sometimes it is more of my emotion that works even surpassing my mental ability. Many times I have been hurt and failed because I let my emotions prevail.
I am sensitive, I am expressive but I can be your most loving and thoughtful friend.
During those instances of having no one to share my emotions with, it is my hands that work. 

This character of me can be best portrayed by my other blog EMOTERA.
 Thanks K for hosting this month’s GT. I love it!

Terrible Experience at Porter Restaurant Bar

This blog does not actually intend to ruin the credibility of this bar but this should serve as an eye-opener for them.
Last Friday night after office, we decided to unwind. We have planned to go out for days already and we were so excited. Excited to have fun, relax and do some personal sharing. Prior to leaving the office, we came up to two choices, either here or there. Hehe! Kidding aside, it could either be Porter House or Q-Point. 
So the four (4) of us left, Usyo, Dante, Xyra and myself. We have chosen to go to Porter House since it will be closer along the way. We just rode on a public utility jeepney, encountered a bit of traffic until we get to Tejero intersection (Gen. Trias) where you can find the place. We were entertained by a bouncer at the entrance area and there we paid P50 entrance fee. Since there was this admission fee we expected a touch of class. We proceeded to the second floor and there we met the things that we have disputed.
We were actually the very first customers of the night. We asked if we can settle at the 3rd floor where nipa huts are situated  but we were not allowed. We had no choice but to occupy the second level. There we tried to choose the best spot but when we were about to take the seats we were told by the waiter “boss that couch is intended for customers with minimum of P1,500.00 order”. How come? Do we have to order stuff amounting that much at the very instance? 
Trying to control ourselves, we took the seat the waiter gave us instead. Believe it or not, we were seated as if we were in a PUV sitting side by side. A bit pissed-off we started to place our orders. We were offered with a promo full of limitations. Two buckets of a single variant of beer for a free “pulutan”? What if we like SML and SMSI and SMPP mixed? That can’t be. I had no plans of drinking alcoholic beverages that night as I still have colds and slight fever. When I ordered for a pineapple jiuce, it was not available, orange juice, not available as well. A lot of things were not available, so much irritated I drunk the strong ice and finish three of them in a matter of minutes. I also asked my companions to finish everything that they ordered and invited them to get out of that place. I can no longer bear the kind of service they have and I really have no plans of going back there. The service isn’t good, the price isn’t worth it, the place isn’t relaxing. 
So much have been said about the not so good experience at the Porter House we transferred to Q Point right after. There we found the things that we were looking for in contrast to what we’ve got at our first stop. We relaxed, had fun and stayed at Q Point till midnight. Sharing successful,at least we were able to release some of our emotions. Thanks to Tropang Utot for being such good buddies. Till next time. Hope we will be complete by then.

APC Swimming Getaway 2010

I guess it should have been entitled Summer Getaway instead only if it was done on the exact season. It may be a bit late but it is worth to be remembered. Thanks God for letting us enjoy the day. We had fun despite some petty challenges that we have encountered.
There were 24 buses rented for the event (including the spare). I was assigned to bus number 23 – the last bus to leave the office apart from the spare unit. We were initially instructed to leave by 6:20am but we left at already 7:30am. We were supposed to wait for ten (10) persons but only one (1) came.
Inside the bus are two (2) bus marshalls, one (1) first aider, one (1) security personnel, one (1) passenger, the driver and me as the Emergency Responsiveness Team (ERT) member. We were as if candies wobbling in a jar. We can sit anywhere we want, we can even lie down if we chose to as there were really lot of vacant seats.Imagine a 45-seater bus with only 7pax load including the driver. As we enjoyed the overflowing seats, we also took the liberty of getting the food allotted for 45 persons.
About 930am when we reached the venue. The place is nice and enough to accommodate our population except that we really can’t position ourselves so close to one another so the arrangement appeared to be by group per facility. We’re more than a thousand employees gathered there.
The program started with games, followed by bands playing (a band formed by employees and the one rented for additional entertainment), then a message from our General Manager. I guess the swimming started as soon as some of them arrived which was as early as 8am.
Lunch was set at around  11am. The food were abundant and teeming composed of Pork Adobo, Fresh Lumpia, Grilled Tilapia, Fresh Fruits and soft drinks. After eating, I decided to joined them swimming though I still don’t know who will be my constant companions. When I had my outfit changed, I was invited by the group of HR personnel to come with them. And so we did the swimming, tried almost all of the pools around including the lazy river. We also enjoyed the Giant slides though we were scared at first. We had fun until we decided to get up from water at around 2pm. After which we packed up, had our PM snacks and immediately led ourselves to our designated bus ready to go home. We left the venue at around 3pm. On our way home, only five (5) of us were left on bus 23 as the first aider and the other bus marshall went home earlier. Floppy as it is and feeling so tired we just sleep on our way except for the driver of course.
I got home by 5pm, done a little unpacking and fixing of my things and I proceeded to sleep.-Sleep until Sunday morning. 
I enjoyed the event but I think I will enjoy it most when my constant buddies are around. I missed the “tropang utot” last Saturday.

