X-Men Weekend

I did insist hubby to stay at home aside from he was expecting somebody I just wanted to be home for the weekend. There are a lot of things to do to at home to make the day worthwhile for the family. And so we just decided to have some sort of movie marathon and X-Men have become our choice.
I wonder how it feels to be a mutant. What if the same school for the gifted youngsters exists in this world? Who might be the one to handle them? Could it be managed well to maintain peace and order?


Ghostwriting is a silent profession. Silent because being a ghost writer you are writing for someone else’s identity it could be another people’s on-line blog or a paper magazine. Your name can never be published as it is as if you have provided your thoughts to the one you have worked for. Standard rate in the Philippines is at $1 per 100 words usually in English Language or as counted by the Microsoft Word or even manual counting. It is a noble job. You just have to look for prospective customers and you must be hard working enough to provide the writings as required from you.

Bedroom Construction

Due to the heat of the summer, my plans have changed suddenly. I am now looking forward for the construction of our bedroom – the master’s bedroom and our son’s room too. This way we will be able to pursue on the air-con installation. Along with it I would like to have some built-in cabinets to save space and also something like Full extension drawer slides. The kitchen will go behind the plans as well as the back door extension as we just need to resolve the current problem of conquering the high-temperature weather. I just hope the budget would permit us.

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Show Time

The noon time show of ABS-CBN really entertains me a lot. Each segment of the show makes me smile at any instance. Vice Ganda being the main host is really great in making the people laugh. Some of the television viewers has considered the show as the best medicine where bunch of laughter are produced every time they watch the show. The good thing about it is the way it makes the people happy – it is the natural means of bringing a fine laugh and not because of money. It could be considered though but not as extreme as other show gave just as to invite people to watch the show.

Balkman’s Attitude

Basketball is a game and though it is a physical activity it does not purports to hurt anybody. The players are looked up into and being idolized by many. But what Renaldo Balkman has showed during the Petron-Alaska game last March 08, 2013 is definitely a turning off incidence. This is when he threw Tubid away and choked Arwind Santos when the two attempted to stopped him from nagging with one of the referees. It is possible that because of what has transpired will reject Balkman as the import of Petron Blazers. His being a NBA (National Basketball Association) player might not retain him. This thing doesn’t need a kind of auto lifts to be fixed. He should have shown the true character of being a model sportsman.

New Pope – Pope Francis I

We have a pope (Habemas Papam)! He was elected after swift five votes in a conclave of 115 cardinals around the world. His real name is Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio and now he goes by the name of Pope Francis I. He is from Argentina. He came second to Pope Benedict XVI during the last conclave held eight years ago. He is said to be greatly conservative whom opposing the gay-marriage laws. He is an advocate of the poor and has a high regard to family. He is the first pope from non-European and from a developing country as well. Let us always pray for him that he may be guided by the Holy Spirit in just about anything he does for our church.


The University Athletic Association of the Philippines Men’s Volleyball Finals has been carried out with a race to three games. The two competing teams are the FEU (Far Eastern University) Tamaraws who has been the defending champion and a 26th time title holder and the NU (National University) Bulldogs a dreamer for the first volleyball championship title. The first game has been taken by the Bulldogs then the Tamaraws got the second and so the last game is a deciding one.

The third game is but the toughest fight for both since there would be no tomorrow for the players. Game teasers maybe are part of the game but it still good to have that humility a player might possess. The bulldogs have shown their hunger enough for them to bag the first trophy during the fourth set in the third game. Too much confidence and complacency have been portrayed by the Tamaraws – these characters have brought them to tears.


After two games the University Athletic Association of the Philippines Women’s Volleyball Finals has ended before time. The De La Salle University (DLSU) Lady Spikers was able to take home the title for the third consecutive time snatching it from the Ateneo de Manila (AdMU) Lady Blue Eagles with three straight sets on the second game. It was expected though since the green team has a younger and more aggressive set of players and it has become more evident when three of their players were considered as the most valuable players of the season and of the finals as well. The Lady eagles might need some sort of promotional stress relievers as they were not able to pick up the pieces for the second time around even with the best setter of the season in their team.

Surprise on our 27th Month

I intended not to greet my husband since he really does not like to be given with well wishes ahead. If I did he will not exert effort for the special day. Since I did not throw him the first greetings I was in anticipation of something from him but I did get something for him as a gift. It maybe is really simple in its sense but still it is the thought that counts. And so when we get home he told me that he was suppose to buy me flowers as he usually does but since he can no longer locate the store where he always avail of one he just said that he was sorry about it. That instance stopped me to think that I would be receiving a thing from him. I was about to change my clothes when I saw a paper bag hanging on the knob of my closet then I saw a denim mini skirt inside the bag and a dedication outside saying “Mami, Happy 27th Monthsary”.

It was touching for me never really expecting anything but that did not end there he came upstairs offering me a glass of water but it was already half filled when it was handed to me. I am about to return the almost emptied glass to him while telling him “you offered me water but it was you who drunk it” when suddenly I heard a sound from the glass and so I noticed that something was inside. When I looked into it, I realized that it was a ring – a silver infinity ring which he let me wore (though it doesn’t fit my ring finger). What my husband did really surprised me and I can say that it was an effective attempt.

Infinity Ring

Me and my husband were fanatics of the “kapamilya teleserye “ entitled “Walang Hanggan” with characters mainly portrayed by Coco Martin and Julia Montes. Their love story is being symbolized by a ring with an infinity design and so it was termed as infinity ring. The title itself is a Filipino translation of the word infinity. This ring is a type we are eyeing to own. It may not be considered as a wedding band but at least it is a kind of couple’s ring. I almost own one but since it does not fit me it has to be replaced with a bigger size. It was just a silver ring but hopefully we can grab a pair of a precious jewel with the same design. I do hope that my friend’s jeweler has it.