Sliding Patio Door Lock

Full-length sliding patio doors are usually found in homes with outdoor upper level decks and ground level patios. Most sliding doors are equipped to transition horizontally back and forth. The door panels allow for easy access to the outdoors and provide a large open space from inside and outside of the home. Most sliding doors have levers that can be easily switched to lock and unlock the glass door.

Although most of the latest sliding doors contain storm windows with a strong resistance to harsh weather temperatures, securing the doors and windows to your home provides an extra layer of comfort for the home. For a sliding patio door, adding a secure lock protects the home from intruders by preventing the door panels from being pried open.

A security lock that contains a deadbolt lock provides maximum security for sliding doors. The lock can only be opened from the inside of the home. Crossbar locks are easy to install, and they are designed with strong metals that extend from each end of a horizontal sliding patio door. You can shop for these types of door and window locks at various home improvement companies and glass and window companies, like Wedgit Locks.

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Losing Interest

These past few days, I felt really down and losing interest over a lot of things. Suddenly I don’t feel going to work, suddenly I don’t want to play volleyball anymore, suddenly I just wanted to sleep all day. Clueless about what’s happening, I just feel burdensome and as if all blame is on me. Is it just a state of mind or it is a reality of life? Seems like I wanna escape on it. But of course I ain’t losing faith Above. Still I am thankful for all the blessings that I have especially for having a wonderful son.

Christmas Flood

If everyday I would see a long list in my assignments tab, I will no longer complain about getting lack of sleep every night. I guess this is the first time that I was able to receive writing jobs as many as this and I am so thankful. It is like a flood on Christmas, flood of blessings from Above.

I hope this will not be the last time. I promise to be more industrious in sharing my thoughts if everyday would be just the same as this. Thanks to Sheriff and to the team that gave me the chance to celebrate Christmas with ease and more happiness.

Happy Three Years

We started celebrating yesterday and yes it is our third year together. I wish there is Motion detection Camera to record all the happenings and the happiness that we’ve shared.

Our first day was spent in Island Cove where we did tour on the Animal Island saw different species and even tried feeding a Crocodile. After that we enjoyed the cool water in the Oceania till dusk. On our way home we stopped by a restaurant and munched on some Crispy Pata.

On the main event, we attended mass went to the grocery after and had brunch out. In the afternoon, we let the children play alone or I’d rather say we took some time alone and watched movie, exchanged gifts and decided to have dinner at home.

Generally, it was all fun. At least we had it celebrated the simplest way where we were both satisfied.


Leadership is not always talking about an individual on top who speaks and decides for a certain organization. Sometimes it requires the collaborative minds and efforts of a group or a team which also means that it depends on the situation which you can also termed as Situational Leadership. What is important about leadership is to live by the authority, responsibility and accountability as vested or earned by the leader. It requires the element of trust built with strong foundation of character and competence. These are just some of the things learned during the two leadership seminars (Department and Cooperative) I’ve attended.

Trust and Pity

Just yesterday when one of my office mates learned that their vacated house has been ransacked. All the things that they’ve left in there were taken by the robber whom at first they have no clue about. Until the police came in and started the investigation. The door was not damaged at all and the one who has done it did not need any tools which he might get from a shop. This is what has given the police the idea that the suspect was somebody who can get in and out of the house before. Someone who knew the place far better than a total stranger. With all the characteristics as mentioned the alleged man seemed to be their former driver whom their family have trusted very well. They even gave enough of pity to the man since he has no regular job to support his family and it is just so painful to know that the one whom you have treated good and right will be able to do the thing to you. It is just so hard to give away even just a pinch of trust to anybody these days. Sometimes even your closest friends and relatives can execute something that can aggravate you and it is just so sad to realize.

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Paul Walker’s Death

This day marks the next tragic incident after Yolanda’s attack. The death of the Fast and the Furious superstar saddened the whole world. More so that he died after attending a charitable activity intended for the victims of the super typhoon Yolanda or Haiyan as it is named globally. At least he died at his best but still people are really frustrated especially that they are expecting for the coming of his next Fast and the Furious movie. And now almost everybody is guessing on how the story will be redirected. Whatever the outcome will be I just pray that PW will rest in peace.

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