Job Transitioning

More or less than a month ago I was told about a temporary International assignment and just recently when I learned that it was on hold. It was some kind of relief for me because it is more of job transitioning when I get there. I thought I was freed about it but there are a lot of similar things going on right now because of some changes on the management structure. Even through the means audio teleconferencing a lot of tasks are being transferred from one headquarters to another. On the other hand, it is still beneficial to the recipient as he or she will be able to expose to another set of report.

Thoughts on Investing

With the anticipated school expenses of my son this coming June 2012, I was thinking of investing into something that would give me some sort of extra income. Golden Eagle gold bullion is one of the choices but as a start up I just joined a cooperative, established within our company. It maybe is a small kind of investment but hopefully it would grow into something more than I expect. I initially placed an amount just within the budget but later on I will surely have it doubled or multiplied by four. On the onset, I will have to help the team to work on making our investments grow bigger and bigger.

Celebration: Birthday & Love

Yesterday, February 13 was my hubby’s birthday. We just confide ourselves at home as it was raining so hard while I tried cooking some of his favorites. I prepared buttered garlic shrimp, chicken noodle soup and of course spaghetti. We went out to buy a heart-shaped cake for the two-in-one celebration . Yesterday for his birthday and today as Valentine’s Day.

As of this moment I have not got any presents from him but hopefully before the day ends I will be happier with him. Happy birthday dadi and hapi heart’s day as well! May you have more birthday’s to come and may we have more Valentine’s day together. I so love you.

Plans for Kitchen

I guess I have once mentioned how I was able to replace our faucet in the kitchen. Imagine myself from being an accountant or an office worker to becoming a plumber by profession. Hihi! But it was such a fulfilling experience that I am capable of doing some of the tasks usually played by a man. I actually have a lot of plans in our kitchen. I want the ceiling to be smooth, its floors and walls to be installed with tiles, it’s sink to be replaced with stainless steel sink and some built-in cabinets to be placed on the wall. I hope I can have them accomplished within the year. πŸ˜‰

Amazing Shoe Rack

Ring! Ring! Our building guard in the office has just called me to inform that something in the guardhouse has been delivered for me. When I get to check the thing, it was the amazing shoe rack that I bought from an online deal two weeks ago. Glad that it came on time, just within the commitment date. Online shopping did really give me the convenience of buying some of the things I need. Soon I will get to try availing some pacsun coupons. I think it is equally great to those things I have already tried. I am still waiting for another delivery next week. It’s fun!

14th Month

It is our fourteenth month together as lovers. We have been into different challenges and have also built a lot of good memories in contrast. It is such an achievement that we have already gotten this far. But of course, we are expecting to grow further together. I am sure how much we have learned to love each other better. We just need to be stronger everyday. Happy monthsary dadi! I love you!

Surprise Payment

I think that was few weeks back when I was able to get a surprise payment in my account. That was really unexpected as I never knew that I really have the chance to earn from that. But it was really so sad to know that it was the first and last payment I would get from Adgitize because they are already closing then. I hope something new will replace it. Thank you so much Adgitize.

Household Carpentry Tasks

I am enjoying my stay in the house during weekends. It is fun to obtain the feeling of fulfillment after completing some household tasks even the masculine ones. I remember I was able to replace our two faucets at home. One located in the kitchen sink and the other outside the house which we are using to water the plants. There are few carpentry tasks that awaits as well and I was thinking if I can also do them such as installing some curtain rods and replacing door hinges and window locks. The protective screen in our front window needs some sort of repair as well but that one I will let the contractor do. It is nice to realize that women can also execute what some men do.

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