GT: Ang Aking Awitin Makes Me Smile

I am some kind of tardy for today’s GT as I almost forgot that it’s Thursday again. Time really flies so fast. I thought it’s Tuesday still until I realized that we were actually on holiday that day.

And so for this week’s sharing I am keeping my fervor to OPM music.This one is actually dedicated to me during our courtship stage.

The lyrics goes this way:

Bakit di ko maamin sa iyo
Ang tunay na awitin ng loob ko
Di ko nais mabuhay pa kung wala sa piling mo
Ngunit di ko pa rin maamin sa iyo
Di malaman ang sasabihin ‘pag kaharap ka
Ngunit nililingon naman pag dumaraan na
O ang laking pagkakamali
Kung di niya malalaman
Sa awitin kong ito ipadarama

This is one of Side A’s best song. My boss said that he was really hesitant to express his feelings towards me. It’s because he has this high regard on me and he assumed then that I might just ignore him.

On the onset he’s right as I never thought I would fall in love to someone I thought gay (sorry mahal), until he showed me how much sincere he is on his intention.

And now that we’re already holding on to each other this music still makes me smile and I hope that effect stays longer than what we are expecting.

Happy GT everyone!