Wanting to Learn More About Music

A friend of mine who is a talented musician has all these instruments and gadgets at home which somehow makes it look like a museum. It is quite fascinating to say the least. I like going there because I get to learn so much about music and other stuff associated with it. Among all the instruments that he plays, his favorite is the guitar. He has several cheap shadow pickups which are designed to give a truly authentic acoustic guitar sound. My friend tells me that they are easy to install which makes it one of the most user friendly pickups on the market.

Modern Monitor Stand

My job entails me to be infront of the computer for long hours. This means having to endure eye strain and body aches just so I can finish my deadlines. It is really hard so I am thinking of buying a more sophisticated monitor stand so that I won’t strain too much to look at the screen. This will definitely improve my ergonomic viewing angle and places my monitor at a comfortable viewing height and thus help prevent neck strain. Furthermore, I want something that will support up to 80 lbs. and elevate my monitor to maximize workspace. It also has to be adjustable for optimal viewing angle.

The Best Tools Only From Reid Supply

I do not know much about hardware tools but what I know is that if you need high quality tools, you should buy it from Reid Supply. This industrial products distribution company serves manufacturers and machine builders in 60 countries with the best in Knobs, Handles, Clamps, Tooling Components, Fasteners, Leveling Pads and many more. Among their goals is to serve customers better than anyone else in the business, leverage technology throughout the organization to improve productivity, and have a work ambiance that is worthwhile and enjoyable. Customers can check out their awesome 900 page, full color industrial products catalog to see for themselves how great the company is.

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Oklahoma Tornado Kills Dozens

A giant tornado killed at least 51 people and injured dozens more as it tore through the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore Monday afternoon. The twister flattened homes, flinged cars through the air and stacked them on top of each other, burnt several structures, and crushed at least two schools full of children. Authorities said that many people are still trapped and rescue workers were having a hard time making their way through the streets because of debris. The destruction spread over a wide area with homes and businesses devastated. The storm system continued to swirl through the region on Monday afternoon, and forecasters warned that new tornadoes could form.

Earthquake Hits Chile

A magnitude 6.8 earthquake struck off the coast of Southern Chile on Monday according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The powerful quake was centered about 626 kilometers (388 mi) west of Puerto Aisen, Chile. Chilean officials said it was not felt on land and discarded the possibility that it might unleash a tsunami. The quake was recorded at 5:49 a.m. local time, Monday. There were no instantaneous reports of injuries or damage. A 2010, magnitude 8.8 earthquake and the tsunami it released killed more than 500 people and destroyed thousands of structures. The strongest earthquake ever recorded, a magnitude 9.5 in 1960, also happened in Chile.

Right Pool Pump for You

If you have a swimming pool it’s not enough that you just swim on it. You should also familiarize yourself with how it works. At the heart of the circulation system is the pool pump which drives the water so it can be heated, filtered, treated with chemicals, mixed with air bubbles etc. To be able to select the right pump for a pool, you have to acquaint yourself with the recirculation system to know the size of the pump that you’ll need. You’re gonna have to figure out how much water you want to move, how fast and far you want to move it and how much opposition you’re going to meet along the way. There are many discount pool pumps available in various online stores.

North Korea Fires More Missiles

North Korea has once again threatened the South by firing more projectiles into the sea off its east coast on Monday. They have already fired three projectiles last Saturday and fired a fourth one on Sunday. The short-range launches have not so far caused major concern in Seoul or Washington. North Korea has said that these launches are a regular military exercise. South Korea has issued a statement saying that the North “should not engage in tension creating acts”. Last week, Pyongyang criticized the presence of a U.S. nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in a South Korean port and its reported participation in joint naval drills.