Wednesday Holiday

I am just so glad that it’s a holiday today yet the better thing about it is just it falls on the day just after our pay day which obviousky means that I have enough budget to spend this time. So my plan includes going to the mall to pay for some of my bills such as mobile phone and other payables as well as to buy some stuffs I just have thought of buying plus those home necessities. I’ll take my son and his nanny with me so I can give them time to have fun and play.

Christmas Plans

Like most people, I also have several plans for the coming Holiday Season. Aside from shopping for gifts and preparing for some Christmas activities I also have personal make-over plans. I have been dreaming of having my hair fixed with colors and a new hairdo that would give me new look. I also want to try some eyelash growth products to add something noticeable in my face. I also would want to attend to the underarm whitening service I bought from on-line deals. I indeed have a lot of plans for Christmas as I want to celebrate it in a way that is memorable enough for me.

Planning to Watch PBA Live

I can no longer recall the last time I was able to watch PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) games live at the Big Dome. I guess that would be around six or seven years ago. For this season, we are planning to watch an elimination game with Ginebra Kings and Petron Blazer Boosters as opponents. These two teams are our favorites – Gin Kings for my hubby and Petron for me. The scheduled date is on December 2, 2011 however, there’s a problem from my end as that day is a busy day for me. With that I was thinking if I will just let them watch or if I will insist to join them. Hehe!

Files Back-up

Lately, I have been noticing some malfunctions in my laptop. There is always an error, most of the time it hangs and it no longer shuts down properly. With these, I think I need to perform back-up of files either through cd and cd duplication to make the files personally available. I can also ask one of our IT personnel to do the same thing saving my data in a designated server.It is better to have options than being so regretful of losing working files. It would create a personal chaos and will even consume much time to make some rework on the reports.

Long Weekend Over

We’re now back to normal. Back to work. Busy again. The four days of rest is over. I have got the chance to take enough of sleep but then there are some things which I failed to accomplish. My friend who is a dentist was not able to clean my teeth up as she was very busy looking for discount dental supplies for her clinic aside from the fact that she also had to go to the cemetery to attend to their family’s tradition. I was not able to go to my OB-Gyne as well for pap smear. I wish I can do these things in the coming days.