Sunday Mass & Sampaguita Garlands

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I am so glad that we are now consistently attending Sunday Masses. For me it is a picture of a family at peace – with members who never fail to thank the Lord no matter what the situation is. It is a dream come true for me though we can not be considered a perfect family but at least we are engaged to doing some right things. After the mass, I never forget to buy a kind of jasmine flowers (Sampaguita Garlands) for me to offer to our tiny altar at home. I wish there will some sort of diptyque sale as well but more so I am wishing that this activity of ours will continue as days pass by.

May 2012 CPA Board Examination Results

37.5% of the 5,315 examinees passed the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Board Examination this May 2012. Their names are as follows.

I am happy to share this as one of my closest friends name is included in the list – CASTILLO, ELSA BOBIER.

You may click on the link  below to see the full list of the examinees who have passed the test.

May 2012 CPA Board Exam Results

Congratulations everyone!

Happy Birthday Meia Girl!

the birthday girl

Meia is for May but moreso just hearing about her name you will instantly think about business. She’s the most business minded person I have ever met so far. You will admire her because of her ability and determination to provide for her family sometimes even more than her partner does. She is generous and very open minded about life. There are instances of feeling tired but that does not stop her from being dedicated just about anything.

Despite being very busy, I can say that she’s a badminton addict nowadays who even go out of town tournaments. While she is able to avail playbook buy some gadgets because she earns for herself, she is not the materialistic type of girl. Meia is indeed a wonderful woman, mother, daughter, niece, grand daughter, co-worker and friend.

Girl, I believe in your capability to survive the challenges of life. May all your dreams comes true. Happy Birthday! Mwah!

Mother’s Day Gift

I am not a gadget lover. You simply cannot rely on me in buying those electronic equipments unless it is a gift. Speaking of gifts, there’s this another surprising stuff given by my husband for Mother’s Day. A kind of stereo headphones manufactured by Philips (SHP2000). I guess it was especially designed for women as it is illustrated by its packaging. Compatible for personal computer and even television, this thing is lightweight and comfortable. It has fully adjustable headband and ear shells which provide excellent fit.

Thank you so much dadi. You have succesfully surprised me once more. With or without something like this, I love you.

Spice of Life

There is no relationship without a fight. That is one of those things that spice up a relationship. However, make every fight worth it. As some people would say you will not be able to enjoy and feel a sense of happiness if you do not experience things that would emphasize it like pain, hardship or difficulty. Being in a relationship is a challenge – a great challenge that will test your ability to handle matters of life just as to make things work, to keep it stronger, to make it longer and to simply maintain the flame of love and affection.

On the other hand, misunderstanding as one of the challenges must not remain. There have got to be an effort to always patch things up, an attempt to kiss and make up or to allot a room for forgiveness. Consider these challenges as an approach to learn and realize those issues which need to be spelled out.

Life is what we make it. Building good relationship gives life a value. Love binds a relationship. Simply put life is love.

Pride Behind Guilt

Indeed there is a reason for everything – whether we like it or not we just need to accept some things. Just as the recent defeat encountered by the TNT Nation. It is really hard to accept the fact that we lost despite the unstoppable effort. But what is more difficult to absorb is the obvious truth that there was something really dubious that transpired that’s why we are now at the losing end.

We are but very much convinced about the performance of Denzel Bowles, James Yap or whoever may be from the B-MEG Planet but there is such thing as conscience to consider. It may not be executed by anyone of them but it is hard to take pride behind guilt.

For me and for the rest of the Tropa – Talk ‘N Text will always be our Champion. Continue to play a clean game, we are just so proud of you guys. We love you!

Tremendous Effort

I just can’t forget how Jared has been showing tremendous effort just as for the team to recover during Game 5. I don’t know if he realizes how painful it will be just in case his bones would break because he is throwing his body like it was made up of stone.

I hope the rest of the Tropa will demonstrate the same determination as what Jared has shown in the past games. I do admire how Castro, Harvey, Fonacier, Williams, Peek, Carey, Reyes and the rest of the guys are working everytime they are on the court but how I wish Ranidel and Jimmy will be back this time from their notable vacation.

Let’s take home the sixth game Tropa! Show off your tremendous efforts while we pray.


It does not stand for the text messaging system, it is an acronym for our new maintenance contractor in the company. A lot of people actually wondered why the old team needs to be replaced. Is it because they are not capable of issuing something like contractor liability insurance?

City Service has been with the company ever since SE started operating here in the Philippines. And it is really sad to let go of their members because somehow employees have established good working relationship with them. Anyways, good luck to both of them – to City Service for the new company they will serve and for SMS hoping they will be able to surpass the quality of work City Service has shown.