First Day of School

Last June 13, 2012 was Coi’s official first school day. Just like any other excited parents I took a change shift just as to feel the pleasure of sending my son to school. I am very happy that I did not have a problem on him like any other kids who are crying. My son has really learned to become an independent child in his own little ways. He knows how to get along with his peers and I am really impressed about the comments that I got from his teacher who told me that he is a bright child. He is the kind of a fast-learner kid and he knows how to lead in his age. Really I am a proud momi. May he carry on his good deeds.

License Confiscation

Due to numerous road accidents, the Land Transportation Office is planning to confiscate the licenses of those abusive drivers who will be involved in an accident particularly those driving big public utility vehicles such as bus. If they have proper monitoring then maybe it would be effective but I think it is best if only we have the kind of rfid technology to collect and keep some data related to transportation incidences and the like. At least it would be of lesser hassle than maintaining a copy of some documents that may undergo wear and tear as time passes by.

Nanny Left

Coi’s fifth nanny if I am not mistaken just left and this time I am even more problematic thinking about how he would go to school without someone to send him to and fetch him back. Of course not just a companion to school is what he needs. Moreso, he should have a constant nanny at home somebody who will prepare his things and most especially his everyday meals. Someone who will maintain cleanliness at home. I hope to find a new one soon.

LCD Television

My monthly amortization for our LCD Television which I availed using my office mate’s credit card last October 2011 is about to end in the next four months or so. I think what I should buy next is a kind of vesa adapter for it as it is just resting on an old table until now. I have already thought of where it should be placed best and it is just under our staircase. Probably before the year ends we could also grab a kind of home theater to fully utilize the capabilities of our television. We have seen one in an appliance store few weeks back and I hope it will still be there when we finally decided to buy one.

Shakey’s V-League 2012

After enjoying some inter-community volleyball leagues our eyes have been stuck watching volleyball games over the television. There is this women volleyball league usually joined by some top colleges and universities around the country. If I am not mistaken it is the 9th season and for this conference I can say that it is more than exciting than the usual having Ateneo de Manila University and University of Santo Tomas battling for the championship title. I am for the Lady Eagles (AdMU) while my better half is on the side of the Lady Tigers (UST).
The final series was never an easy endeavor for both teams racing to win the first two out of the three games allotted. They tied up during the first two games and of course the last game was very tough. They even tied again in the first four sets and the last set has been the deciding factor. Lucky enough Lady Eagles took home the title. I was never wrong to admire the setter of the team because if not with her precise and smart toss there will never be a good attacker. The import was really of big help for them being the best blocker and defender of the team but I think it is their teamwork on top that brought them to victory. Till next time Lady Eagles. Go Ateneo! One Big Fight!

Disappointment in the Recent Pacquiao-Bradley Fight

Nothing can be more than disappointing than the unexpected defeat of our very own boxing champ Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. I guess all around the world was able to witness the partiality of the recent boxing championship in Las Vegas Nevada against Timothy Bradley. A lot of people really believe that it should have been Pacman whom should win the game. He was strong as if wearing a helmet ignoring every punches thrown towards him. Though he was not able to knock Bradley off still he earned the most points within the twelve rounds. It was sad indeed to realize that one of his titles has been taken away from him but a lot of people will never stop believing in the competence of Manny – he still is the Filipino Champion. May he continue to bring pride to the Philippines in the next fights to come.

Volleyball Leagues and New Friends

These past few weeks, my partner and I were very busy attending to some inter-community volleyball leagues. We get to know new set of friends with members all inclined to volleyball. They are fun to be with and we enjoy being with them as much as we do love to play the game. The girl’s team is dominant in fact they were able to win a championship game in one of the two entries that they had while they ended as a runner-up on the other. The boys on the other hand just took pleasure in the games that they played. It is great feeling to participate in an activity you really love to do but it is more fulfilling to know that you are able to gain friends from it.