Xbox 720

My cousin has always been making my son envy of his Xbox video game console and so my son is always persuading me to buy him one. Good thing there is this one site which is helping me to decide. I have learned of the Xbox 720 and its detailed specifications. Xbox 720 has been given with a codename “Durango”. Its processor is expected to have four cores which is further subdivided into four logical cores. It will be released with Blu-Ray Disc drive for better graphical presentation and an SSD memory storage. This Xbox 720 is anticipated to be released on November 30, 2012.

Hubby’s Request

Just a year ago when my husband lost his guitar. I am sure it was very painful for him (aside from the fact on how it happened) for I know he loved that so much as much as he has loved music. For this upcoming Christmas he is requesting for a sort of replacement and I am thinking of getting him a kind of Fender American Vintage. Perhaps it will be one of the most significant and memorable gift he could ever have. Like every wife does, I want my husband to be happy so I would just have to save for it.

Happy Birthday Chichay!

Today is the birthday of my best friend from my very first employer. Her name is che, chitchay, chetchos, cherill whatever you can call her related to it but I am used to calling her tol. She is more like a sister to me. I remember how we jive on some music genre, how we understand each other and listen to our own life or working grievances shall I say. We have been through a lot of things. For more than four years , we have been really very close and we have established a strong bond together. Now, I am missing her so much and I hope I can get in touch with her again soon. Happy birthday tol! luv yah!

Live Band on our Friend’s Birthday

We just attended a friend’s birthday. He is actually one of our office mates and my husband’s choir mate in the church. We were invited to join them for dinner. For me it was really surprising when I saw the set-up of musical instruments in their back yard. I forgot that he also sings in a band and now he has his own set of instruments to play. I am not sure if I hear him right saying that he was able to avail of cheap allen heath at Musicians friend. I think he really has a feel of a good music.


It is payday indeed because my salary is allotted to pay for my current debts such as housing loan amortization and other fixed expenses. Instead of me feeling great about receiving my paycheck it appears to be the other way around for I know that the money will just have to slip through my fingers. The good side of it is the thought that if not fully extinguished at least I would be able to lessen my existing obligations. I guess it is a usual scenario for every working person unless you are earning more than enough to cover up the family’s expenses.

Kris Kringle Ideas

Last Sunday night, we had our last minute shopping as I suddenly thought about our exchange gift which asks for something weird or bizarre. I had a hard time getting one as it was really hard to look for a thing especially if it requires to be within the budget. We went to the department store and I initially picked something black but not really weird in sense. Until I stopped in a small stall which sells custom made t-shirts. Indeed I got a very good idea from it. It can fit to almost every category in our Kris Kringle be it weird, funny, useful, solemn or wild just like those magical t shirts that can be purchased on line.

Argumentative Me

I do not usually back out from arguments. For as long as I know I have a point in a certain discussion, I will not stop fighting for it. Just this morning I got a response about a request I made regarding my leave of absence and I have been replied with an excerpt from a certain policy. In things like this, I even have more guts to become a rebel in action. I will never stop until somebody gives me a solid starting point or basis of a statement more so if a thing implies a lot of meaning. I will be forcing you to explain it until it becomes acceptable or is fully understood not just by me but by the people around me.

Christmas Tree

My son always wanted to have a Christmas tree for the holidays as he is seeing something alike from our neighbor’s house. More than just some decorative moss balls, there are a lot of things that we need in order to beautify our home. If only we have the budget to support all the things we need then I will certainly rearrange everything to make it a place really worth to stay for the holiday season, not just Christmas Tree but also those colorful lanterns and flickering Christmas lights. More than anybody else it is the kids who appreciate Christmas.

23rd Month

It is not the salary which I am referring to but our relationship. We have gone through twenty three months of being together and hopefully it will last longer than expected. Ups and downs? I guess we were more like riding in a roller coaster where we even experienced to be moving upside down. Nothing is easy but as much as we could talk about things we certainly do it. It is important that we do understand each other after every quarrel be it some kind of big or small. There are instances when we want to give up but it is a good thing that we still manage to stay. Perhaps its love.

Mourning Doesn’t Stop

I am now back to work after three days of leave. It only means that I have lots of tasks lined up to accomplished and they actually piled up. Now it is not a Slow computer which I can use as a reason why my reports have been delayed but the lack of time to prepare them. Though I wanted more time to rest and recover, I just can’t do it. I even need to render extra day to work in which I will probably spend one Saturday for this. I know in time I will be able to get through this.

Goodbye Lola

We hardly prepared ourselves for this time to come. I thought it was easy but obviously it is not. It is indeed hard to let go of your loved ones especially that it is death who took her away. My grandmother finally bid goodbye. She has done so much to my life. She raised me up which brought me to who I am right now. I love my lola and I guess I did not fail to let her know that. I will always be thankful about all the things she has given me, for all the sacrifices and for all the difficulties she had bear. I so love you lola… May you rest in Peace…

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