Souvenir Gadget

I was long dreaming of possessing an external hard drive to save the tons of photos and music I have with me. And this was the very first thing that came to my mind when I thought of a souvenir gadget from my US travel aside from those custom computers. I am very happy that I was able to get hold of it right after my second day of work in Costa Mesa. We went to best buy store and grabbed a 1 terabyte Toshiba external hard drive. It is a black one equipped with 3.0 USB. I consider it as a birthday gift for myself.

Rainforest Cafe

Today I had my last lunch in Orange County. I was never wrong in choosing the venue which seemed really strange but interesting for me. As we started to walk inside the South Coast Plaza to look for a place to dine with, a certain spot caught my attention. I never thought that it was indeed a restaurant until my buddy told me so. It looks like a forest inside a mall where you can see robotic animals like elephants, gorillas, big birds and some aquariums full of different kind of fish. The place is so wonderful and so as the food. =)

Nice City to Live

People may or may not agree with me when I say that Costa Mesa is a perfect place to live. It maybe was my very first time to see a place like this but so far I could not think of a spot where there are beautiful beaches, nice weather, with quiet surroundings, close to Disneyland and basically a clean city. I wonder if Oak Island real estate has something to offer within the area. The cost of living is maybe high as compared to others but I guess it is worth the place. Someday given the chance I would love to move here.

Rovio to Launch a Game from the Piggies’ Point of View

That is correct, after several Angry Birds versions (Angry Birds Space being the latest release this year), including online ones, Rovio is about to launch a game that is just based on the Bird’s archenemies, the Bad Piggies.

to be fair, Bad Piggies is not an Angry Birs spin-off at all, since there’s no slingshot included neither you have to crush objects to pass the level

Yesterday, Yahoo Games manage nabbed the first footage that shows the gameplay. This time, you must create a vehicle with the different parts you are given at the beginning of each level and then manage to control your creation through the level until it reaches the goal in one piece (or just having lost a few along the way)

I’m pretty sure this game will do great, since any Angry Bird fan will feel it like it still has elements from Rovio’s greatest hit but with the right twist to not get the exact same gameplay.

Bad Piggies is Scheduled to launch on Septermber 27th, and initially, will only be available for iOS, Mac and Android users. Check out the gameplay in the video below.

By the way, if you are having a hard time getting 3 stars on any level of Angry Birds, you will find all 3 star video walkthroughs in

Disneyland Quartet

Yesterday, after we have been to California Adventure Park we went straight to the Disneyland. In the main street there was this four guys in the Market House who caught our attention which made us stop and watch them. They were singing with their awesome voices. Even without the aid of midi keyboard at musicians friend they blended really well. It was as if we were in a musical concert. But it was no doubt that Disney will surely hire people at its best because one of their objectives is to entertain people and make them feel really happy while they are in the happiest place on earth – Disneyland! Hope I can still come back there with my son. πŸ™‚

First Time – Big Time

In our lives there is always gonna be a first time. No matter how surprising your first time experience may be it still depends on how you take things up. And this first time stuff of mine is something that I will never be ashamed of and I will definitely cherish and treasure until the end of my life.

Yes, I do admit that it is my first time:

– to go out of the Philippines, which of course includes a first time for me to ride an international plane, to experience pretty tiring connecting flights, for my passport to get stamped, to be interviewed by an immigration officer which I thought must be really scary but it seemed to be just fine, to taste some food served in a plane, to watch some movies and listen to music while up in the sky, to feel really anxious about traveling alone;

– to get into one of the most-liked continents of the world, to witness some luxury cars ordinarily rolling down the streets which, to see a city that’s clean and quiet, to be in a road where there few instances of public transport in a day, to sleep in a king-sized bed alone, to pee and all that without the aid of a water-dipper;

-to literally live alone for quite several number of days, to get along with people in which I seem to be a total stranger as they basically share the same nationality and to be trusted by them, to falsely turn all my hankies into red because of my nose bleeding everyday, to see an office cafeteria with more than ten microwave ovens around and with free overflowing popcorn every Friday for employees to enjoy, to practice living like a well-off citizen with all things available just around the corner;

– to live a thousand miles away from my son, to miss my loved-ones really knowing that I cannot hug them as much as I want, to experience a number of sleepless nights due to time zone adjustments, to act like totally oblivious just as to confirm things out, to worry from afar even though I knew that I cannot be in control of things back home.

No matter how I emerge like an ignorant individual, how some people laugh at how I act I just don’t really care for as long as I don’t offend them with my deeds. I would like to see this thing in a different perspective – that I am lucky enough because not all people are given the same opportunity as what I enjoy now.

I really appreciate this occasion of my life especially my first time experience of attending a Sunday mass in Vietnamese Language and I know more than just anybody it is our Lord who has been generous enough to bless me with something really unforgettable like this. I consider this as a special birthday gift for me now that I am turning thirty (30) and will actually be celebrating my birthday in actual fact away from home. And I will always be glad to brag about this first time experience of mine which I regard as big time indeed. Super thanks to all my friends who never fail to make me feel that I am not alone even when I am, them who always remind me to enjoy my stay and those who have been the living instruments to make this travel a one huge reality. Missing you guys this much – I’ll be back soon and that’s for sure. What’s important for me is that, beyond all of these things I love my life in the Philippines and it is simply irreplaceable.

Dinner at the Rusty Pelican

photo courtesy of

It was my first night in the United States and I never thought I can still manage to go out right after I came in. Travelers usually got jet log but I was not. We went to do some grocery shopping and headed towards the Newport Beach for a dinner. We stopped by a seafood restaurant by the harbor named Rusty Pelican. I was supposed to order a wine but I did not want to feel uncomfortable and instead I just thought about a wine making kit. It was a good welcome experience for me. The food was great though I was not able to finish them as I am not used to large servings. I enjoyed it more when the band started to play. By the way it is located at 2735 W Coast Hwy, Newport Beach, CA 92663. If you are going to Costa Mesa then you better go and try it there at Rusty Pelican.

Shakey’s V-League Encounter

This picture is the one that completed my day when we watched the 2nd Conference of Shakey’s Volleyball League for Year 2012. They (AdMU) almost gave up and lose the game but their skills and capabilities of the Lady Eagles still came out in the end. The setter, Jem Ferrer is just so good in making the game plan while the front hitters coincided and gave all their might and their very best. Congratulations to you guys! Keep it up! I will always be your big fan. πŸ™‚