Fun of Learning

I guess I have said it a lot of times before that I am a frustrated IT. After graduating from high school I decided to take computer courses but it was so unfortunate that those related classes were already full and closed when I enrolled at a University. I never knew of an online I T degree back then.

Now I just got to stand on being an accountant and maybe I can consider taking online I T degree instead by this time. For now, I am thinking either to get into a review school or to take my masters degree. Of course, I would love to be back to school. I just miss the fun of learning.

Yuhoo! J4a now PR1

I have not checked my page rank for quite some time now. And I was surprised when my friend Niko informed me that this blog of mine just got into a higher Page Rank – From PR0 to PR1.  I don’t know why my PR Icon on page is not updating it yet. When I checked on it again this was the result:

Congratulations to me and I guess I need to even work harder in order to step up further. Thanks to all those who have visited my sites! It is my pleasure to have you here to share my thoughts with.

Happy Birthday to my Best Buddy

Happy birthday bru dhangski! I miss you so much…

It’s been so long since the last time we talked… I miss you so much…

I have a lot of stories to tell you and the rest of our friends (tropang 5+1)… I miss you guys so much…

Everytime I am making a decision these days, I know I need all of your opinions… I miss you guys so much…

At this point, though it’s not my birthday I’d like to make a request if you can build me a monument… I miss you guys so much…

Tomorrow is gonna be my son’s 3rd birthday but today I feel like crying… I miss you guys so much…

Happy birthday bru… Mishu all brus…  Labshu all brus… Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!

Pain on Lower Back

Last Friday, I had to render under time at work just as to be able to chase my OB-Gyne Doctor. At first what I have been experiencing has something to do with gastro and intestine issues but when I felt the pain on my lower back I thought of it as a different story.  I told a friend aboout it and she said that I probably have an Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

When the doctor checked me up, she directed me to undergo a urinalysis. Almost everything turned out normal except for the findings of being acidic and a pus cells count which has somehow exceeded the normal of 4-5hpf. Then I realize that it is the pus which helps determine whether a person got the infection or not.

With that an antibiotic was given plus a vitamin which I had to take continuously for ten days. However, for faster remedy water therapy is highly recommended.

Just Another Birthday Wish

Last year during my son’s second birthday I did not plan for something extravagant to celebrate it. Instead I practically spent the budget for a refrigerator. Little by little I am trying to invest on home appliances.

This month my son is turning three but I haven’t thought of anything for his birthday. I am just wishing for a flat screen television bundled with home theater speakers at this point or it could be another renovation works instead. There are still a lot of things which need to be done at our home especially now that there were only few of us left in there. However, we are taking it one at a time  so it will never be burdensome for us.

Thanks for the Combos

I just would like show my appreciation to a friend who has given me something to munch on (though it’s actually intended for my son).

Thanks Kaye for the Pepperoni Pizza flavored Combos. I was aware that you have something important and some sort of emergency issues to settle that’s why you came earlier than expected but then you still managed to be thoughtful enough carrying and giving me this.I know you will gone through all of the problems you are facing right now. Just keep the faith and everything will just pass. Take care as always.

I hope you will still enjoy your short stay here in the country somehow.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

I am a Catholic. I do believe in the Holy Sacraments of the church. I remember during our elementary years, we were on grade six then if I am not mistaken; my classmates had the chance to be confirmed. Obviously, I did not join them. My grandmother did not allow me to not because she doesn’t believe on it but it’s about financial difficulty. We don’t have the amount required that time.

It was only three years ago after I gave birth to my son when I finally decided to have myself confirmed. And I guess I have made the right decision not only that I was able to receive a kind of personalized confirmation gifts but most specially that I have been blessed again and this time by the hands of a bishop.

I believe what’s important about having been confirmed is the ability for a person to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Hectic Working Schedule

I am beginning to notice a big change in my schedule. Unlike before I now lack the time to explore the blogosphere though I am still trying to keep updating my six existing blogs from time to time.

I can no longer join Memes and blog hops as I used to do basically because I am now rendering over time at work. Perhaps it has something to do with my familiarity about my job. Maybe it is because I am still in the period of adjustment.

I miss myself writing more. I miss myself thinking actively about some thoughts that I’d like to share. I miss blogging somehow.  =(

Sweet Victory for Dallas

It made me so upset on how the NBA has ended. Dallas was able to get the title right at Miami’s home court. I wonder what had happened to LeBron James as there was as if a sudden plunge on his performance during the final games. It seemed like he has never exerted much of his power to win the last games.

If he has been injured and needed an aid of a medical equipment, I would probably understand. I don’t know if Heat would still have the chance to take revenge at Mavericks by next time. That would be possible but I guess there would be some changes on the players line-up.

For King James, he better proves himself for the next NBA season.

NBA Finals Game 5

The fifth game ended with scores 112-103, with Dallas leading 9 points making them lead the series for 3-2 as well. But the Mavericks must get themselves ready for the next game as the last two sets are to be held at Miami’s homecourt.

Top Performers for Game 5

The big three Bosh, Wade, and James just have to make themselves composed as well for the following games. They need to strengthen their defense and sweep the last two sets for them to win the championship. Go Go Miami! The vengeance is ours. I know it would not be easy but we truly believe in you. You can make surely it guys.

Miami vs Dallas 2-2

I got somehow saddened about how game four has ended simply because this time the point went to Dallas.

In just a matter of three points the Mavericks was able to get even with Heat achieving a 2-2 standing by this time. Prior to the game ending, I was looking at a possibility for over time. See plays below:

With 14.4seconds left the ball was in Miami’s possession. I know its for sure that the Heat fanatics were anticipating for a three point move from any of the Miami players. However, Dwayne just have made a two-point field goal giving Dallas the chance to move further and get ahead.

With the last personal foul given by Lebron, Dallas was able to shoot the two free throws provided to them. Congratulations to Dallas this time. See you guys on Game 5.

Miami Did it Again

Hooray for the Heat, as they were able to fetch their second win out of the three games of the finals. Though the game was played at Dallas homecourt that did not stop them to take the lead. Now they are on a 2-1 standing in favor of the Miami Heat. The big three have shown all their might in order for them to win this game.

Despite having two points advantage on the final score a win is still a win. At this point in time a lot of expectators are now anticipating for Miami to win the title for the conference. Well, let’s see on Game four if Heat would be able keeping ahead of the Mavericks.