Aspiring for a Better Insurance Package

When my son was only six months old, somebody offered for a life plan. That thing did not register to my mind until it was presented. With the amount I thought as affordable for me, I did not hesitate then and immediately sign on a contract and paid for the initial amount required.

If only I had the chance to fully assess my needs just like some wholesale insurance offers I might have chosen a better type of insurance package. Well, at least I know what to do next time – research, ask for professional opinion and experiences and then decide and choose.

Every Cents Count

With a sudden change of my life’s set-up, I guess I need to make myself totally responsible about anything which has nothing to do with my life and my son’s (of course) – more than I have been before.

I must admit along with that change is an increase on my expenses thus equates to my budgeting dillema. This time, every cents count.

Maybe that was the hard part. On the other hand, I am still thankful now that I can freely move and decide on my own.

Thank you Father God for always providing for my needs.

Mission Accomplished

Finally the issue I have raised was discussed after months of waiting. I’d like to thank those people who came there with an open mind, those who listened and did not show judgmental point of views, and those who deliver the clarifications I have long been waiting. I am just glad that my main objective of creating a standard and systematized procedure relative to the problem has been given attention.

Though still unresolved I just hope that those uttered words would be translated into action. Proper implementation with the right set of team comes next.

However, I am regretful that I have addressed it including an unworthy person.

Goodbye and Thank You Margie

I was surprised reading the message from my inbox with subject stating that Margie has left. It’s been just more than a month since I had transactions with her.

Even if I was not able to have personal connections with her I recognize her so much on being a part of one of my greatest passions – blogging. This time I am wishing that it was just temporary that she just needs some sort of back acne treatment that’s why she’s leaving.

Nevertheless, we just have to accept constant life change. And now, through this I long for her the best of  luck on her new endeavor. Goodbye and Thank You Margie

Fear Not the Heat of the Sun

Summer is fun indeed! With your closest friends and loved ones, with the best chosen getaway place, with all those things needed at hand including those NIVEA Sun Skin  Protection products; surely, no dull moments would get in your way.

NIVEA has been a part of my life even before I started earning, from regular set of personal hygiene up to those specialized skin care products;  so it’s been more than a decade now.  My skin may not be as flawless as celebrities we seen on screen but I have trusted NIVEA in order to keep it healthier than ever. I will never be regretful about recommending it to my friends and colleagues as well. Just like NIVEA Sun Invisible Protection Transparent Spray, it has helped us a lot and was really effective as we used it in our recent company outing held last May 14, 2011 at Canyon Cove Beach Club in Nasugbu Batangas.

Nivea Sun Invisible Protection Transparent Spray

Under the intense ray of the sun we had fun without thinking that our skin might get dreadfully burned. Not looking greasy and oily, we managed to keep ourselves stunningly beautiful while joining the activities lined up for the day. Even when we had to conquer the need to go after a long line just as for us to be able to use the restroom and change outfit(Canyon Cove’s available number of restrooms cannot accomodate big delegations) we were really confident as we know that we’re definitely protected by NIVEA. It has a highly effective UVA/UVB filter system, it quickly absorbs and provides instantaneous protection. Just like us, everybody deserves to enjoy summer. And so with that, just got some exciting offers which we can consider for superb pleasure.

On the other hand, our company event did not turn out really perfect as we experienced unsatisfactory services from the venue. Because of that, I guess it will be better to plan another getaway with my friends before the summer ends. As I was really convinced by the place, I know Misibis Bay would be the best spot to spend final summer activities for this year. There is where you can find full relaxation and enjoyment, a place where you can build memorable moments to treasure with your friends and family.

Nobody wants their skin to get harmed. With NIVEA fear not the heat of the sun and if you call for contentment and total delight Misibis Bay without a doubt is the place to be.

BM: Blue Team Shirt

Being a proactive employee, I am fond of joining activities apart from my job description. During our company outing, I have assumed two responsibilities, first is being an ERT (Emergency Response Team) member and the next one is as one of the program committees.

Having dual responsilibility, I was given two different shirts for identification purposes during the event. Here in the picture, I was wearing my first outfit for the day as Bus Marshall – an ERT printed  blue shirt.

Pardon about how I look at this photo but I just would like to share something for

Smiling Sally

Get Ready for the Rainy Days

After an extremely hot summer comes the rainy season. Days where rain can bring us something inevitable for our health due to the change in weather condition.

