Sick and Tired

I am sick, literally sick. I am experiencing body pains, colds and fever. I want the world to know that I need rest, if only I can show it by putting on like a custom lapel pins for them to notice it. I almost do not want to get from bed but I don’t have a choice as I need to prepare my son for school. I also do not want to go to work but just the same I don’t have a choice as I have some deliverable. I am tired and I simply need a break so I can freshen myself up.

Nice Game

We did not win the game but we made sure that it was tough for them to get into the championship. Two straight sets with scores close the game was not easy indeed. Although I was not able to play longer than expected I was very happy for the team and I am sure they felt great as well. Ended as first runner up in place we were able to get medals individually and a cash prize amounting to P3,600. Not bad at least we have something for all of us to share. What to do with the money? Yet to be decided.

Championship Game

After all the struggles and hardships in playing some series of volleyball games in our company sports fest we are now heading towards the Championship title. Today is gonna be our first game of the twice to beat advantage for the Customer Care Center team. Admittedly, they have a stronger line up than ours but I guess we do have this courage more than their confidence. I hope we have something like dj table at musicians friend for the game later. So our supporters can cheer with the beat of the music. Hope we can still make it. Go Admin team!

Second Year

This day marks as our second year knowing each other better. October 08, 2010 when my husband got the courage to send me his first text message just saying hi and hello. I remember during those days I almost do not want to speak to him or maybe I was just really hesitant to do so. He was our volleyball coach then and I do have a boyfriend during that time. After two months, I never thought I will be able to express the same feelings that he has for me. December 08, 2010 when we became officially “us” along the seashore under some brightly shining stars of the night.

Make Over

I feel like I need some series of make over to make myself feel better. I feel like my hair has been extended and so I want to have it cut as I also miss my hair stylist and his shear holster. I also think I need some scalp treatment for the flakes on my head, a pedicure for my toenails, facial session for my face of course and a lot more stuffs. I also want a relaxing full body massage. I hope I can do all of this. I know it is possible especially if I will do these things one at a time.

Home Finally

Almost 12 midnight of September 30 we landed at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. This has made me feel relieved and happy knowing that I am finally home. Though it seems to be better to live in the United States, for me no matter how hard life may seems there is indeed no place like home. I still would want to grow old and die in the Philippines. There are a lot of things that I missed during my three weeks travel and I will take every opportunity to enjoy things here especially those moments with my family. I would love to eat galunggong again.