GT: Not an Internet Slang

I must admit that I am no internet slang so I still had to google what does LSS mean. Glad it gave me an answer which perfectly matched to what I am looking for “Last Song Syndrome” and it was confirmed when I finally saw K’s post. Hehe!

Well, I am having a hard time thinking about a song which could be more like it for me. Now I’d like to deviate from my passion for OPM songs. More so that I don’t like to relate it to my relationship as I don’t want us (my hubby and I) to have something to consider as our last song. Sorry that I have regarded it this way.

Since it is still the month of March and the common event during this season is graduation so I am picking “Through The Years”. This song is indeed one of the most played during graduation rites where students can’t stop themselves from crying and eventually they would find them singing the song as they part ways with their class/batch mates.

It is a nice song of friendship and I bet you would agree with me.

This is my entry for this week’s:

Few Tips to Conquer Temporary Impairment of the Senses Due to Cough and Colds

Yes, I feel like I am some kind of deaf, with no sense of taste and can hardly smell a thing. But at least I can still see the world and able to feel with my sense of touch. And this is due to the cough and cold which started to attack me two weeks ago. Imagine, it has been two weeks and that I would not want you to experience. So I am trying to give some tips if ever you unavoidably encounter this same case.

I. Prevention is better than cure so as much as possible try to avoid anything that can give you cough or colds.

  • Do not expose yourself to intensely cold environment even to an extremely hot temperature especially when you are not use to it. Changes in the humidity significantly affects the temperature of your body.
  • Do not let your sweat dried up on your back.
  • As much as  possible try to avoid people with cough and colds.
  • Make sure to wash your hands regularly so as not inhibit virus.

II- Once you are already into it,

  • Take basic medications for cough and colds depending on your bodily reactions.
  • If you think the medicines you have taken do not take effect then immediately consult your family doctor.
  • You can also try home remedies in support for the medicines you are taking.
  • Drink Calamansi Juice for your cough (alternative source of Vitamin C).
  • Boil hot water, put an amount of cold vaporising ointment (Vicks) and breath on its steam to resolve clogged nose and breathing problems.
  • Avoid sweets.
  • Do not drink cold refreshments.
  • Blow your mucus on a disposable cloth-like tissue (not the fibrous ones). Avoid reusing hanky.
  • Do not overdo on blowing as it may affect your ears.
  • Cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing.
  • Maintain (lukewarm) water theraphy.
  • Do not go out at night with your head uncovered.
  • Apply vaporising ointment before going to bed.
  • Obtain the right amount of sleep.
  • Take a good rest if possible.

Having cough and cold indeed brings you to a feeling of as if your senses are impaired. The hassles of being ashamed to face people also exists. You will really feel unwell even if you don’t have fever. It is such an uncomfy mood so I am wishing to feel better soon as I am already taking antibiotics (Cefuroxime), anti-Asthma (Salbutamol Carbocisteine) and Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) as prescribed by my doctor.

GT: Ang Aking Awitin Makes Me Smile

I am some kind of tardy for today’s GT as I almost forgot that it’s Thursday again. Time really flies so fast. I thought it’s Tuesday still until I realized that we were actually on holiday that day.

And so for this week’s sharing I am keeping my fervor to OPM music.This one is actually dedicated to me during our courtship stage.

The lyrics goes this way:

Bakit di ko maamin sa iyo
Ang tunay na awitin ng loob ko
Di ko nais mabuhay pa kung wala sa piling mo
Ngunit di ko pa rin maamin sa iyo
Di malaman ang sasabihin ‘pag kaharap ka
Ngunit nililingon naman pag dumaraan na
O ang laking pagkakamali
Kung di niya malalaman
Sa awitin kong ito ipadarama

This is one of Side A’s best song. My boss said that he was really hesitant to express his feelings towards me. It’s because he has this high regard on me and he assumed then that I might just ignore him.

On the onset he’s right as I never thought I would fall in love to someone I thought gay (sorry mahal), until he showed me how much sincere he is on his intention.

And now that we’re already holding on to each other this music still makes me smile and I hope that effect stays longer than what we are expecting.

Happy GT everyone!

JB: Sportfest Trophy

I’ve been thinking lately on what I could share for this week’s meme till I received an e-mail from our HR personnel that we can already claim our trophy. This was an award we’ve got in winning as a 2nd Runner up in Badminton Women’s Doubles on our Company Sportsfest  last year.

Though it came late and no awarding ceremony that took place, I still appreciate the token that serves as a remembrance of something in which we exerted effort and had fun about.

It maybe simple but it can also be regarded as:

Congrats to myself and to my friend and partner Elsa Castillo as well as to the rest of the winners.

Missed Months

I am writing this post just as to express my regrets once more. I was excited to open my mails upon seeing that Margie has sent me one. But then it is such a cheerless response for me.

Again, it’s my fault that I stopped blogging for a while. I should have not neglected writing.

Now I have to wait for another month to see if this would qualify to p2b’s requirements. I’m not losing hope. I know this could be eligible in time.

It’s time for me to exercise perseverance and practice the virtue of patience once more. Wish me luck. =)

BM: Blue Caps


  • IMG_2406
  • IMG_2407
  • IMG_2408
  • IMG_2409

These photos were taken last weekend during our near evening walks around the subdivision as one of our bonding moments.

My son and I both wear blue caps. We decided to take pictures in front of our neighbor’s house.

