I don’t know how hard it is to understand those basic things at home. Would you keep those dirty rugs in the cabinet? Would you let the dogs starving while the food is set to be given to them? Will you always wait for fundamental instructions when you mostly know what to do to the thing? Maybe I am becoming too judgmental about a person’s intellectuality and I’d like to apologize about that. But sometimes it makes me wonder how simple some things are and yet they seem complex for others. I wish we all have the common sense just about anything – that’s why it is termed “common” as it is expected to be possessed by everyone. On the other hand, I am fully aware that there is no perfect thing and no perfect person either – a fact which we have to accept.

New Business

I guess I have mentioned in one of my posts about my friend who has just opened a laundry and merchandising business in one just within the vicinity of our residential place.

Opening a business is not just a simple task to begin with. Aside from the financial investments you really have to work on establishing each in every needs for your business to start growing. Systems to record business transactions must be put in place as well, including those things like Honeywell Barcode Scanner and etc. Of course, it would take a lot of effort and patience before you realize earnings.


The Blur

The second game of the Commissioner’s Cup Championship ended at a score of 104-102 last night (April 25, 2012). By the theory of 3-digit store it only implies that this game was taken by the Tropang Texters. Salute to Jason Castro for being such a best point guard of the game – despite having pain in his left ankle he never stopped acting aggressively showing how courageous he is even if it means colliding with the great walls of B-MEG.

Go the Blur! Hope you’ll feel better for Game 3.

Practice Free Throw

Game 1 of the PBA Commissioner’s Cup Finals happened last night between Talk N’ Text and B-MEG. The latter ahead by six (6) points led them to 1-0 standing and so 0-1 for tropa. By the look at it, as I have watched the entire game on the television; it is basically their free throws which has really thrown the tropa out. If only they have shoot them all then  probably they have taken home that game 1. But there is no use mumbling on what has already happened, instead something must be done to work things out for the next game. And so we really hope that the TNT Nation would be able to beat the B-MEG Planet on Wednesday and on the next games to come.

Go TNT! We believe in you!


Motorcycle Improvement

Last weekend we had one of our motorcycle’s tires replaced – the one in the back. Just the other day it was the rear shocks which were changed. The next thing that we are planning to do is to have new battery and headlights. We are also thinking of getting new sets of helmets. We want something like Solid Full Face Helmets like an Arai Corsair V. Maybe we should get four, one for dadi, one for me, one for coicoi and the other for ate faith. Once we have it then we can do a safe joy ride and I guess that would call for another family day.

Somebody to do your Laundry

Yesterday, April 22, 2012 marks the day of the grand opening of Lavanya Commercial Center. It is located afront Lavanya Subdivision where we currently reside.But the most notable thing about the opening is the introduction of my friend’s (an office mate of mine) business which will be named either Laundy Cruiser or Laundry City. By the name itself, it will be a laundry business where you can hand over your clothing but there will be some general merchandise along with it. I am sure it will be offered at an affordable price. Just sit back and relax while waiting for somebody to do the laundry for you. Will let you know more of its introductory offerings soon.

Family Day Again

We are happy to have our family day again. We spent it in a mall where we have lunch at one of our kids’ favorite restaurants. They munched over a piece of chicken meal while my hubby and I preferred something different this time. After having lunch, we walked towards an amusement stall and there we played games. When we got tired and after losing some tokens we went toward a music store and there hubby started to play an organ. My son being very curious just about anything he was able to touch the Drumdial Drums. Good thing my hubby saw it and he was able to stop him from playing on such.

TNT for the Finals


It is just this season that I became a literally big fan of the Tropang Texters. It is because of my hubby and my hubby’s playing friend Ranidel De Ocampo. Last March 28, 2012, we had the chance to watch them live and I was able to have a picture with some of them. I can say that Dillinger is one of the most approachable of them all. Not only that, he is one of the most aggressive players as well.

I am so proud of what Jared has executed last night in their do or die 5th game for the semis. Without him in that game, I don’t think it is that possible for the TNT nation to get through the finals. Congrats Tropang Texters! Jared, you’re now one of my idols!!!

Lighting on Deals

As I am constantly visiting some of the on-line deals sight I am frequently seeing lately some of high power led lamps being sold with greater discount. Now I am becoming really very curious about the thing as most of them are saying that it helps save energy consumption. LED is becoming really more popular nowadays even in television or in projector screen. I am thinking now of changing all the lights in my house. I just would like to learn more about before doing so. If my renovation plan would continue this year then all the lighting will be replaced as well.

Friday SaLo-Salo

Have you had the chance to eat using banana leaves as your plate? Can you imagine a number of people eating all together in just one plate? Well, if you have not experienced it yet you will realized how fun-filled it would be most especially if you will do the eating with bare hands. It is highly recommended especially if you’re going to eat grilled fish with matching unripe mango with sauteed shrimp paste. Yum yum!

We did it during the Good Friday. Though it is ideal to fast or it should really be a fasting day we have at least lessen our way by doing it in a Filipino conventional way.

16th Month

It is our 16th month together and I wish we could stay longer together. Since today is an Easter Sunday we are on a vacation – vacation in a friend’s house just within our locale. How I wish we could be in Boracay or in Palawan in the next anniversaries to come. We would love to go out of town or even out of the countries to spend our special day together. But still we are thankful of wherever we may be our relationship is going very well – our love getting stronger as we have learned to live life and make it happier everyday.

Visita Iglesia 2012

Since last year, we have made a devotion to perform Visita Iglesia (Church Visit) every Maundy Thursday. So last April 5 we have decided to do it within nearby Cavite towns just the two of us. We started at Our Lady of Fatima in Binakayan, Kawit , Cavite. Afterwards, we headed to St. Mary Magdalene Parish in Poblacion, Kawit, Cavite. We proceeded to Holy Cross parish at Noveleta, Cavite then to Most Holy Rosary Parish in Rosario, Cavite where we had our first coffee. Next to it was the Holy Cross Parish in Tanza, Cavite also known as the St. Augustine Church. We moved towards Resurrection Parish in Julugan but we found no station of the cross when we get there so we decided to go instead to the Sto. Rosario Parish in Amaya, Tanza. Our last stop is at Sta. Clara, Chuch in Malabon, Gen. Trias, Cavite. Tiring as it may seems but this was the simplest form of sacrifice that we did for the Holy Week.