Feast of St. Augustine – Tanza, Cavite

August 27-28 is the feast of St. Augustine – Patron Saint of Tanza, Cavite. It was the first time I have witnessed the celebration in the said town. In the morning we attended the mass. There were lots of devotees coming and leaving every hour in the church. There was a long line of people just as to touch the image of St. Augustine as placed inside the school compound of St. Augustine Catholic School.

I got a little bit curious about the life of the St. Augustine which led me to research about it and found his biography from http://www.ccel.org

St. Augustine  –  (354-430), Bishop of Hippo and “Doctor of the Church”

Accepted by most scholars to be the most important figure in the ancient Western church, St. Augustine was born in Tagaste, Numidia in North Africa. His mother was a Christian, but his father remained a pagan until late in life. After a rather unremarkable childhood, marred only by a case of stealing pears, Augustine drifted through several philosophical systems before converting to Christianity at the age of thirty-one. At the age of nineteen, Augustine read Cicero’s Hortensius, an experience that led him into the fascination with philosophical questions and methods that would remain with him throughout his life. After a few years as a Manichean, he became attracted to the more skeptical positions of the Academic philosophers. Although tempted in the direction of Christianity upon his arrival at Milan in 383, he turned first to neoplatonism, During this time, Augustine fathered a child by a mistress. This period of exploration, including its youthful excesses (perhaps somewhat exaggerated) are recorded in Augustine’s most widely read work, the Confessions.

During his youth, Augustine had studied rhetoric at Carthage, a discipline that he used to gain employment teaching in Carthage and then in Rome and Milan, where he met Ambrose who is credited with effecting Augustine’s conversion and who baptized Augustine in 387. Returning to his homeland soon after his conversion, he was ordained a presbyter in 391, taking the position as bishop of Hippo in 396, a position which he held until his death.

Besides the Confessions, Augustine’s most celebrated work is his De Civitate Dei (On the City of God), a study of the relationship between Christianity and secular society, which was inspired by the fall of Rome to the Visigoths in 410. Among his other works, many are polemical attacks on various heresies: Against Faustus, the Manichean; On Baptism; Against the Donatists; and many attacks on Pelagianism and Semi-Pelagianism. Other works include treatises On the Trinity; On Faith, Hope, and Love; On Christian Doctrine; and some early dialogues.

St. Augustine stands as a powerful advocate for orthodoxy and of the episcopacy as the sole means for the dispensing of saving grace. In the light of later scholarship, Augustine can be seen to serve as a bridge between the ancient and medieval worlds. A review of his life and work, however, shows him as an active mind engaging the practical concerns of the churches he served.

And that was it, in the afternoon we attended a gathering at a friend’s house and when the evening came we went into the church-front and watched some fireworks display (which they called “palma”) and some hot air balloons released. Even though the rain was pouring hard that night, that did not stop some of the expectators as they patiently wait even for the bull show or the “toro show”. This was the thing that we failed to see when we decided to go home due to the heavy rain showers.

There were vendors everywhere – sedera (i don’t know if I have spelled it correctly), selling items at its lowest prices be it some delicacies, accessories, household items, clothes and a lot more.

On the other hand, the celebration was still full of fun as they have said rain or shine the show must go on and that is in honor of St. Augustine.




Wishing for Gadgets on my Birthday

I always say that I am a trying hard techie. No matter how much I love gadgets I just could not afford to possess each and every thing of them. I don’t even own something updated. All I have is an old iPhone, a lappy owned by the company and that is all.

Next month is gonna be my birth month and I was wishing for something like digital camera, Asus Tablet PC or an external hard drive (1TB) to save all of my personal stuffs like blog articles. Wishing there would be somebody generous enough to give me just any of these things mentioned. 🙁

GT: Most Misspelled Word

I don’t know how it happens but every time I type the word “cycle” in the computer it usually comes out with error. Sometimes I end up with “cycyle” or most of the time “cyclye”. I am aware of the correct spelling but it is the usual scenario. Unless MS word would underline it with red I won’t notice it. Maybe it’s because of the strike of my fingers.

This is my share for this week’s:

Happy Long Weekend Philippines!

I am into Business

Lately my enthusiasm to indulge into some side line business became alive again. Maybe this is because I am now seated beside a more business minded person in the office. We have decided to become business partners as she shares more of her resources to me. Of course I am also sharing mine which is blogging but definitely it would be up to her – according to her preference or interest in that field.

And since we do direct selling we tend to maintain stocks and I was teasing her lately that she now needs the aid of usb barcode scanner to properly monitor her increasing inventory.

Becoming Desperate

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Lately, I am becoming desperate about finding advertisers for my blogs as I really want to earn more. Continuously searching, LinkFromBlog caught my attention and boost my interests. I know that for sure it will help me to get more clients who intend to advertise on blogs like mine and I hope to find success in here.Buy blog reviews

Next Attraction: Cars 2

I’ve been waiting so long for Cars 2 to be shown in the local Cinemas. Two more days to go and it will now become available. What’s with it?

