Five Years Ago

554047_10151203229155900_1921183649_nIt was five years ago when I suddenly lose the motivation to go to work. Though I am aware that I may pop up anytime I just didn’t feel working that day and so I just stayed at home. During the night around 8pm 23rd of June when my water bag broke unexpectedly. My aunt started to scout for somebody who can take me to the hospital at that very moment. In the hospital, the labor pain started which lasted for almost twenty-three hours until I finally signed a waiver allowing my Obstetrician-Gynecologist to cut my tummy instead. Few minutes passed, at 7 o’clock in the evening when my son John Marcus Adrian finally came out. I never had any regrets of bearing him for nine months inside my womb and I can even say that the experience is indeed one of the joys of being a mother. Happy 5th birthday coi-coi! You know how momi loves you so much.

Gift for my Son

My son is turning five (5) on June 24 and I am thinking of something to give him. If only he knew how to play like an exceptional classical guitars at musicians friend then I would not have a problem giving him one since he is into music as well. However, he was asking for a gadget lately, a tablet for him to play games with. But I am actually having second thought on this as it my disturb him in his studies. I still have three days to think about it further. I want to surprise him and give him a happy birthday indeed.

Sad about JD

I can’t stop myself from feeling so down about the trade of Jared Dillinger. I want him on Talk ‘N Text rather than on any other PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) teams. But I guess their decision must be respected. It must be part of his punishment. I just hope that he still have the usual might in playing basketball and do hope as well that he would still stand out being one of the best defensive players even in Meralco. Still wishing the better for my Idol. Anyways, I am still willing to support you just don’t be a part of Ginebra because I might think twice on that. πŸ™‚

Some Information About Guitar Amplifiers

If you are a guitar enthusiast you probably know a lot of facts about the guitar including all its parts and the gadgets or devices that go with it, such as amplifiers. There are two main configurations of guitar amplifiers namely combination and stand alone. Combination amplifiers include an amplifier and anywhere from one to four speakers in a single cabinet while stand alone amplifier does not include a speaker but passes the signal to a separate speaker cab. There are many online music stores where you can buy guitar amplifiers from popular brands such as swr amp, Fender, Gibson, Roland, Rhino, Yamaha, Soldano, Bogner etc.

Back to School

Today is my son’s first day in his Kinder 2 class. He was very excited to go back to school and meet new friends. I just hope that this time he gets more mature about life while he also enjoys being a kid. I know this will be a new and different environment for him but I do wish that it can help him to become a better person. All of the things he need were appropriately set and I guess he is more than ready. May the Lord continue to bless us so we can provide everything he might be asking in the days to come.