At this point we were advised by the corporate clinic to have an anti-flu vaccine as part of our company initiated benefits. However, this is limited to employees only and I guess we need medicare supplement plans to include our loved ones in the coverage.

It is indeed difficult to fight against an illness especially if it involves our kids or those elderly in the family. We cannot just lay bets on our health and as the what the common saying connotes prevention is better than cure so we better get ready for the rainy days.

In The Name of Love – Movie Review

Well, well, well… I just got a good impression about the movie and it was proven correct when I finally had the chance to watch it on big screen (May 15, 2011).

The tale was fun and full of romance. It depicted the modern day approach of courtship – an act initiated by Cedes Fernandez (Angel Locsin) instead, chasing after Garry Fernandez or Emmannuel Toledo (Aga Muhlach) while they were in Japan.

The flow of the story is simply unpredictable which leave the movie goers a lot of questions in the first part of the scenes until the end such as What happened after Aga rejected Angel?  Why was he convicted? What happened to the mother of his son (his ex-wife)? What separated them? How did Angel get hold of her situation?

The dialogues can also make you laugh at times but moreso those had made me cry a ton of tears. The conversation between Cedes and Emman and the revelation of what had happened to both of them is such a tearful encounter which got me carried away. Honestly, my eyeliner was washed out on that part as I was crying with black tears falling on my cheeks.

The movie portrayed a game of true love where you have to gamble your life to attest eternal devotion and affection for one another despite of. And for the very first time, I have seen Aga Muhlach in action which has given the film some element of suspense.

It is indeed a good movie to watch. Something you would want to see over and over again.

A Safe Trip

Finally, our company outing has been done and now part of those memorable moments to consider in our workplace. Of course, the event has become the trending topic in the office today; talking about what transpired, what were the remarkable instances as  well as those negative cases that took place.

Being the bus marshall, I was happy that we had a safe trip, we had a complete team in our bus assignment – an emergency response team member, a first aider, a security guard who also provides us the roadside assistance.

Generally, the happening was fun with a venue (Canyon Cove) that’s just right to accomodate all of us.


I think I have said it many times before that I have passion in writing. Blogging these days has become one of my favorite hobbies. In fact, there were lots of activities set aside in the mean time to at least dedicate attention to my six existing blogs (and counting).

Being an accountant is in times a boring profession as you’ll be dealing with numbers most of the time whether you like it or not. At least I find myself a sort of neutralizer just as to balance things out and that’s blogging. If I get bored on numbers, I have words to deal instead. =)

Tropang Texters Made It

I didn’t have enough of enthusiasm to watch the game 6 of the pba yesterday as I thought it will be extended to game 7. I was just trying to peep on the television from time to time and when I saw that the barangay’s score far ahead than the texters I just decided to fix my clothes on my bed.

I was just asking Boss through text messaging to become somehow updated of the scores. I once asked him and he told me that the texters’ balloons already fell which means that they already won the game. I ran immediately to the tv and shifted its channel to see the situation, there I saw the scores at 88-86  in favor of the barangay. With few seconds left the texters was able to shoot the ball for overtime – Alapag did it in his lay up.

The game has become exciting but since I was not able to see how it started, I just became contented on waiting for the result. After the five minutes extension, the scores stopped at 99-96 with the scores led by the texters. And so that’s it. The Commissioner’s Cup Champion Title went to Talk & Text. And the Final’s best player awards were given to Jimmy Alapag and Jason Castro.

Congratulations to the Tropang Texters! You deserve to win. Nice Game for Barangay Ginebra, you really made it hard for them to get the title.

Game 5 – Do or Die for the Barangay

Philippine Basketball Association Commissioner’s Cup 2010-2011 is now on its Finals. Having Talk & Text and Ginebra as opponents,  they are now on their fifth game on the best of  seven with a standing of 3-1 in favor of the tropang texters.

This is gonna be a do or die game for the barangay. They ought to give their best if they still want the finals of the PBA 36th season extended up to game 7.

Basically looking at the line-up of players, Tropang Texters is really on the advantage but the barangay just got the best import of the conference. I guess the latter must fully utilize Nate Brumfield in order to at least move a little ahead.

Looking at the gaps on the scoring, there were distant differences on the figures on two out of the three games won by Talk & Text.