It’s not about New York City’s Fire Department but about my son and myself whom can be regarded as french fries fanatics. We are one of those frequent customers of those fast foods and restaurants offering this on their menu. Last January 19, 2014, during the day when we watched the PBA game (TNT vs GIN) we were able to try NYFD (New York Fries and Dips) based inside the Big Dome (Araneta Coliseum). For me it has the best french fries so far with it’s not so salty taste made better with variety of dips. If I would be asked to rate it, I would probably give it five (5) stars.


Other than the selection of wedding rings it really amazes me seeing longer lines in some J. Co Doughnut store. I am sure everybody who also sees such become curious as I am imagining how good the taste of these round or ring like flavored bread is. I guess I had repeatedly tries and tasted them but for me it almost did not meet my expectation (this is just my personal opinion). Probably because I am or rather I have a sweet tooth and so as my son that’s why it does not have that much of appeal to us. On the contrary, some of my friends and office mates love it.