Crying Lady

I never imagined that three days before my birthday I will be crying again. It was not an ordinary crying moment. It hurts me a lot that brought me into so much tears and sleepless night. I feel so much devastated thinking about what might happen next to an unsuccessful relationship. I know I should not just give up on this even though I would need to come to office wearing a kind of shades or just a cheap glasses to conceal my swollen eyes due to too much crying. I hope and pray that this depressing instance would soon pass.

My Top 3 Cherry Mobile Picks from Lazada

I was never a gadget lover until I bumped into something while I was doing my favorite thing on-line – surfing. Then I turned out to be so much interested on the products being offered and shown by Lazada Philippines.

During the present times, mobile phones as well as some mobile devices has become the needs (and not just wants) of the people especially here in the Philippines being one of the countries with multimillion users of such.

Cherry Mobile has caught my attention to a great extent. This brand which is becoming more and more popular due to its products at affordable prices and with world-class quality. With this I would like to share my Top and personal choices.

Cherry Mobile D11 Mini

Without sacrificing the basic functionality of a mobile phone (call and text messaging) and with great emphasis on its petite size and low price my third pick is for my son and its the Cherry Mobile D11 Mini. It is Dual Sim Phone with Multimedia Player, FM Radio and Camera. I guess it is something he can bring to the school (without worrying about as significant account of money which might get lost) to keep our family communication open.

Omega HD 2.0

My second choice would be for myself and it will be the white version of Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0 4GB Android 4.2 Dual SIM. With price far less than 10KPHP, I guess its features as stated below are all worth it.

Android 4.2 (Jellybean)
5″ Capacitive IPS HD touchscreen
Scratch-resistant Dragontail cover glass
1.2GHz Quad-Core Processor, 1GB of RAM
Enhanced SGXS3 GPU
Main Camera: 12.0MP with LED flash and Backside Illumination (BSI)
Front Camera: 2.0MP with BSI
Dual SIM/Dual Standby
4GB Internal, microSD up to 32GB
Battery: 2000mAh

And at the top of my list will be Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Tablet and this one will surely be enjoyed by my son as he has always been wishing for a gaming gadget. With price less than 5KPHP, I guess it is more than practical. Obviously, my blogging activity will also benefit from it with its Wi-Fi ready feature, I can always turn into my favorite Social Media sites to promote my craft.

Fusion Bolt Tablet

I am just so happy that there’s something like Lazada which offers good deals in its products!

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Birthday Gift for Me

Nine more days to go and it’s gonna be my 31st birthday. The last set of numbers to appear in the calendar. I am thinking of what I could probably give myself for my special day. One of my options is to grab a pair of earrings again from my office mate who sells a retail and wholesale jewelry accessories. It could be genuine white or yellow golds and diamonds not to mention other precious stones designs or some silver accessories as well. If I were to choose I want it to be significant and memorable enough but not necessarily that pricey. Just something that would fit my budget. I guess a sapphire set of earrings would do since it represents my birth stone. Why not? =)

Sports Coaching

Coaching is not just about the theoretical knowledge about a certain sports; most of the time practical applications and experiences help a lot in order to share the best practices to a team. Depending on the case and situation, a coach must know how to throw the best possible solution to win a game. It’s not just on the tactics and strategies but lifting the morale of your players and giving them encouragement are just some of the important responsibilities of being a coach. Trust is but a given attitude but as a coach you need to identify the objective of playing which is most of the time about winning the game.