38th Month

All of a sudden our need for a kind of vox amplug metal headphone amp at guitar center disappeared. This day though our 38th month of being together does not seem to be worthy of a celebration. It has been a week of quarrel and I still have no clue of there is still a way for us to patch things up and reconcile. We have not talked about things yet and nobody seems to be ready about expressing feelings relative to it. I am maybe on the denial stage and those instances when I see myself being pulled apart again but I am hoping that this would be fixed even not to the point of pursuing our love story. πŸ™

Happy Three Years

We started celebrating yesterday and yes it is our third year together. I wish there is Motion detection Camera to record all the happenings and the happiness that we’ve shared.

Our first day was spent in Island Cove where we did tour on the Animal Island saw different species and even tried feeding a Crocodile. After that we enjoyed the cool water in the Oceania till dusk. On our way home we stopped by a restaurant and munched on some Crispy Pata.

On the main event, we attended mass went to the grocery after and had brunch out. In the afternoon, we let the children play alone or I’d rather say we took some time alone and watched movie, exchanged gifts and decided to have dinner at home.

Generally, it was all fun. At least we had it celebrated the simplest way where we were both satisfied.