It is just my son’s favorite and just in case it will be his first time to watch a movie in the big screen as he is just three years young of age. I can imagine him running and playing around a stanchion when we fall in line to buy the tickets. Maybe that’s how kids act really, playful and sometimes naughty yet I am excited for it.

Cars 2 is showing in August 24 in Philippine Cinemas.

Congratulations to Petron!

I might have mentioned in my earlier posts that I am a big fan of San Miguel Beermen in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). Lately, I was surprised for not hearing the team’s name in the league until I learned that it was replaced with Petron Blaze Boosters. However, despite change of name they still have my loyalty.

With that I would just like to congratulate the team for claiming the Governor’s Cup title last night in the game 7 against Talk N’ Text Tropang Texters with scores ending in 83-75. I salute the players who did very well specially Anthony Grundy,  Arwind Santos, Denok Miranda and the rest of them who have exerted much effort just as to stop TNT attaining their Grand Slam win.

Coach Ato Agustin deserves more than just a recognition for bringing the team into the finals and even leading them to win the title though he’s just a rookie coach in the league.

Congratulations Petron! See you in the next season.


A Plan to Send Grandma Home

Grandma has been with us for almost two years now. We fetched her back in year 2009 with the intention of bringing her to a specialist or orthopedic doctor due to the crack on her right bone shoulder. After some series of medical checks and taking oral medications the problem has not been resolved. She could no longer undergo surgical operations because of her age.

This month end, we are planning to send her back in the province based on her request. For now, we are looking for a vehicle for hire with some sort of  thule ski racks on top so we can carry more things without nothing to worry about occupying more space inside the car.

Few days left for us to search, hope we can find one.

Splash down!

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The hot days of summer are calling your kids to come out and play and if your home has a swimming pool, now is the perfect time to put it to use! People love parties, and if the pool or other water games are involved, there’s sure to be tons of fun for all ages.

A pool party is easy to plan, and can be conformed to fit the age of any child. Of course, safety must be the most important factor to consider before any party planning begins! The number one rule that everyone must abide by is making sure no child is ever left alone in or around the swimming pool. A child can drown in as little as 3 inches of water, so even if you only have a “baby pool” it can still post risk. Make certain there is competent adult supervision at all times, and then you can proceed with the fun.

Making some lemonade or sweet tea and having lots of ice pops on hand ensures everyone can stay hydrated as well as enjoy the treats. As for games, start out with water balloons. Divide the kids into teams of two kids each. Give each team a beach towel and instruct them to hold the shorter ends of the towel to form a sling. Drop a water balloon into the sling and have the kids work together to fling the balloon to the kids holding the other towel to try and catch it. Chances are, some of the balloons will hit the ground and the kids will have a blast dodging the spray!

Another game with water balloons is what I call the “Sit and Splash”. This uses larger balloons, filled almost all the way with water and small prizes such as coins. Each child is given a balloon, and when the grown-up says “go!” the children sit on the balloons, bounce on them, and try to make them pop. The first child who breaks their balloon wins the goodies inside!

There’s also the “pool noodle limbo”, using a foam pool noodle as the limbo stick. This one is always fun, especially if the lawn is nice and wet as well, ensuring lots of giggles as the kids slip and slide on their way under the stick. You can also find some inexpensive float rings and use them as a ring toss over a foam noodle, or even a swimmer’s head in the pool! Or, place them on the ground instead of tires for a fun obstacle course, or hang them from a tree branch for a frisbee toss! This time of year, you can find lots of inexpensive outdoor toys for prizes as well, such as bubbles, frisbees, and colorful beach towels. The things you use for the games, can also double as prizes, so there’s no buying twice. Swimming pools and water games are so enticing for kids and as long as you play safely, there’s no limit to the fun!

Dreaming of a Ring in my Finger

I don’t care about wedding before as I am afraid of it, afraid that it may not succeed just like what has happened to my parent’s marriage. But of course I still dream of wearing something like Reeds diamond ring in my finger with or without a ceremony. It gives me some sense of assurance and security somehow.

For now, I just have to wait for the right time as I don’t like to force things to happen.There are still a lot of issues to be resolved, arrangement to be settled or cases to be closed. These may just be a matter of acceptance but obviously these are easier said than done.

GT: Weird’s the Word

Hi Girls!

I’d like to welcome myself back on this most-awaited weekly meme for girls.

And so for my choice of weird or funny word I came up to something not really that kind but we ended up laughing during our meeting a while ago. It’s about the term “receptionist”. I don’t know how I can relay well what has transpired lately but it’s about my superior who was training us on something about our quarterly activity in the office. It’s just that maybe he ran out of words and uttered “receptionist” instead of “recipient”. Though he was able to correct himself right away he still laughed with the rest of the team inside the conference room (imagine considering him as a hairy guy receptionist). That’s it. Hihi!

New Phone, New Plan

Lately we have been spending more than enough on our communication expenses by availing prepaid mobile load from time to time. And so we have decided to take advantage of a network service provider’s existing promo – a postpaid plan that’s affordable enough with free mobile phone unit. I was expecting for something like samsung gravity on the package but samsung corby ii was given instead.

At least they are both bearing the same brand. This time we need not worry of reloading again and again, we just have to monitor our usage and establish within us some sense of self control. 😉