Spiritually – It Isn’t Me Whom I Should Love

Proverbs 29:23 (NIV)
A man’s pride brings him low, but a man of lowly spirit gains honor.
I was once an active church member during my childhood as an El Shaddai Ministry Choir. I have never failed attending Sunday masses. I do pray a lot then.
Year 2007 when I entered the congregation of Singles for Christ (SfC), wherein  I found friends considered brothers and sisters who do a lot of worshiping activities. I have learned then how to read the bible and became proud of speaking more about Jesus. I found a certain kind of happiness and fulfillment during those times. I found peace and contentment, a joyful and blissful life. I thought I have got more strength from above as I really got closer to Him. But during the same year I have been greatly challenged and in that test I failed. Thinking I was strong, I appeared weak that I was not able to fight the worlds’ temptation.
I am indeed a sinner. I might have already repented on the mistakes I have committed but there’s really nothing I should brag about my Spiritual life. I must admit I am not absolutely observant of His Commandments. Nevertheless, I am wholly assertive that I do believe in Jesus Christ and in the Holy Trinity. However, I know I still have to do a lot good to make it up to Him.
I am fully aware that I am not perfect, but I am really trying to be a good mother to my child and little by little as he grows I am teaching him Jesus’ existence as well as the value of prayer. I am just so glad that Macoi already learned how to pray and he calls it “Amen”. Before he gets to sleep, he comes up to me and say “Momi Amen, Momi Amen” which I already knew that he is inviting me to pray.

And this will be my official entry for this week’s GT.

My Other Blog Site

From the time I was able to discover that I have kept some of my compositions, I tried to recall where have I put the others. I get back to my compilation of my documents from my PC down to the burned CDs I am keeping. Until I get to realized that I have written those articles in Friendster’s blog feature.
There I learned that I was blogging since Year 2006. During those times when FS was on its peak. Though active until now FS has been overtaken by Facebook and I was once addicted to both. But now not anymore or maybe not that much. I am into blogging, super and will never stop. My FS blog site was entitled with my personal tag – SURVIVOR MHE-ANNE.
Now I am planning to import all those articles which would probably go to my other site Emotera as those stuff were fully loaded with emotions. Bitterness, I must say. Though I am having second thoughts still as those might not look so relevant to my current site.
Will do that some other time. Also, I should update my newly made site where I haven’t written any articles yet. These things I will pursue once I got even a single opps of my own.

Lost Comments and Top Commentators

I just have moved to my new domain. Thanks to Niko for the sponsor and to Pehpot for the effort of transferring my Just For A Thought posts from blogspot to .com. 
I love the shorter way of getting to my main site but lately when I have discovered that some of older comments were lost. I don’t know if it was brought about by the recent blogger errors. However, it was so surprising that the comments trail was retained as shown in my Valued Commentators widget. And with that I would like to thank my Top 10 commentators:
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Thank you for your time visiting my site and leaving your most valued thoughts. And of course, I will never forget the author of this widget. Thank you so much Kaye.

All of your contributions are very much appreciated.

A Composition I Have Written Five Years Ago

Just the other day when our half day work was canceled, I had the chance to revisit my albums including some of my compilation folders. There I found one of my compositions five (5) years back. 
And it goes this way:
This life is puzzlingly beautiful…
It involves exhilarating adventures, mystifying tricks, vague expeditions,
Simply ambiguous, isn’t it?
For dubious reasons we are brought in this world to portray our role of being somebody…
Somebody representing our own self…
What I am trying to say?
I don’t know.
Maybe I am this bit confused.
I am tired.
I merely got nothing to do.
How would I want to live this life?

How does it feel living a life like hell, and what is hell anyways?
Others may just utter – you could be a bitch sometimes, drowning yourself in an intended misery, letting yourself feel deliberate pain and anguish from your own misconduct.
Weird, how could a person take these ridiculous things?
We probably don’t know what’s on their mind?

And how could you live an absolutely blissful life?
Is there such a thing? I don’t think so… in this world you can’t just pick it up from anywhere.
And we must admit, people are plainly sucker of instant things.
Wanting to live a perfect life, which is also completely impossible.
For as they say nothing in this world is perfect.
As for me, ideal isn’t real. It is simply unattainable, no matter how hard you work for it. 
Setting standards would only mess you up and can even get you far miserable once not attained.
Imagine? Exactly written the same date as today. I did not expect I have kept something like this for years now. But this had made me laugh. Funny how I came up with these words, all I know is that I have not yet fully recovered from a heart ache when I wrote this. So I was really in the midst of great confusion then, at least I have expressed my emotions through this.
I had to retype it since It is in hard copy.


In this aspect, I guess I have so much to brag about myself. And I would like to apologize once and for all if I overdo it as I go along in this sharing.


My grandmother told me that when I was around 3 year old, I already know how to read and write. Because during that time, I will not go to sleep until she teaches me new lesson from my “abakada” booklet. And so I grew so eager about schooling. When I am already 4 year old nearing 5, my “lola” sent me to school and temporarily joined the grade 1 class as a “saling-pusa”. The following year I was accepted as official grade one.


My main goal since then was to finish my studies and I never thought that I would be part of the cream of the crop in our class and I even got the first honors. And so from grade one up to my senior year in high school, I consistently got the first rank and graduated Valedictorian.


But this is not so much for me to be proud of coz the competition is not that tough and the school population is not that big.


When I get in to college, my elementary and high school recognitions were my greatest investments though I was not part of the dean’s lists and all at least I passed the College Entrance Examination of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM). I am proud I was once an “Iska” and because of that I love me – mentally.


Being a graduate of PLM is a greater advantage for me when I entered the corporate world and the world of professional accountants. This has helped me to find a better job.

I may not be a CPA but I have the credibility of an accounting graduate. (Right Niko? Hehe!).




Come to think of it, even if I’m intelligent as others see me, still I am not rich. You really can’t have the best of both worlds. Most of the time, as what people say, if you are mentally smart you are dumb when it comes to love life. Do you agree?