Pet Needs: Anti-Rabies Vaccine


He is “putot”, our favorite pet. He was given to us by a therapist who is a local practitioner I guess more than four months back. He is actually our fourth dog and since we decided to put him inside the house we planned to avail an anti-rabies shot for him.

It was last Tuesday September 20, 2016 when we decided to bring him to the Municipal Agriculture office but we were told to have him registered first and bring him back two days after since every Thursday is the schedule of giving the said vaccine. It was done successfully, no crying or even screaming heard from our little big pet.

At least for now we know that he is and we are safe somehow from rabies.

Colour Pop Lipstick Trend

It is one of the most talked about beauty lip applicator. I’ve been hearing it inside the nutrition center where I do Zumba. They said that just like how a music stand light helps a musician, it makes the lips look good and moisturized. Curious about how it could improve my facial features I asked for the price. At first, I wasn’t convinced until I encounter a cheaper offer from one of my office mates. Thru their Facebook page, I get to choose a color and I think it fits me well.

sorry for the overkill pouting

sorry for the overkill pouting

It’s the “Frick ‘N Frack” which is a rosy terracotta shade.

What to Do on a Holiday


It was a holiday yesterday – a special day declared by the government for Eid’l Adha. While some of my office mates did attend to office to deliver some of their reports scheduled for that day, I just decided to stay at home and though of something else to do.

Below are the things which you may also check on doing:

1) Morning Exercise – to start my day with so much of positive energy, I went on dancing the zumba and sweat out.
2) Bonding with Kiddos – right after releasing stress doing that dancing routine I bonded with the kids, set them their meal while observing my diet. We even did it with our favorite pet.
3) Watching my Favorite Sports – staying at home doesn’t mean that I am not allowed to enjoy my favorite volleyball games, I did watch on TV the first out of the supposed three (3) games of Shakey’s V-League involving my favorite team Ateneo Lady Eagles against the National University Lady Bulldogs. It was one of the most exciting games ever, Lady Eagles did not win though.

These maybe were the most notable activities I have done which I am just happy about. How about you? What do you prefer to do during holidays?

Wall of Fame


I consider this weekend as a worthwhile one. I was able to accomplish a lot of projects I have lined up for months now. One of those is our wall of fame at home. It is a huge cork board pinned with medals of myself and my son. My husband’s collection of rosaries are also hanged in there plus some of the key chains given to me by my friends mostly my office mates.

I got the idea of arranging them this way from one of Marcus’s nannies way back when he was little. I just had it rearranged now just like how power cables should be kept and improved by putting plastic cover on. At least it will be protected from dust right now.I should have done it earlier though so I could have saved them from getting dirty and even rusty.