Glad about how my son has shown his cuteness in the camera. =)

Smiling Sally

FPF: First Honors

Here I am again, joining:

Friday Photo Flashback

This photo was taken during our recognition day when I was in first grade. With me is my aunt pinning a ribbon for being the First Honors in our class back then.

My Uncle's Wife and Me

I guess that was Year 1989. I was 6 turning 7 year old at that time.

How to Keep your Staff in your Team

More often than not in a job, people not just look for a high salary, for the title, for the work itself and its environment, but also for the would be colleagues and superior.

And I would just like to share something based on my personal observation. This may not necessarily apply to all but I am hoping that this would at least give an idea and be an eye-opener to those who are handling people.

1) Do not show your people your own grievances. It is but undeniable for every employee to feel some kinda awkward about the job, but make sure not to show it to your staff as it promotes discouragement to your people. Do not complain, instead work on or if possible share things to your team so they would clearly understand what you’re going into. Who knows, they might help you in their own little ways.

2) Focus on professional relationship. It’s okay to show concern, to ask for your staff’s problem if it’s affecting the job. They will appreciate your concern, that’s for sure. However, do not go beyond the boundaries as your purpose of helping them might turn out to its opposite. Sometimes individual calls for privacy so never ever interfere and act on your way while it is not being asked from you. You can be a friend and give advice but do not dictate.

3) Learn to share. Even small things count. If you’re planning on something or you were asked to do something which may or may not affect your team at least try to inform them. For instance, you’re going out of the country for a certain project, training or something; let your people know it. I guess, it is better than them getting knowledge of your activity from other people.

Also on business information especially when you’re leaving, try to at least give your people the access on some data (depending on the function of each) other departments might need from you. It is as if giving them a genuine trust while you have entrusted them the entire department while you are not around.

4) Be fairly generous. It is but understandable how you protect the company’s welfare but giving your employees the chance to possess something that they deserve isn’t bad at all. You know for a fact what is fair and I guess it isn’t hard to justify things that are visible enough for you to see.

5) Protect your people. This may not necessarily mean that you have to defend them at all times but whenever possible and if its applicable in sense, show your people how you protect them. This may give them the feeling of security while they are in your team.

6) Symphatize. While it is perfectly obvious that you are more than ahead of them considering your position, try to at least be one of them sometimes. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine life in their place. Do not isolate yourself as it may also connotes discrimination on their part.

People especially the professional ones basically possess some sense of comprehension and become mature as days pass by. Most of them are ready to listen,understand and extend support if you will just reach out to them and list down your points.

Simply keep yourself as one of them and you will keep each and everyone with you all along.

GT: Music that Made me Cry

Indeed music greatly affects people’s emotions. More often than not, it brings them especially the girls into emo mode.

Perhaps you would notice how I love OPM songs. I must admit I can relate to them better as they bear our native language.

There’s this one song I won’t forget that made me really cry a lot last year 2005 because of the same guy I have mentioned in my previous GT entry on the song I once hate. This was sung by freestyle and it is entitled “Bakit Iniwan Na?” with the following lyrics:

Paano, nangyari na…
May mahal ka nang iba…
Naaalala pa
Ang kahapon na
Kay sarap at kay sigla
Naglaho na lang bigla
Akala’y ako lang
Ang iniisip mo
Ang iibigin mo
Hanggang magpakailanman

Ngunit paano…
Nangyari na may mahal ka nang iba…
Pag- ibig kong ito’y
Nilisan mo na…

Bakit Iniwan Na
Ang puso kong ito
Bakit Iniwan Na
Ang pag-ibig ko sa’yo
Malilimutan ba kaya kita sinta
Anong nang gagawin ng puso
Kong ito ngayong wala ka na

Pinangarap na ikaw
Makakasama ko
Makakapiling ko
Sa habang buhay
Pag-ibig na tunay
Binigay na ang lahat
Lahat ng oras
At ang pagmamahal sa’yo
Para lamang sa’yo oh oh oh

Ngunit paano…
Nangyari na may mahal ka nang iba…
Pag- ibig ko sayo’y
Nilisan mo na…

Bakit Iniwan Na
Ang puso kong ito
Bakit Iniwan Na
Ang pag-ibig ko sa’yo
Malilimutan ba kaya kita sinta
Anong nang gagawin ng puso
Kong ito ngayong wala ka na

Ang matatamis na mga ala-ala
Nating dalawa
Tanging yan lang
Ang natitira…..

Ngunit paano…
Nangyari na may mahal ka nang iba…ohh
Pag- ibig kong ito’y
Nilisan mo na…ohhhh ahhhhh

Bakit Iniwan Na
Ang puso kong ito ohhhhhh…
Bakit Iniwan Na
Ang pag-ibig ko sa’yo
Malilimutan ba kaya kita sinta ohhhhhhhhh…
Anong nang gagawin ng puso ko…
(ano nang gagawin ng puso ko)
Ano nang gagawin ng puso kong…
Ito ngayong…
Ngayong wala ka na

I was deeply hurt then and when I was singing this song in a videoke machine during our department’s Christmas party tears keep rolling down my cheeks. Sad… But I’m done with it… and by now I am happy… =)

Happy GT everyone!

JB:30Feet Above the Ground

This photo was taken during our team building last year. This is a portion (way down) of San Miguel Training Center in Alfonso Tagaytay. I consider this place

There is where I have experienced climbing on a tree and walking 30feet above the ground through a rope that’s constantly swaying. Whew! It reminds me of the fear (of height) which somehow I was able to conquer.

Yes that’s me! Hanging and floating in the air. Click on the badge for more Just Beautiful sharings.