Manny vs LGBT

I am just so glad that the issue between the boxing champ of the Philippines is subsiding little by little. As for me, there is no such thing as perfection. Everyone is bound to make mistake whether it is intentional or not. Manny maybe had the wrong choice of words, LGBT might have overly misinterpreted such and media may have edited the interview as shown but one thing is for sure – it was published for people to react.

We are responsible for our own reactions and there is a right way of doing things where we need not use any passage from the scriptures to prove anything to anybody. I understood LGBT probably was deeply hurt but if you think you’re not doing anything wrong then there’s no reason for us feel guilty and react negatively on that. Manny already sent his public apology and who are we not to accept it? Media on the other hand is there to give us the latest updates, entertainment and etc. but the way we use it is another story.

Instead of us trying to look at the imperfection of things and people, let us try to control ourselves and give our best effort to look at the brighter side of life. Just my two cents.

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