Hello USA!

I am just so glad about the favor God has given me today. I am glad my VISA application for the United States of America has been approved. I am glad that I finally broke the recent “denied” chain of employees in the company applying for the same. There were lots of people in the embassy, different people of different nationality. There are some wearing just their fashion, some looked like highly executive, some in their school uniforms while others wear like nurses scrubs. But there is one thing I have noticed, no matter how you appear physically things will never depend on that but on the justification you have brought with you to support your application.

Happy Birthday Bes!

This passed few days I have not been online or maybe I should say that I did not have the chance to visit my facebook site. However, I did not forget the birthday of my childhood best friend bulate. Never will I bes. We have been living far for many years now but the friendship I have with you is something I will always keep in me. I always wish for your happiness and may you have more years and chances to be happy. May God bless you as always, may you have a good health and may you find the right one for you. I love you bes. Take care. Mwuah!


Habagat is not a storm it is actually a southwest monsoon wind and this thing has brought so much of destruction recently to the Filipino people especially to those living in Luzon. It came with heavy rains along with flashing lightning and thunderstorms. I was some kind of frightened specially that we only have a thin window shield. With that I am thinking of looking for some curtains online which would fit the kind of windows that we have at home and of course something that is really thick enough to protect us from lightning sparks. I guess my problem is not as big as the rest of impacted Filipinos and I would like to extend my prayers for them.

New Motorcycle

After more than ten years of service, we are now able to put to rest our old motorcycle. We just have availed from a friend a purple yamaha mio sporty. It was acquired with assumption of three-year mortgage. Not that we do reject how our first motorcycle has served us but it is a good thing that at least we have an alternative if ever it malfunctions. Welcome purpy:)

Sin Tax

A lot of health advocates are promoting the Sin Tax Bill to be passed in the congress. It aims to raise the taxes for two of the major vices in the Philippines involving alcohol and cigarettes. According to the proponents since cigarettes are cheap and a lot of Filipinos can still afford then health cases relative to over consumption of it is rising accordingly. If the excise tax would be reformed then there would be a possibility for the Filipino consumer to regulate their intake of cigarettes and even alcohol. I guess some imported items like cohiba cigars will never be affected as it has been imposed with the appropriate tax rate ever since.

B-MEG Llamados Won

It is game five of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) finals and it was Rain or Shine Elasto Painters against B-MEG Llamados competing for the Championship trophy. It is a chance to let the balloons fall for the former while a do or die game for B-MEG. Before the game starts, I had this premonition that there will be another game after this and I am glad I was right. Though I am not an avid fan of the B-MEG Llamados as I am still for Talk ‘N Text Tropang Texters, I am just so happy that they were able to win the game.