Birthday Wishes of Choice

Perhaps, I have learned to love myself more now. I’m 28 already. Mature enough by age. According to some, just at the right marrying age. Well, let’s see. As of now, I opted to defer getting into it.
At this point, I have been living 28 years of life. Life that’s full of ups and downs. I have been a baby, a toddler, a kid, an elementary pupil, a teenager, a high school student, a college scholar, a grown-up lady, a cost accounting assistant, a cost accounting supervisor, a senior finance executive, a financial analyst but for whatever title or designation I got or I have become over the years, one thing is for sure and could never be denied – I am a mother. I became a mother two years back – it has been my choice; not anyone was able to stop me and I was not regretful about it. Anyways, it actually has made myself complete-being able to attain the essence of being a woman.
Being a mother is already a tough job, being a working mom is even harder and being a working mom with lots of extra-curricular activities is the toughest of all. But then again, it’s a choice.
I guess this time I have gotten into a well-balanced life, with all the convenience I have at my current job and with all the time and chances I could get to join into some activities.

Enough of this introduction, what I actually wanted to write is about my wish list. Hehe! Isn’t it too related? I guess somehow it does. Let me just share it one by one.

Being an employee of APC is an answered prayer for me. Prior to it is a life of sacrifices having a travel time of 5-6 hours  everyday getting back and forth the office (comparing it to a 20-25minutes now). Should there be a chance, I am wishing for a more challenging role or some sort of career advancement within the company in HIS time.
I am happy being a mommy, I just wish Coi would understand and the rest of the people at home if I have to allot some of my time in my sports activities. I wish longer life for lola even if she’s becoming too persistent at times. Good health for my papa (while he still plays the role of being a father to my siblings at his age) and to the rest of the family. Happiness and peace for my mama even if we don’t get along these days.
I have to be thankful about my friends, having my BRUs, the tropang utot, the tropang hadhad, big brother family, SFC family, my so called frends, my weh, my bff, my bes, my former classmates, review mates, office mates (current as well), and everyone who have witnessed a portion of my life and extended so much of help. I cannot thank you enough but I just wish that all you have done for me will be given back to you in two-folds.
I wish I can avail of a continuing education in the next school year for me to earn more knowledge in school.
I wish I can finally make up my mind just about anything and if that happens I wish it could be the right choice for me.
I can not say much about it but I just wish I can do things right for HIS glory.
I wish my sports activities can make a difference to my body. Hope I can be a bit light and slim (120lbs.) than I am now . 
Of course, I wish more of it for me to (in no particular order):
  • settle any obligations that I have
  • avail of an education plan for my son
  • get a portable DVD for my Coi-coi
  • purchase a digicam I have long been waiting for
  • buy myself the sports gear and apparel for my sports activities
  • have a car to be driven soon
  • pay for my house in full and for its renovation
  • support the rest of my family in need
Not all these things are so easy obtain. It requires hard work harmonized with prayer. I wish I can be happy everyday even if it’s not my birthday while this LIFE still gives me the CHOICE.

Six Moments To Remember at the SITCOM Gig

It was Thursday night, September 10, 2010, just a night before a holiday – end of Ramadan; when almost all members of our local Finance Team went out for a night of celebration. A night to celebrate oneness despite differences of tasks, functions or even the level or positions; this has been our second gathering subsequent to our La Traviesa swimming party.
        I.            New Career of Mine Discovered
During daytime while everyone is just too excited for the night to come, we had some series of preparation such as that of girls make-over. That’s the instance when I discovered that I have the potential of becoming a hairstylist and a make-up artist, having done ironing/straightening the hair of around ten (10) heads not including myself. It was such a great discovery that I can withstand the heat and face the challenge of making a wavy or even curlier hair to get straight even just for a night (right theodie? – yours was that of the greatest challenge but it was just so fulfilling that I was able to make it… hehe!).

      II.            Dinner for a Cause
Haha! I didn’t mean something like a fund-raising project or an outreach activity but I guess this move is just right to simply help diminish the expenses forecasted to be incurred on that night (accounting term huh???).
We had simple dinner set in the office prior to leaving for Sitcom. Chopsuey and fried chicken were our dishes matched with rice and soft drinks to relieve our thirst. Yumyum!
So guys if you will be planning for the same, I would suggest for you to have the set-up alike. Why? Because, once you get there everything would be so expensive, as if a dollar-rated items for you to order. There would be no barrel, no tower or no bucket packages for the beer drinkers like me and maybe that’s the reason why I get drunk in just four bottles of San Miguel Strong Ice. It was basically because of the price.
    III.            Memories Reminisced on Our Way
We were only four carried by jazpee (isay’s car), Usyo the driver, Isay the owner, Dante and I as the usual passengers. On the way to sitcom, we have taken the road passing through the town proper of Bacoor and there is where Usyo’s biography started to be shared with us. He has shown us where they have lived for a long time, the elementary and high schools from where he has graduated. He even told us all the fun-filled memories he had during his high school days, his classmates’ encounters, what they were doing so as not to have a class for a certain day and how his constant buddy got bruises and all those times when he was summoned to explain about their somehow foolish activities then.
I am sure Usyo still has a lot more to share only if we still have longer time to spend on such.
    IV.            Getting in the Venue

from l-r: theodie, k, xye, usyo, isay, me and ate gen
Despite the life-long stories almost told, we were still the first group to arrive at the venue. The very first thing which surprised us, the P50 entrance we have inquired just the night before has become doubled. When we entered the main setting and tried to reserve tables for our approaching colleagues we were never allowed. Why? It’s because we have to pay P1,800 for each table. Well, I just did not get the point of restricting us in doing that. We were already there, we are a big delegation and yet we were never considered to be one. The only purpose is that for us to place ourselves altogether as a group in just one spot. It is just so disappointing that it did not happen. We were scattered and even have people we don’t know sitting in between our tables.
There were waiters who acted sarcastically and did not even bothered to listen, instead they just pulled out the table beside us as which they considered as excess.
      V.            As The Show Begins
negra in her thing

