Guilty About Not Working?

Sometimes it is not about the speed up your pc thing but about the person who is working. Most of the time the machines and the software are being blamed for being unable to deliver a certain report in the office but they are actually not. Not all people would admit that the down times are due to their own discipline simply because they don’t know the importance of what they are doing or rather they do not know which ones to prioritize so they would end up getting no work done. Sometimes it is a matter of conscience on who is really guilty about getting paid though not working really. Tsk! Tsk!


I don’t know how hard it is to understand those basic things at home. Would you keep those dirty rugs in the cabinet? Would you let the dogs starving while the food is set to be given to them? Will you always wait for fundamental instructions when you mostly know what to do to the thing? Maybe I am becoming too judgmental about a person’s intellectuality and I’d like to apologize about that. But sometimes it makes me wonder how simple some things are and yet they seem complex for others. I wish we all have the common sense just about anything – that’s why it is termed “common” as it is expected to be possessed by everyone. On the other hand, I am fully aware that there is no perfect thing and no perfect person either – a fact which we have to accept.

Over a Year Ago

Over a year ago when I started to get close with somebody I thought friendly enough to consider as one true buddy. As day passes by, we continue to become really friends until we have been tested by the situation. She contradicts about a thing in my life, that I understood and I guess she’s right on that part. I fell one time, I am not sure if she really pulled me up or she just allow things to happen even if she has control.

It is just so frustrating knowing how you trusted a person and eventually realized that she has never been real enough especially when talking behind you. In cases alike, we must exercise some sort of precautions. Try to have a thorough checking before giving out your trust and that is something that I have learned and correspondingly proven by some people and the situation itself.

I am Not a Robot

I feel so stressed during these past few days about a lot of things. The situation has been consistently throwing a lot of challenges to my personal life not to mention all the pressures I am getting from my job. I love my work and I always want to make it up to my tasks. Who would want to be left behind? Apparently not me as that would surely reflect to my performance. I just wish somebody would be considerate enough not to treat me like a mechanized robot in doing my job.

Trust and Relationship

Along the way you will get know people – people of different personality and preferences. Considering the differences it is not easy to befriend someone. Somehow there has to be common denominator between two persons. Establishing trust is not as easy as putting up an instant metal building. Once you get to handle somebody’s personality, that does not stop there. It must be continuously nourished with affection and concern to maintain the atmosphere of friendship. Patience, understanding and love make a relationship smooth and peacefully flowing. An open mind is a requirement while trust keep it strong and stable. Once the trust is ruined the foundation of a relationship will consequently fall and it will be harder for anybody to rebuild it.

I Won’t Play the Game of Hypocrisy

I have been very vocal about anything I feel. If I don’t like a person, in any way I will let him/her know. Whenever I encounter pretentious people, I don’t give them a damn. I won’t waste time getting along with them unless it has something to do with the attitude of professionalism – something which I just need to execute or perform because my job calls for it.

I maybe friendly enough to be regarded, it maybe pride which some may notice from me but I just won’t play the game of hypocrisy and this is me.