Visita Iglesia 2014

It’s been four (4) years since we do our first Visita Iglesia together with my hubby’s motoring (driving motorcycle) friends. There’s not much of a difference on how we did it this time except that we were doing this thing alone (just the two of us) since year 2012. We went through the same route starting our first station at St. Jude Parish in the town of Trece Martires Cavite followed by the churches at Indang, Mendez, Silang, La Sallette (in Silang as well), SM Dasma (afront), Dasmarinas Town proper , Imus, San Miguel Parish (Kawit), St. Mary Magdalene (Kawit too), Panamitan (a chapel in Kawit – a new addition to our itinerary), Noveleta, Rosario and ended it up at our own town (cu rrently) in Tanza.

It makes me wonder how we finished it a little earlier this time, could it be because we skipped the Fatima church or probably due to not being able to bring a camera for us to have some picture taking at each church. On the other hand, it is such a huge relief that we were able to fulfill our yearly Maundy Thursday devotion.

Hit and Run Victim

It was not me but one of my dogs. Last night when I reached home I played with my dogs who are in front of our door way. My husband and I decided to unleash them so they would be able to play around. But the three of them immediately ran out of the gate, after a few minutes we heard a bang and a tricycle ran fast after which one of my dogs came back home crying to the top of his voice. My dog was shaking then he collapsed and that made me cry really very hard. I thought it was the end of his life even more when he vomit with blood. That’s the time when I started to pray as it feels really depressing losing a pet you love. Good thing my prayer has been answered instantly and now he’s back to life. I am taking care of them more than the usual, I am even planning to have them take something like synovi g4 for their better health.

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