Certified Bookkeeper

Sorry for bragging about this but I am just so happy and grateful about the result of the certification program I have attended. I did not expect to pass the test though I have prayed hard for it really. I know I did my best and even sacrificed some things for it. Four of my Saturdays were spent in school. I gave up celebrating my birthday through an out of town trip in Baguio, so I gave up the chance of riding a horse and using some horse equipment. I took a day off from work just as to study. I am just so glad that all of these things did not go to trash.Surprisingly, the grade that I have received is even more than what I have asked for.

Thank you to SE for giving me such opportunity as well as to my friends and family for the support they have given me. Above all, thanks be to GOD for the intellect HE has bestowed on me. I am now a Certified Bookkeeper.

Over a Year Ago

Over a year ago when I started to get close with somebody I thought friendly enough to consider as one true buddy. As day passes by, we continue to become really friends until we have been tested by the situation. She contradicts about a thing in my life, that I understood and I guess she’s right on that part. I fell one time, I am not sure if she really pulled me up or she just allow things to happen even if she has control.

It is just so frustrating knowing how you trusted a person and eventually realized that she has never been real enough especially when talking behind you. In cases alike, we must exercise some sort of precautions. Try to have a thorough checking before giving out your trust and that is something that I have learned and correspondingly proven by some people and the situation itself.

Pain in my Big Toe

I have been experiencing an excruciating pain from my left big toe due to an ingrown nail. This has caused me series of sleepless nights. I wish I have some sort white noise machines with me to help me get a better sleep. I know that this too shall pass especially now that I am taking a high dose antibiotic and pain reliever. When that happens, I will definitely take the chance of having a good night sleep.

There is one more thing I promise to myself, I will never go back to that pedicurist again. Not that I am expecting things to happen once more but because I just don’t want to remember the pain I have been into. πŸ™

No One Should be Blamed

Things happen. In any game there is a winner and a loser on the opposite. Wherever our place may be, there should not be any regrets. There should not be any animosity and no one should be blamed. What is important is that we’ve given our best.

We should still be thankful about the outcome even if we fall on the losing end and instill in our mind that everything happens for the reason. Perhaps winning is not meant for us this time. What matter is we ended up happy,free from any injuries and that we enjoyed the game. and this can still be considered a success.

Congratulations to SE-CCC Women’s Volleyball Team for winning the game last night!

Questions for this Coming Holiday Season

Along with the expected long rest from work are the questions in our mind if we will be able to get the benefits or privileges that we usually get. When are we be able to get our 13th month pay? Are we still eligible for some sort of mom gift baskets or employee Christmas package? When should we receive other cash conversions? Would there be Christmas party still? Should we expect for some sort of bonus? All these were left unanswered, but we are not losing hope and we still pray for the best to come as we should still celebrate a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Gift for the Holiday Season

I have been asked by my colleague if I know how to bake cakes and pastries. I did not reply that I don’t know how, instead I told her that I guess it will be easy only if I have the right set of equipment to be used such as the oven and other baking utensils. Things can be learned anyways.

Relative to baking I remember I was once told by one of my friends that Shari’s Berries cookies are awesome and she said that I should try and taste them. Come to think of it,Β  isn’t it a good gift suggestion for this coming holiday season? I supposed it will be just perfect.






I am Not a Robot

I feel so stressed during these past few days about a lot of things. The situation has been consistently throwing a lot of challenges to my personal life not to mention all the pressures I am getting from my job. I love my work and I always want to make it up to my tasks. Who would want to be left behind? Apparently not me as that would surely reflect to my performance. I just wish somebody would be considerate enough not to treat me like a mechanized robot in doing my job.

Trust and Relationship

Along the way you will get know people – people of different personality and preferences. Considering the differences it is not easy to befriend someone. Somehow there has to be common denominator between two persons. Establishing trust is not as easy as putting up an instant metal building. Once you get to handle somebody’s personality, that does not stop there. It must be continuously nourished with affection and concern to maintain the atmosphere of friendship. Patience, understanding and love make a relationship smooth and peacefully flowing. An open mind is a requirement while trust keep it strong and stable. Once the trust is ruined the foundation of a relationship will consequently fall and it will be harder for anybody to rebuild it.

I Won’t Play the Game of Hypocrisy

I have been very vocal about anything I feel. If I don’t like a person, in any way I will let him/her know. Whenever I encounter pretentious people, I don’t give them a damn. I won’t waste time getting along with them unless it has something to do with the attitude of professionalism – something which I just need to execute or perform because my job calls for it.

I maybe friendly enough to be regarded, it maybe pride which some may notice from me but I just won’t play the game of hypocrisy and this is me.

Weekend Home Projects

I have been busy during the last four weekends due to my Saturday schools. This Saturday I am bound to rest but not in its real sense as we have planned for a lot of projects at home. There are various things which we need to fix or clean-up.

We basically need to the following:

1) Place a curtain under our kitchen lavatory.
2) Clean our toilet and bath room.
3) Put cord cover on the wiring that passes through the main window.
4) Wash our clothes.
5) Fix and rearrange the flower vases in front of our house.

Hope we can accomplish all these things.

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SE Sportsfest 2011

Though no official announcement has been released on the subject it is somehow certain to happen as there are a lot of on-going preparations for the activity. We had our uniforms fitted and finally completed our volleyball line-up. We had our practice schedules as well starting today.

Exciting somehow but nothing extra ordinary to expect. We have been oriented about the cost cutting and that’s probably the reason why. On the other hand, we are still hoping for the best. Go SE Team!

September Closing Activities

As usual, I was very busy the last three days for the month end closing activities. This is a normal scenario for somebody who is handling one of the Business Analyst Jobs just like me. As a financial planning analyst, I am happy to have a kind of work that is stable despite all the pressures. Our world does not run out of business so there would always be something to analyze and work on; thus, giving us a steady source of living.

This September close is somewhat really exhausting but it is such a relief seeing all your accomplishments at the end of the day. πŸ˜‰