As our preacher have said, we were born to worship. It is our way of appreciating all and everything of God’s provision in our lives. But Worship is not just about shouting, raising hands up, clapping, playing instruments and speaking in tongues. Worship is about anything that we are doing for the glory of our Lord. Every little movements that we do, if we are doing it to praise and glorify God the father, Jesus and Holy spirit then we can consider this as worship. Let us always spend time to think about our Lord, talk to him in the form of worship.

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A Mother in Me

Just like how we want our musical instrument to be protected with something like numark v7 case it is but natural for a mother to protect her child all the days of her life. A mother’s love is something that is immeasurable though every mother has their own way of performing their parental duties. I myself will never be a mother as I am right now if not with my mom’s example. I may not be able to show her how much I look back to her at least this time I have learned to love her. I know I am not a good daughter but I am trying to be a better mother for my son.