The evening has almost gotten spoiled by the initial distress that came across until “Negra” came out and began entertaining the audience. He or She was perfectly funny equipped with the natural talent of amusing people with her jokes, may it be green or a little wholesome in some sort. She has made all of us laugh, laugh out loud as if we have not laughed for a long time – just as how she has described me when she saw me totally amused.

I so love Negra’s “Di Magsasawa” thing.

the entire group of performers that night

Even some of us whom I taught will not enjoy the moment have shown enough of interest in each and every performer. Frankly, they were not all that very good. Everyone has their sense of style but there was one or a few who almost made us fallen asleep but at least they have given us just the right time to go the ladies room for our thing.

onse in action

On the other hand, “Onse” is definitely one of the best. He/She may be a small one but absolutely terrible in showcasing her talent. Not to mention how she flaunted her flawless skin as they portray the role of being beauty queens in their beauty pageant portion. He is simply adorable, if only he is a man at heart as some girls would say, he is just so lovable.

The night was filled with laughter that we almost did not notice how late it was.
    VI.            About to Go Home
Around 1am then when we were invited to go home. We have actually decided to leave but were asked to stay for an hour or so. We have left with no choice but to squeeze ourselves in Joan’s car just as to go home.

While we were still there, we enjoyed the moment still and have taken enough of opportunity to take pictures with “Onse”. 

us with onse
Almost 3am when we reached home and the fun still remain. And until now those punch lines can  make us smile.
Seldom we are given the chance to gather and have fun and every time we do it let’s make the most out of it. It’s our choice to be happy even just for a moment at least we have given ourselves just the perfect moment to enjoy and leave our problems behind so when we get back to face them at least we can do it with ease somehow.

I should have not mentioned the negative part of it but from there we can take another approach so as to avoid similar things to recur.

To the A/P Team, we may be bound to sit apart in the next days to come but we hope that the camaraderie stays within us, taking us collectively to more moments of fun and laughter. And I hope that by next time, I can already mention all your names in my posts (honestly, i don’t remember your names that well yet). 


A Gift For Myself

Isn’t it obvious that I am so excited for my birthday to come? Maybe. Almost every year I see to it that I reward myself of something special during my birthday. It may not necessarily be an expensive item. Enough that I just thought of having something I can treasure and look back after all (oh, my poor necklace… hope to get you back soon).
This time I decided to get hold of  a wristwatch, a stuff I’ve been dreaming for so long. The last time I bought one was 4 years ago I think, though it still functions until now but it has full of scratches already and its bracelet was totally busted.
Advance happy birthday to myself and hoping for more years to celebrate it with joy and happiness.


PBW: Tired of Doing Nothing

After two months, we get to visit again my future in-laws. I am one of those luckiest women to have in-laws like them. Every time we are in their place they do almost everything.  They – my future nieces, sisters, brothers, and parents in-law.
They take care of  Coi all the time, do the cooking, serve the food, wash the dishes while I just let my back rest on the sofa or in bed just watching a tv show or browsing the internet with either iPod or laptop.
Sometimes I feel really shy about these scenarios but they are the ones whom are so persistent leaving me with no choice but to sit back and relax.
So this past weekend I really got tired of doing nothing – just watching Coi playing with his friends.

Finally, I’ve Got Paid

After few days of anticipating, I finally got paid. I was very happy to see that I have received an amount in my paypal account. It may not be that big but at least it’s something I could recognize as a fruit of my labor.

Now, I finally got a concrete proof as well that I can really earn a living from blogging. You just have to have a heart on this. Share your thoughts the best way you can through writing. Make it appealing as possible. Invite more traffic and increase page rank. Submit and enrol your blogs to the well-paying advertisers. Write according to their requirements. From there, expect approval and payment.

In blogging, it is important as well to get hold of the virtue of patience.

Girls Talk Friday

It’s Friday once again. Just last week two of my girl friends and I went somewhere to buy a sports outfit. We were also able to have some sort of grocery picking and pizza dinner.
On our way to and from the place we had our girls talk. We talked about a lot of things. May it be a personal sharing or based on some working environment observations.
I have gotten into different kinds of emotions then. I most of the time laughed. I became sad at some instance. But the best part of it is the realization on how I act as a person. I therefore discovered that I really have the tendencies of being a naughty girl if I would compare myself to some of my friends. Well, that is not a thing I must deny. I am grateful instead to those people around me who have accepted my personality as it is.
Sometimes, it’s really fun to be with just the girls and talk about just any girl’s thing. With that, I am missing my BRUs. Hope we can get together again one of these days. =)