City Service

We have been addressing our maintenance people in the office as city service – name of their agency. These people are whom we depend so much when it comes to keeping our workstation clean as well as the entire building. They are assigned on keeping the restrooms filled with tissue papers as well as on cleaning leather couch situated in the lobby and inside the executive offices. Those are just a portion of their tasks but then I could say that we have these group of people who have been responsible enough. They deserve to be recognized for being such industrious ones. May the Lord continue to bless them.

Happy 7S Time

I am just so proud to share that our company (APC by Schneider Electric) is really actively implementing Good Housekeeping methodology in our facilities. Every Friday, 10minutes before 6pm, we are anticipating to hear the 7S chant recited by an employee assigned coming from any department.
Last Friday, I was asked to do it but fortunately I got exempted because of colds. And today I no longer have something to reason out. I had no choice but to do it though I was some kind of tense.
My script
I was a shaking a bit but I was able to speak in a manner clear and smooth to those who listen. Glad to hear positive comments on how I delivered the piece amidst little irregularity of the sound system. Thanks to Allan Buena for the encouragement, to Tita Mariz and Tito Dodi for being my coaches and for my friends and colleagues for the moral support you have extended; this has really helped to further boost my self-confidence.