Stormy September

The month of September is almost about to end but just another strong typhoon struck us. And it was typhoon “Pedring” who made us all scared about what might happen next due to strong winds together with heavy rains that fall.

I remember it was two years ago when “Milenyo” attacked and just a year ago when “Ondoy” visited leaving with lots of casualties and damages to properties.

Good thing nothing worst happened.

My 29th Birthday

There were no surprises, no great celebration, just a simple moment worth to be remembered. On the other hand, I just got some things I have considered as one of those best gifts I ever had.

I had enough of which I do not usually enjoy and the best thing about it is that I have enjoyed the moment of sleeping with my loved ones on my special day.

I just had the chance to consider things which I should be thankful about. The life itself, the kind of work I have which provides for our living, my friends and all the people around me whom has shown me love. Indeed I have lot of reasons to celebrate everyday and not just my birthday.

Thanks to my hubby for waking me up with greetings full of love; for the time he spent with me taking me to a sumptuous lunch with his family, for posing with pride as captured by the studio camera, for the cold coffee mixed with so much of care and for the cuddly bear given to me with joyful memories. I am so lucky to have you. It is as if I found a perfect partner from the best dating website.

This is indeed one of the best occasions I have ever celebrated even without those expensive gifts and big party, for as long as there’s love everything will turn out to be just almost perfect.

A Review of My Birthday Wishes

Last year I wrote about my birthday wishes as I turned 28 and this time I would just like to go back and check whether I was able to achieve any of those wishes I have listed.

CAREER – I have wished for a more challenging role and I though I already got that now that I have become a Worldwide Financial Analyst from a local post.

FAMILY – This is something beyond my control as it involves emotions and relationships. Now I guess it needs improvement.

FRIENDS – Nothing has changed and I am very thankful that they are always there for me despite distance.

PERSONAL – I have asked for a continuing education and now I am currently enrolled for a Certification program. Emotionally, I wished that I can finally decide and this time I am standing on that decision. Spiritually I am aware that there are times that I fail to consider HIM and I’d like to ask for forgiveness on that. Physically, nothing happened. I even gained more than I expect to lose. Financially, it is partially accomplished.

This time I am praying for anything that I have not accomplished including that of simple, peaceful and happy life.

Mayweather vs. Ortiz

This coming Saturday will be just another day which we can consider as part of a Boxing Week since one of the most popularly known tough boxers would fight – Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Victor Ortiz.If Mayweather will win this game, will he be courageous enough to face our very own pound for pound king Manny Pacquiao? Perhaps he would have no choice, else he cannot account himself to be the number one boxer indeed unless he defeated Pacman.

On the other hand, Manny is set to compete again against Juan Manuel Marquez this coming November 12, 2011.

Remembering 9/11

September 11, 2001, ten years ago when the World Trade Center bombing happened. That was such an unbelievable occurrence for me. I thought that only happens in the movies not in real life.

I remember we were at our classmate’s house then working for our school thesis. We were all shocked about the news as we watched it over the television. A lot of people died in the incident and I just could not imagine how the suicide bombers took the courage to do that. That was such a sad and tragic moment especially for those families who have lost their loved ones.

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Accident Happens

Accident happens everywhere at anytime, you will get no clues but it will surely take more of your time when it does. Of course not anyone would want anything bad to happen.

The most common accident nowadays involves vehicles, for as long as no life would be at stake everything will just be easier to deal with especially when there is something like a auto body shop estimating software. Presence of mind is the key when you get into troubles alike. You just have to know the right place to go, and the right person to ask for help.