Housing Loan Restructuring

I’ve been paying for the my mortgaged house since year 2009 and upon checking the balance of my loan it is as if nothing has been deducted to the principal amount simply because all that I have paid went directly to the interest. Now I am planning to request for a restructuring of the loan where I would be paying a certain amount and would eventually request to shorten the terms. I have already sent an email inquiry regarding the same asking for advice, I just hope the process is never that tough to undertake.

Moving on, Moving in

I have decided that we will be moving in another place regardless if we will be able to work things out or not. I hope it is as easy as operating a cool behringer xenyx x1204usb 12-channel mixer but it is not. More than just the money, time and effort it involves emotions. This could mean a huge adjustment but I guess this is the right thing to do – to resolve the issues and to avoid further conflicts. We may have gone through a lot of pain and hardships but these will not stop if nobody would give way to a change. We need to change ourselves, we need to change our ways. With or without each other, I know we can move on.

All-Filipino Semis : Manila Classico

I am not really a fanatic of the San Mig Coffee Mixers but the All Filipino Conference pushed me to become an interim cheerer of the team. Simply because my mainly supported Tropang Texters was put to rest after the quarter finals. It is also because the opponent of the mixers happened to be the least team in my list (for me alone). Now I was able to absorb why this rivalry has been termed as the Manila Classico. Indeed there are millions of supporters for both teams. I am just so happy that the rumors having the game scripted in favor of Barangay Ginebra did not materialize. The coffee mixers paved its way to the finals after the seventh game and is now playing against the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters.

38th Month

All of a sudden our need for a kind of vox amplug metal headphone amp at guitar center disappeared. This day though our 38th month of being together does not seem to be worthy of a celebration. It has been a week of quarrel and I still have no clue of there is still a way for us to patch things up and reconcile. We have not talked about things yet and nobody seems to be ready about expressing feelings relative to it. I am maybe on the denial stage and those instances when I see myself being pulled apart again but I am hoping that this would be fixed even not to the point of pursuing our love story. πŸ™