Macoi & Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Soap

At last! We finally get hold of the prize I won from Sleep 101 & Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Routine contest. Four (4) months ago when I was encouraged by my friend Niko to join a blog and comments contest hosted by Pehpot. As lazy as I was, I did not exert too much effort and never attempted to write a blog instead I got myself contented by just sharing  my comments.
Never knew I was lucky enough for this thing, to be chosen as one of the best commentators. Maybe this is just really for me. Honestly, I did not expect to win until Pehpot asked me to visit her blog announcing me as one of the winners last September 14, 2010. Indeed it was a surprise, which I considered as one of the birthday gifts I have received for this year.
Just last week, November 16, 2010 to be exact when I saw a package on my PC table. This is it!
500 worth JOHNSON´S® Baby Bedtime products 
My baby Macoi is so loving it. Why? Probably because of its soothing and calming essences which really helps baby to sleep better. Want to take a glimpse of how he had fun with these Johnson’s baby bedtime soap?
There he goes:
cutie coi-coi
Isn’t he really cute? Does he has the potential of becoming a product endorser? But of course, he’s my son. Lol! At this point, he’s perfectly asleep as he has tried using the soap before he goes to bed.

one last commercial pose baby…

With this, I just wanna thank Johnson and Johnson for giving out this product and of course to my blogging friends Niko and Pehpot for introducing me into something like this. Hope to get back to blogging soon.

Now I’m thinking of what to do with these stuff. I guess it could be one of those great Christmas gifts. At least my friends could also try it. =)

PBW: Tired of Doing Nothing

After two months, we get to visit again my future in-laws. I am one of those luckiest women to have in-laws like them. Every time we are in their place they do almost everything.  They – my future nieces, sisters, brothers, and parents in-law.
They take care of  Coi all the time, do the cooking, serve the food, wash the dishes while I just let my back rest on the sofa or in bed just watching a tv show or browsing the internet with either iPod or laptop.
Sometimes I feel really shy about these scenarios but they are the ones whom are so persistent leaving me with no choice but to sit back and relax.
So this past weekend I really got tired of doing nothing – just watching Coi playing with his friends.

Go Green Friday: Coi’s Green Costume

This is My Prince —> Macoi wearing his green Robin Hood costume I bought last November 2009 for his treat or trick activity.
I will never forget that instance as we came in late in the afternoon to the mall as there was a typhoon that struck our area during the morning.
But at least he was able to enjoy. Better late than never.