Car Baptism

It is not just people that we are usually asking to be baptized, more often we also do this for our home and our new car. So we did the same even though the car that we had is not really new – just a second-hand or third-hand unit as I may say. No matter how many times it has been passed on, we look at it as a great blessing from the Lord. And just today, we brought it to the church and asked the priest to blessed him. Yes he is a male in gender and we named him Peter – a 2002 model, Honda Civic with Automatic transmission.

not our actual unit - just the same type...

not our actual unit – just the same type…

Hope I can drive him soon. Thank You Lord!

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Mini Store

I just have established a mini store at home and I do believe that really great things start from small beginnings. I am also planning of setting up an online shoppe of goods hoping that it will grow just like the I did a post of this mini variety store on social media and when my friends saw it they told me that it will grow more like a grocery store or a even to a mall by God’s grace and I just wanted to claim it. I am very thankful with the outpouring of blessings that the Lord is giving me and my family.