Quezon Visit

Last week we went to the province to visit my hometown. It’s been more than a year since the last time I went there. It is such a relief to see the house where I grew up, the community where I used to belong and of course my grandmother. It is such a pleasure knowing that most people living there still recognizes me no matter how much weight I have gained. I really love to stay there given the chance. If only I have the same resource that I have now, I would probably not leave the place. Definitely I love Barangay Sampaloc, Pitogo Quezon. =)

Threat of Transport Strike

Some transport groups are now starting to give warnings on the possibility of the transport strike if the government will not allow them to increase the minimum fare. They are not after about getting returns on what they have invested on jeep parts, they are actually in protest about the constantly increasing fuel prices. The big players in the oil industry has led four price increases since the start of the year 2012 and according to the public vehicle drivers nothing is left to them for their everyday living. They have been asking to increase the minimum fare from P8 to P10. On the other hand, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) is already acting on their request while they are also trying to consider and balance out the needs of everybody especially the consumers.

A Friend Respects

It is really painful to have received words of dismay from a friend especially from whom you have considered very special to you. Someone who is almost your sister. I am gifted with a lot of friends, some of them may not be my constant companion but most of them are whom you can lean on.

It is just so frustrating to be hit by someone you do not expect. Friends are usually there to listen and to give advice especially to those who are in pain. Sometimes friends sympathize but friends are not suppose to give an order. A friend does not insist of anything he or she feels right about a problem. It is a basic character of a friend to show respect – respect about the feelings of a friend.

A friend is someone you can count on, not someone who counts every effort exerted to another. If you are not sure about the implication of the words you are going to utter better keep them to yourself and think further. Try putting yourself to your friend’s shoes but remember that you are not the same. Nobody is perfect, the world is neither perfect. Do not assume, ask instead. Things can be resolve when you talk it over. If you really want to avoid your friend then you can do it silently. You need not shout it out publicly just as to earn other people’s approval of your thoughts.

Time heals. I am sure things will get back to normal in His time, just learn to forgive and eventually forget.

Discovering Talents Through Reality Contests

Reality contests are on the drift nowadays. Usually there are open casting calls just anywhere in the United States or even outside the country. A lot of people are becoming interested on various kinds of skills and talents showcase by people having diverse personalities. Some of them are very much eager to be noticed as they perform with their unique and extra ordinary capabilities more than just the usual singing, dancing and acting competencies. More and more new talents are being rendered in almost every audition.

Some of the reality shows aims to discover new celebrity image while most of them are giving other people a chance to live a new life by giving opportunities to experience a different way of living mostly in a challenging approach. Therefore, there are casting calls for existing celebrities as well. That way they would get to practice dealing with the other areas of their existence or surviving from set of challenges aside from acting behind the camera.

Just like for instance, there is the casting calls New York for aspiring models. It might be that the main intention is to search for a new image to pose for some popularly known fashionable items but they can also turn into a total celebrity package upon showcasing what they can do further aside from the cat walk and all.

Go Go Petron Blazers

Till this time, I have not changed my mind. I am still a fanatic of San Miguel Beermen now a team of Petron Blaze Boosters. It is good seeing some of my favorite players actively playing again and even showing exemplary performance just like Danny Ildefonso. It is nice welcoming new players in the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) as well, especially those whom you have known during their PBL (Philippine Basketball League) time like Rob Reyes. You will be proud having someone in the team whom you know will do his best and is courageous enough to give his full energy and power just as to win each and every game like Chris Lutz. Go go Petron Blaze Boosters, I know you can make it guys!

Lazy Morning

Everyday seems to be a lazy day especially during morning. I am having a hard time getting up from the bed as it feels so cold. It is the usual climate every December up to February, but the last month is being marked as the coldest above all. With that we need some sort of protection more than a blanket when we go out. Since we have our motorcycle we ought to have some sort of alpinestars jackets or the like. It is even colder when you are in motion as the cold wind will get to hit you directly. Brrrrr! So cold… Just wanna sleep all day.

No New Year’s Resolution

Year 2011 was one of the most challenging period for me. That is when I chose to enter into a more complicated life which has led me to lose my family. It was really difficult considering all the troubles I had face when it comes to my love life. There were moments when I thought of giving up and I could not imagine how many gallons of tears I have shed with all those problems that came our way. It was hard indeed. Even though how tough things were I have never set of any new years resolution to intentionally shift life’s scenes. I believe having a new year’s resolution is not just being said as it would be better translated into actions. I told myself that I just need to enjoy life without giving harm to others.