Christmas 2012

We may not have enough of food set on our table or even gifts under our Christmas Tree, at least we are together as one family during the Christmas eve. I think that’s the true spirit of Christmas. What is important is that we were able to prepare for the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Christmas 2012 is simple yet very memorable for us and so now we are looking forward to preparing for the New Year 2013 even for 2014 Chinese New Year. Every occasion is worth celebrating. Every memories of fun and laughter are worth to be kept and remembered. Happy Holidays everyone!

Bike for Coi

Just the other day, my cousin’s wife sent me a text message asking me to start canvassing for macoi’s bicycle as this was their promise to my son for this Christmas. At first there was a condition for my son to become number one in class before he could be given a bike but they have decided to give it whether he is on top or not. I just wish we have a car to be installed with softride bike racks for his bike when it comes. I have requested my husband to start going to the bicycle stores and choose one that fits coi.

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Missing My Friends

We were supposed to meet up last week to celebrate our birthdays. Ours because it will be a one-time get together intended for our birthdays that passed for the year. Below are the dates:

Katrina – February 06
Dhalia – June 23
Maribeth – May 27
Mine – September 19
Leony – November 22
Jhoanna – December 03

Unlike before this year there were no celebrations that transpired. I was in the United States during my birthday. Dhalia and Katrina are also abroad. Beth and Jho are some kind of busy. Niko is currently having her third child in her womb. Sad cause I really miss them. I just wish one day we will be able to spare some time for ourselves.

2012 Christmas Shopping

Somehow I have started shopping for Christmas and this includes some gifts I can give to my cousins, nephews and nieces, uncles and aunts back in the province. As for my friends and office mates I was thinking of getting something like water polo gifts for them. I have also prepared some stuffs for my brothers and sisters. My husband gathered some of his unused clothes and I am starting to wrap them up and these things were intended for some of our relatives also sitting back in our hometown. I hope this could be something really helpful for them. It may not be expensive but just like the common notion “it’s the thought that counts”.

December 1st

Merry Christmas everyone, simply because December has started. It only means that we are a few days away from Christmas. For this year, I am not expecting a fully-loaded one but just a thing enough for celebration. Whether there are plenty of food on the table or just a few slices of bread what is important is on how we remember that birth of our Lord. Even without an item wrapped to open the greatest gift above all is the love that we can give to our family , friends, neighbors, colleagues and to the rest of the people around us.