New Addiction – Angry Birds

I know it is no longer new. It has been introduced months back but then it is just a fresh sensation for me. I might be late bloomer but that’s okay. Yes, it is the angry birds that’s keeping me busy at home.


I even bought the full version online so as to enjoy the complete package. My hubby and my son are starting to get addicted to it as well. Hihi!




My New Domain Up And Running

Finally, my new Emotera blog is now available for viewing. It has been transferred from its old platform and I have consequently changed its appearance.

Don’t be disoriented by the sexy woman on its page, that isn’t me – I am sexier than her. Hihi! I won’t blame you if you don’t believe me but since it is intended to become a blog for Fashion and Beauty, expect some tips from me on how to keep yourselves fashionably beautiful everyday.

Please visit Thank you guys

Quotes Online

Well it could mean a lot of things, just like what I usually do I search for quotes online for me to share and put in the wall of my social networking sites or sometimes I write my chosen thoughts on a piece of paper and give it to my hubby.

But has got something to offer, something more interesting for us to be familiar with. This is something that is hassle-free which will lead us to a decision that we will never regret in the end with the help of some licensed advisers.

Sportsfest 2011

I am looking forward to our next company sportsfest scheduled next month and I am thinking by now on which event should I join in.

Last year, I was part of the volleyball team for the outdoor category where we became the 2010 champions. For indoor, I joined the women’s doubles badminton where my me and my partner got the first runner-up place.

What’s unforgettable for me during the last year’s sportfest is the injury I had during our volleyball championship game where I fell when I tried to hit the ball. I was lucky still that I need not put on some kind of specially recommended donjoy knee sleeve.

For this year, I am expecting a more challenging sports competition and I just hope that everybody will enjoy and not anyone would encounter some serious injuries.

Out Alone Tonight

Krab is out tonight but he is not actually alone. He is having good time with some of his friends and office mates. A thing he does not frequently do so I just let him enjoy even without me on his side. I just asked him to buy apidexin so I could try another approach to getting slim. Hope he will not forget it.

On the other hand, I am enjoying this chance to update my blogs at home even without my own internet connection but with my neighbor’s wifi access. Hihi! Thank you so much neighbor. It helps a lot.

Happy Birthday Friends

When I opened my facebook account, I was surprised to see some of my friends celebrating their birthday today July 21, 2011.

 Charlize Bernardo-my Godchild daughter of my best buddy Dhang,  Cherie Gaspar-family friend who’s so kikay; Ideline Silva-a neighbor in the province, Jahla Camila-a relative, Janice Mercado Bombita-highscool classmate , Jonald C. Gutierrez-college friend husband of MC, Larriza Timbol Dela Cruz-an acquaintance and peer, Maricris Paraiso Gutierrez-college friend wife of Jonald, Marissa Rayala – an officemate and former Team Leader, Rodalyn Duenes – a friend overseas.

Happy birthday to you guys! May you have more birthdays and more blessings to come. It’s Party time!




Working in Momentum

Lately I have been attacked with a lot of tasks at work and it’s a good thing that I have got enough of motivation to do it. Aside from the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) that guides me, I am inspired and have had the drive to continue working and even aiming to excel. I wish there’s some kind of momentum watches that can maintain and keep my force to do my job.

Despite pressures, I am loving my job and I like the exposure and knowledge it’s giving me. I thank God for giving me the kind of work that provides for my family’s needs.

Big Among the Six

I guess I have said it that I had the chance to see two of my college friends again last Saturday. And because I have not seen them for more than half a year changes on them were simply noticeable. They both became slim than ever as if they were taking the best weight loss pills.

I just wish I can be more like them in size as I have been the biggest among the six of us in the group eversince. Going on just a diet has never been effective on me. Maybe I should try some other means. 🙁



Happy Birthday Mayora!!!

I am fond of writing a blog dedicated for my close friends celebrating their birthday and it would be unfair of me if I don’t do it for today.

Aside from being the National Day in Japan, today is the grand birthday of our dearest Mayora – Elsa Castillo. In contrast to her finesse  and reserved personality we have tagged her as the leader of our office “gang” (circle of friends). Hehe! She’s not the violent type of person but no one can go against her; not because of fear but because of shame. You’ll be shy to tease or taunt her for she’s a very well-rounded being not in size but in character.

Happy birthday Mayora! May you continue to be blessed as you definitely deserve all the good things this world can offer.

Since she’s wearing blue in here, this will be my share for:

Smiling Sally

Saturday Shopping With Friends

It’s been a long time since I’ve gone shopping with college friends and I am just so happy that we were able to do it again last Saturday.

I have taken my cousin and coicoi to join us at our shopping galore in Greenhills. We left at around 9am and arrived at our meeting place by almost 11am. We were late as I have set the time at 10am. Sorry girls.

Upon getting to Greenhills shopping centre we had our brunch at Chowking and from the time we went out the restaurant until almost 3pm was our entire shopping moment.

We bought a lot of things, intimate apparels, shoes, shirts for us and for our loved ones and even a toy for the ever active and enjoying coicoi. We also went to the gadgets area and bought some gadget accessories.

It was fun indeed and I would love to do it over and over again. I just hope we have more budget when we get back in there. =)





I’m Gonna See My Friends Again

I am just so excited to see my friends again after a few months of no gimmicks, no chats, no laughters, and no non-sense things with them.

I miss eating with them. I miss shopping with them. I miss sharing things to them. I really do miss a lot of things about them.

Finally, we’re meeting tomorrow at a place where we used to hang-out, dine and shop. 

See you girls!