Coconut Pudding

One of my favorite desserts is the coconut commonly known as “Maja Blanca”. I just can’t stop myself eating one every time it is served in our company cafeteria and this is what made me curious about how it is being cooked. I remember when my grandma was still alive she has attempted to prepare this dessert and that turned out to be just right. One of my aunts usually cook the same for every occasion. In the next few days I will try it myself and I will have the same tried by my office mates so I would know if it would pass their taste buds.

UAAP Finals

The UAAP (University Athletic Association of the Philippines) women’s volleyball finals is about to start on Mar. 02, 2013 and I am one of those excited fanatics who would want to witness the winning team of the 75th Season. For sure the drum and lyre bands of each competing universities will be there with their best glockenspiel as one of the instruments. Still I will cheer for the green team not only because it is my favorite color but also because I really wanted to be a part of that institution. Hope I can take my MBA (Master in Business Administration) course in the De La Salle University.

Food Business

Contrary to my performance at work I have gained a lot of unexpected compliments when it comes to cooking. They say that I have this talent of sufficing their hunger with real satisfaction of their taste buds. With that I am trying to consider the idea. Maybe it is indeed a good fallback if ever I decide to resign from work. What will be my regular menu? Will it be for breakfast, lunch or snacks? I will try to think about it first. I love to cook and it is important to enjoy things and earn from it. Any business name suggestions? =)

Techie Blog Coming Soon

I am planning to reactivate one of my blogs which concentrates on new technology and gadgets. I am trying to share just about any latest developments be it on analog or digital world. Mobile gadgets, appliances and even some personal collections such as tag heuer aquaracer can be a subject of each and every article. I guess it will be more in demand than the rest as a lot of people are basically interested just about anything that is new and on trend. It can also talk about on-line stuffs, social and gaming networks, net selling and a lot more. I just hope it can be accepted in the earliest possible time.

Dadi’s Birthday Celebration

Yesterday we had a simple celebration of daddy’s birthday at home. As expected there were food sets on the table. I prepared the usual chicken and vegetable soup, a whole fried chicken and a traditional pasta while hubby cooked “pulutan” like “adobong tahong” and sisig. Three of his friends came over aside from my uncle’s family. His friend brought some cake just right for dessert and we had like sago-gulaman as our all-time favorite drink. Somehow it was frustrating as we did not have the time to attend mass but at least we were able to celebrate the day with fun while watching basketball games in the television followed by a romantic movie.

Valentines Day Jam

Just like what I usually do when we were hanging out before I am singing with the band. More than just a good PRS and a not so good voice is the ability to face a lot of people in front of you which I call courage and confidence. This afternoon I was not able to stop myself, instead I gave up for my friends who were pushing me to get up on stage and perform with the band. I know I feel a bit of nervousness but its manageable and so I sing my all time favorite song “Tattooed on my Mind”. I may not be a good singer but its enough to hear those hand clapping for you,

PBA Conference Starts Again

Yesterday marks the day of the beginning of another Philippine Basketball Association conference now with import player for each team. Other groups which were not able to showcase much of their players capability may be able to excel this time of course with the help of a foreign player. I just hope that Talk ‘N Text have gotten the right man for them somebody who will oppose and defend them even just against his co-import.
Good luck to each and every team as well as to the players of the PBA. May they continue to entertain people with this exciting sport.

Coi & Cough

My son is going in and out in the hospital almost every other day this week for medical check up since I was worried very much as a mother on the progress of his cough medication. he has been given several kinds of antibiotics and anti-cough medicines but so far the first prescription is still the effective syrup for him. I almost get myself use to the hospital surroundings especially on the emergency room area and it makes me almost want to ask the hospital attendant about what is a spirometer. But of course given the chance I do not want to go back there as I always want my son to be in good shape.