I just realized that a lot of things were really affected by the disappointments I had brought about by the ever little windfall that I got. The mountain bike that we are planning to buy will have to remain as a dream this time. We planned for it because we would like to get hold of a healthy lifestyle biking once in a while or during most of our spare time. Sad that it will not push through but I am not losing hope about it; given the chance we will still avail of it soon. It will be a great help for us not just in terms of health but also in financial matters as we will be able to save a lot in the transportation expense in just a few steps in the bicycle pedal.

AI – Jessica Sanchez

We are now back to our addiction American Idol as we are following the performances of our native sister Jessica Sanchez. We are just so proud of her as she and her voice is really very good most specially when she did the rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I will Always Love You”. She is really amazing. I am just wondering if she can play some musical instruments as well such as guitar, piano or some Moog instruments. If she knows at least one then I will be more fascinated about her. Go Jessica Sanchez! Make Filipinos prouder with your talent. We support you.

More Assignments

Unlike any student in a school or an employee in an office bloggers look forward and pray for more assignments, simply because without the assignments we will not be able to earn from our craft. It is our passion to write and share our thoughts but we are even happier that we are able to help our family because of this enthusiasm. It is as if two birds hit by a single stone – writing gives us pleasure and it is really good to note that we are being paid in it.

Holiday Work

It is just so unfortunate for us that the long holiday coincided with the peak season at work where in we cannot just ignore those tasks assigned to us as they were really significant to be executed – meaning a lot of report users rely on us. One of the issues that we had is that not all of us are being given with laptop so some would really need to come to office just as to act on their responsibility. We have been asking our Management Information Systems officers if we can loan some laptops just as for the holidays or can our personal laptops be temporarily be installed with some system applications needed to carry out our reports but then it is as if they have something like an ITIL which they strictly follow so we were not allowed to do either of the two choices. Due to that some of us really can’t work from home and it is so sad that we need to work in the office during the Holy Week.

Work Out @ Home

I have done some exercises at home and I just realized how it feels really good working out. With all those sweats coming out of your body system you will really feel healthy about yourself.

I tried tae bo last night and I mixed it with jogging. I also did some abs work out this morning before I go to office. It was such a pleasant experience and a worthwhile activity to be considered.

Good thing I have got copies of different routine exercises. Hope to be in good shape soon. πŸ™‚

Friday Weigh-In

Every Friday is the scheduled weigh-in of our FPA version of Biggest Loser. So tomorrow is going the be my first time with it. What should I expect? I guess I will be paying as when I tried to weigh myself yesterday I even gained a pound and a half. Whew! Maybe I should wish for the weighing scale to breakdown instead. Hihi! but it should be in a way that is favorable for me to win.

On the other hand, I should not be expecting anything so I will never be disappointed at all. No matter how I tried losing weight it just don’t happen to me. Sigh! πŸ™

Congratulations to the Cast of In the Name of Love

Last year I wrote a review about the movie In the Name of Love with Angel Locsin and Aga Muhlach as the main characters of the story. This time I just would like to extend my congratulations to them for winning the best movie actress and movie actor respectively in the 28th PMPC Star Awards for Movies.

I guess they really deserve the title. Congratulations and more power not just to Aga and Angel but to the entire cast and crew of In the Name of Love! You really did a good job!

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City Service

We have been addressing our maintenance people in the office as city service – name of their agency. These people are whom we depend so much when it comes to keeping our workstation clean as well as the entire building. They are assigned on keeping the restrooms filled with tissue papers as well as on cleaning leather couch situated in the lobby and inside the executive offices. Those are just a portion of their tasks but then I could say that we have these group of people who have been responsible enough. They deserve to be recognized for being such industrious ones. May the Lord continue to bless them.

Visio on Saturday

Yesterday, I worked again on the process manual documentation. This time I made it with a flowchart. One of my friends in office has lent me her lappy with MS Office Wisio application installed. That way, I was able to make my flowcharts easily. I am planning to do the same for next week. Hihi!

Biggest Loser – FPA Edition

I have been invited for another biggest loser edition but then it is now within a smaller group of people in our office. At first, I am hesitant to join but they were able to persuade me still. While I have been very much fascinated about apidextra cutomer reviews, I guess that is one of those things that motivated me. We started the weigh in and I am at 158.5lbs this time. We need to lose at least 3lbs till next Friday, March 16, 2011. So wish me luck again and I am hoping to win so I need not wish for my friends to get fat instead of me getting thin. πŸ™‚


We are planning to watch the on-going International Pyrolympics competition in SM Mall of Asia on Saturday March 10, 2012. We have initially thought of taking my husband’s group of friends with us so it could be more exciting. I guess it would be better to take the kids too. I could imagine how they would enjoy watching the colorful fireworks release in the air as they dances along with the music playing out loud. Wow! I just wish this will come true. I am just pretty excited about it. πŸ™‚


Tomorrow is gonna be a feast day at one of our friends’ locale and we have been invited. At first we were hesitant to go as we were not sure if we have other commitments for that day. Finally, my husband decided to attend to it to give their high school friends a chance to be reunited. I am thinking of taking our son with us as more probably my husband’s friends have their kids with them as well. Along with it, I am planning to dress coi in streetwear. I know he will look good at it as he is some kind of a hip-hop in style. By the way, he is a good hip-hop dancer. πŸ™‚