8 Principles of a Good Sports Team

I am a sports enthusiast. I play games (mostly ball games) whenever I have the chance; be it basketball, volleyball, table tennis and even badminton. I may not be an expert about these things but I have an unambiguous understanding on each of them.

More often than not, I aspire to become part of a team. However, due to an unanticipated instance I have chosen to send regrets from a certain volleyball team. And this has triggered me to write about my own opinion about the morale of a good sports team.

I believe that a team’s pride would not just rest about winning a title, it’s about how you have established your team earning trust, confidence and reliance not just from the team members but also from other people who believe on the team’s commitment and perseverance.

With that in mind, I guess a good team yells without any hesitation that we were firmly established and we are proud as:

1. We value fairness and equality. – We give equal opportunities for those aspiring players. We value each player’s determination to learn further and improve themselves, thus; we recognize their interest to become part of the team proven by their consistent effort to show up and participate in the scheduled practices.

2. We promote honesty and integrity. – Each of the players went through the same level of training from where we have based our selection process. We have a training program that reasonably measures a player’s skills and ability. Recommendations are welcome but a player’s involvement is a must.

3. We play with loyalty and dedication. – We are not preoccupied by the thoughts on what support we can get being a team member such as allowances, sporting goods, recognition. We play because we want to, we take responsibility about being a player, we exert time and effort, and we aim to bring honor to the team.

4. We uphold respect. – Regardless of their contribution to the team we show respect to our leaders, members and players, opponents and to everybody.

5. We craft motivation – Being a team we are being watched at, so we are bound to make ourselves as a model of the role each of us is playing. This is something from where we are pulling our pride out.

6. We build strong bond and camaraderie – As a team we are friends, we trust each other. We are open. We give each and everyone the chance to speak out and we see to it that there is no ill feeling from anybody. If there is any, we ensure to resolve any issues. We encourage, accept and value suggestions.

7. We learn from each other – We don’t just look at how a player has performed in the past or how each of them are expected to play. We share knowledge, we learn as we continuously help each one to improve on their skills. We do not just focus on someone’s playing expertise (position), as much as possible we encourage versatility.

8. We look up to God – In recognition of His presence at all time along with the appreciation of those strength and talents He has given us, we offer our activities to the Lord. That without Him there would be no games, no chances of winning, no us.

I hope I have completely plotted the qualities being looked for in a team. Not that I am asking you to find a perfect team but look for a team who at least knows the definition of the word “fairness”.

It is but natural to put winning in a team’s perspective as they are basically driven to win but it will be more important to instill in a person’s mind that sports is also about working harder, gaining more friends and living a good life.

To end this up, I’d like to leave a quote for you to ponder on:

The desire to win is born in most of us. The will to win is a matter of training. The manner of winning is a matter of honour.” – Margaret Thatcher


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