Family Games

Along with our simple Christmas celebration is a set of fun we have prepared ourselves. It was as if somebody has completed some sort of Room Director Jobs as we had a warm welcome and accommodated our relatives and visitors who joined us in our family games on the night of December 25. All of us enjoyed the event at home. We had our favorite games of “pinoy henyo” and charades for a prize. There were candies packed for the kids as well. Our aunt’s house was filled with fun and laughter that night and I am sure all of us went to the bed with a smile on our faces.

Christmas 2011

Christmas day had passed and we are very much grateful about it. We were very happy on how we had it celebrated. There were only three of us at home during Christmas eve and we never had any Noche Buena but I prepared something for our breakfast early on the 25th. I cooked spaghetti, fried some ham and had the bread ready along with the cheese spread. It is something simple yet happy. As I am always saying it is just a matter of choice. Even though how hard a situation you are in if you have chosen to be happy, surely you will be.

Christmas Traffic

As expected almost every streets are busy for the holiday. More vehicles as much as more people are seen everywhere for the last minute holiday shopping thus resulting to what we usually call Christmas traffic. But this is a better scenario than seeing an accident that causes traffic. There is one thing that not everybody can control and that is occurrence of crime in a certain busy avenue such as pickpocketing, snatching, holdups and the like. With that, it is advisable to have a sort of rfid blocking wallets to avoid more damages. It is maybe an investment yet it is better to be ready on the onset than to feel sorry in the end.

December Sickness

I don’t know if you can call this coincidence or something but it happens every Christmas. I don’t want to call it something like bad omen or bad luck in its sense but I wonder why my son gets sick every December – four years in a row. The first two he was hospitalized and I am thankful that this year and prior to this he just got some sort of fever and the like. I am becoming paranoid every December because of this and because of this I am also becoming extra careful about my son’s health and I am hoping that nothing worst to happen next.

Four Days Before Christmas

Only a few nights of sleep is left and Christmas will set in. I just wish I am already prepared when it comes to the stuff and all. Just like a structured settlement, I have always wanted to celebrate Christmas as smooth and as organized as possible. I want my gifts grouped accordingly either by age or by the personality of my listed recipients. I want the menu ready as well and I prefer cooking them all by myself. For me it is such a great fulfillment seeing your loved ones happy with what you have set before them during the Christmas eve. There is approximately 90hours left for me to prepare and I just hope I can do it still.

Dozens of Godchildren

I have I guess more or less three dozens of Godchildren, more than half of them are girls and the rest are of course boys. For girls, I think it is a bit easy looking for the kind of gifts to be given to them as there are indeed vast selection everywhere. Boys I think are a little less appreciative than girls do so you really have to think of something they would really like. I have seen several designs of chinese yoyos and this is one those things I consider depending on their age and personality. If I would not be able to get anything for the others, I will have no choice but to hand them cash instead.

Saturday Shopping

Ate Thea and Coi-coi

Yesterday we did our very first Christmas shopping with my friend Jen and her daughter Thea. But it is not as extravagant as it may seem to be. I just bought a pair of Christmas outfit (denim pants and checkered cars polo) for my son coi-coi, dress for coi’s big sister, rubber slippers for my hubby and for myself and another tote bag for me. I guess nothing is more important than making the Kids happy. Christmas may not just be for them but the occasion will become happier with smile on their faces. I wish that we can celebrate Christmas more than just an ordinary day with the thought that this is the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Yesterday was our first anniversary but it seems like things are getting harder or even more difficult. Just like a car stuck somewhere along the way, I feel like I need some sort of breakdown service. I am hurting and I feel so broke and helpless. I don’t know why we need to reach this point in our relationship. It is indeed challenging and I don’t know if we will still be able to manage and resolve things out. I know we both love each other but I guess we need time to contemplate about managing our thoughts and words. We need space. We need some air to breath. πŸ™

I Won’t Last A Day Without You

Funny how people still manage to fall in love even after a heartbreak. I guess it is indeed sweeter the second time around even if it means having relationship with a new partner. This is how the character acted in the movie I won’t last a day without you as portrayed by Sarah Geronimo. As a radio DJ with a show that deals with people having heartaches, DJ Heidee always make it a point to stay on the negative scene when somebody ask for advice about dealing with a playboy guy.

We had a good laugh in this movie and I even shed a few tears during the downside of Heidee who fell in love with Andrew (Gerald) after making some efforts of helping him how to win her ex-girlfriend (Megan) back. Thumbs-up!

6 Days to Go

Six more days to wait and it is going to be our official first year of being together. I was thinking if I will give him the white sports watch I recently bought on line or if it is appropriate to give him like one of the wedding bands for men. This should be something like really more special andI guess it is worth even just a simple celebration. Somehow I am thankful that despite the hardships and the challenges that we have dealt with until this time we are still together scratching each other’s back. I still love him that I cannot deny and I just hope that we can still be considered a better couple.

System Error

It is indeed frustrating when you have made yourself ready to work on somethings which you need to get done a little earlier than the usual. For this week’s activities, I have told myself that I would need to finish my reports a little advanced than the set schedule. Unfortunately, unexpected things do happen and today it is the system which falter. I am not able to generate data needed for my reports. My counterparts continuously chasing me but then the issue is beyond my control. I just wish I also have some kind of technical expertise to resolve problems as such. Haist! It is causaing too much delays this time.

Last Busy Working Week

I hope this week is really going to be the last busy working week for me for the Year 2011 as I would like to enjoy the coming holidays. I know there is going to be much pressure and more tasks to accomplish in the coming years but at least this year would end a little lighter than ever. If only there are web cameras installed around our work stations to see how much we get haggard during month end closing activities then I guess that would be enough of proof on how myself and every one in our team exert much effort for the company. It has been a usual and frequent challenge that we need to deal with just as to earn for our living. πŸ˜‰