Sweet Surprise

I was really surprised about the arrival of my best friend from Dubai. I did not know about the exact date of her coming which made me not able to ask her to avail of discount perfume for me. I miss the scent of Clinique Happy and also that of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea. But the good thing is that even though I was not able to ask for a specific item she still got something for us. She brought some bath & body lotion of different scent just perfect for our different personalities. Of course mine is really that of something with sweet smell.

TNT not on PBA Finals

It is indeed a sad end of a story for Talk ‘N Text as this time they were not able to make it to get through the finals. For several consecutive conferences that they were in, they even got the chance to take home some championship titles. Blame cannot just be thrown to their import as they perform better even without one but it could possibly be that injuries of the players can be one of the reasons why. But looking at the reality of life maybe it is on how their wheels are rolling at this point just like the ball which is always on its round shape we can simply accept the fact that this is not their moment.

Dolphy’s Death

photo credit to interaksyon.com

Dolphy is indeed more than just a Comedy King on screen. He has left an unforgettable mark in every Filipino’s heart through his laughable jokes and dialogues. He is a great man more so a great father to be considered despite having multiple wives. He has been very transparent about his status and has never been shameful of it. What is more important for him while he lives is on how he provides for his eighteen kids. That maybe is something a lot of husbands & wives can take from him to be a responsible parent no matter how complex the situation maybe. May you rest in peace Mang Pidol. Smile =)

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Don Allado’s Tweet

It is my first time to encounter an instance wherein someone has been penalized because of broadcasting an opinion through social media network like twitter. It was Don Allado who said that Philippine Basketball Association games are being fixed just because of a non-call executed by the referee during their game which made him believe that it was one of those major reasons why they did not win. I understand how he really wanted to release his emotions but then sometimes it is better to buy sony microphones and express our feelings and sentiments through music. Singing will not get you to pay for an amount equivalent to half a million pesos or so. But things have been done and can never be taken back. Apology is the next best way to patch things up.

Thousand Comments

It is indeed surprising to see the number of comments awaiting moderation in my WordPress dashboard which has a total of more than 1,000. It is very unusual and alarming at the same time. I know this patronage of my site is not genuine. It is a risk instead because it only means that a lot of hackers are trying to attack my site. Good thing I have an effective plug-in that blocks and filters these unlikely comments.

Room For Rent Hunting

I had the chance to roam around our the vicinity of our place when one of my office mate’s friends asked me to accompany in looking for a room for rent inside the subdivision. Though we were not able to encounter the best outdoor gazebo, I can say that there are a lot of house designs in there. There are simple, elegant, modern and some antique styles as well. If only I have enough of budget can also bring our home to the blueprint I have in my mind. Maybe not now but in the next few years to come, I will be able to accomplish this plan and be able to get hold the house of my dream.

Guitar Night

I can still remember the moment when my hubby’s guitar gone completely torn. I thought then that we would no longer be needing a guitar wall mount. But even though we lost our own guitar, I still had the chance to sing during our recent Team building when one of our office mates played one as part of the consequence he had to go through when we had the game “truth or consequence”. It was fun indeed specially that I am singing with my friends as we enjoy having few alcoholic drinks before we go to bed that night. It was one of the most remarkable experiences.