New Family Member


Just this morning I made an adoption, adoption I have been dreaming of for quite some time now. I am just so glad it came true during this last day of January.

I went to Baclaran just to buy this holy figure of baby Jesus – Sto. Nino. In less than two (2) hours, I was able to bring him home. Now Coi has his new baby brother and friend. Someone who may not be able to play with him but surely will pray with him.

I just hope that our home will be blessed and this we pray in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

La Traviesa

More than three years ago when I had the chance to see the beauty of this private resort named La Traviesa with my office mate and just a few days back when me and my college friends spent a day of relaxation and bonding in the same hotel.

The place does not seem to be so extra special but the good thing about it for me is that there is where we have built some of those fun and special moments with some of the special people in my life. We might go back there hopefully in some other time.

TNT vs Ginebra

Our first PBA encounter for this year happened yesterday and as usual it was a match between Talk n’ Text and Ginebra. But of course it is the Tropang texters that we are supporting. The game though non-bearing for Ginebra is still worth watching and the coliseum almost reach its full capacity.

pba 2014

More than the chauvet led blacklight are the eyes of the TNT fans glowing in delight as they witness the texters go ahead of the barangay in scoring.

I consider us as lucky charm since we never had losing experience watching live for TnT so far. But of course it would be happier to see them win every time they play with or without our presence.

Points to Consider in Blog and Website Creation

1) Choose a title for your blog

Picking a name for your blog is like choosing a name for your baby or for your pet. It is important that it has personal relevance so it will be equally significant to other things that you own and care for. Base your blog on your personal interests. Your blog must be something that you can expand and develop according to your personal well being simply because you really have a heart for it. Think of a catchy name, something that is short and easy to remember. Consider your target audience.

2) Select a platform.

There are a lot of free platform to choose for your blog. Look for one that is user-friendly so you can gain personal confidence in building your blog site. If you have existing blogging friends then you may also want to solicit their opinion to help you decide on which one fits you better.

3) Purchase a domain.

To fully personalize your blog and website, it is recommended to have your own domain. There are a lot of on-line stores offering domains at an affordable price. You can choose from different domain extensions other than the usual “.com” but make sure to check the initial amount to be as well as the price of renewals. Some unique extensions have more costly renewal price than the ordinary ones.

4) Decide on your host.

When you got a domain you will need to have a host and it is up to you whether you will avail it from where you have set-up your blog or from the domain provider or from an independent hosting services supplier.

5) Install your blog.

When you have chosen about the title, selected the platform, purchased your domain and decided on your host you may now have your blog installed. If you’re a novice blogger and you might have difficulty in doing so, you may ask your hosting service provider if they can do the thing for you. Once you already have the username and password you can now start sharing your thoughts and writing your piece.

6) Add a theme.

After everything has been set, this is the fun part of finally creating your website – adding the theme of your choice. You can also ask a website developer to create one from the designs you that you have in mind.

Now you can start displaying your personal website you can be proud of. Don’t forget to promote your blogs in the social media by posting the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) on your timeline.

You may also would like to attend something like a Virtual Staff Entrepreneur Program to help you better on your website development.

If you are thinking of ways to earn further on-line or become a virtual assistant you may want to visit which will give you more tips in doing so.

Junior Savers Club

As one of the saving and investment plans set at the start of year 2014, I am now preparing for my son’s bank account opening. I already inquired about the requirements and it is listed as follows:

School ID
1×1 photo of the child
Original and a copy of birth certificate
Two (2) Valid IDs of parent
Parent’s 1×1 photo

Junior Savers

This is open for children with ages 12 years and younger for as long as they hold a Valid ID. I hope it can be done within the next two weeks before the month ended.

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I Have Three Dogs

I used to house two dogs in our house in the subdivision till we transferred in mid 2013 and I had to give our female dog named pechay to my aunt. Recently when my in-law’s dogs gave birth to five (5) puppies and there we adopted two (2) from them. So no now we are caring for a dog plus two puppies. I make sure they always have something to eat so I bring with me a container everyday for dog food I am collecting from the canteen. I wish they could have something like aSporting Dog Pro equipment. I am such a pet or rather a dog lover. 🙂

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Investment for 2014

For this new year, I have planned to invest and I just had it started. Other than the several coin banks that we have at home I just added some amounts to my share capital in the cooperative. I have also started to venture in some small businesses for profit. Apart from it, I am also planning to open a bank account for my son so his money will be secured and steady. I just hope that this will all materialize and prosper accordingly.

Welcoming 2014

This time is something different as we have celebrated new year in a new environment. We are now in our rented house within the compound owned by my husband’s clan. Unlike the previous New Year we now have guests who shared fun with us. We have few firecrackers and fireworks which were tiny as if coming from the hole of these cmm plates. Instead of the usual pasta served, this time it is a Chinese noodles that me and my in-law prepared. We also had a few shots of hard drinks and beers as we welcome the year 2014. Here’s wishing for God’s blessing and guidance all throughout the year and the years after.