Need to Practice

While we’re waiting for our upcoming sportsfest, we feel the need for a practice. It’s been so long since we have played volleyball, badminton and even ping pong that we used to do during lunch breaks.

Our recreation area in the office has been removed to give way for the company expansion and that includes the ping pong table. We are hoping that one day an alternative spot would be alloted to be our new gaming space.

Taking one step at a time, we’ll start to practice volleyball next week for our outdoor sports. For the indoor, we still have to check for venues and even come up to a decision of choosing between badminton and table tennis or the so called ping pong.

Sportsfest 2011

I am looking forward to our next company sportsfest scheduled next month and I am thinking by now on which event should I join in.

Last year, I was part of the volleyball team for the outdoor category where we became the 2010 champions. For indoor, I joined the women’s doubles badminton where my me and my partner got the first runner-up place.

What’s unforgettable for me during the last year’s sportfest is the injury I had during our volleyball championship game where I fell when I tried to hit the ball. I was lucky still that I need not put on some kind of specially recommended donjoy knee sleeve.

For this year, I am expecting a more challenging sports competition and I just hope that everybody will enjoy and not anyone would encounter some serious injuries.

Alternative Way to Lose Weight

Relative to my thoughts on how to reduce weight, I was told by my friend of an alternative way to do so and that is buying wii gaming console. It may be expensive in a way but it could be used for a lot of purposes. It could be for fun and enjoyment of everyone in the family and for my weight reduction program as well. I just have to make sure of buying wii remotes and all other accessories to suffice my needs.Just like the 6-in-1 sport set, it will be as if I am playing ball games in actual. That could be a lot of fun indeed and I even need not go out of the house for such. I guess I have to save for this. hihi!

8 Principles of a Good Sports Team

I am a sports enthusiast. I play games (mostly ball games) whenever I have the chance; be it basketball, volleyball, table tennis and even badminton. I may not be an expert about these things but I have an unambiguous understanding on each of them.

More often than not, I aspire to become part of a team. However, due to an unanticipated instance I have chosen to send regrets from a certain volleyball team. And this has triggered me to write about my own opinion about the morale of a good sports team.

I believe that a team’s pride would not just rest about winning a title, it’s about how you have established your team earning trust, confidence and reliance not just from the team members but also from other people who believe on the team’s commitment and perseverance.

With that in mind, I guess a good team yells without any hesitation that we were firmly established and we are proud as:

1. We value fairness and equality. – We give equal opportunities for those aspiring players. We value each player’s determination to learn further and improve themselves, thus; we recognize their interest to become part of the team proven by their consistent effort to show up and participate in the scheduled practices.

2. We promote honesty and integrity. – Each of the players went through the same level of training from where we have based our selection process. We have a training program that reasonably measures a player’s skills and ability. Recommendations are welcome but a player’s involvement is a must.

3. We play with loyalty and dedication. – We are not preoccupied by the thoughts on what support we can get being a team member such as allowances, sporting goods, recognition. We play because we want to, we take responsibility about being a player, we exert time and effort, and we aim to bring honor to the team.

4. We uphold respect. – Regardless of their contribution to the team we show respect to our leaders, members and players, opponents and to everybody.

5. We craft motivation – Being a team we are being watched at, so we are bound to make ourselves as a model of the role each of us is playing. This is something from where we are pulling our pride out.

6. We build strong bond and camaraderie – As a team we are friends, we trust each other. We are open. We give each and everyone the chance to speak out and we see to it that there is no ill feeling from anybody. If there is any, we ensure to resolve any issues. We encourage, accept and value suggestions.

7. We learn from each other – We don’t just look at how a player has performed in the past or how each of them are expected to play. We share knowledge, we learn as we continuously help each one to improve on their skills. We do not just focus on someone’s playing expertise (position), as much as possible we encourage versatility.

8. We look up to God – In recognition of His presence at all time along with the appreciation of those strength and talents He has given us, we offer our activities to the Lord. That without Him there would be no games, no chances of winning, no us.

I hope I have completely plotted the qualities being looked for in a team. Not that I am asking you to find a perfect team but look for a team who at least knows the definition of the word “fairness”.

It is but natural to put winning in a team’s perspective as they are basically driven to win but it will be more important to instill in a person’s mind that sports is also about working harder, gaining more friends and living a good life.

To end this up, I’d like to leave a quote for you to ponder on:

The desire to win is born in most of us. The will to win is a matter of training. The manner of winning is a matter of honour.” – Margaret Thatcher

JB: Sportfest Trophy

I’ve been thinking lately on what I could share for this week’s meme till I received an e-mail from our HR personnel that we can already claim our trophy. This was an award we’ve got in winning as a 2nd Runner up in Badminton Women’s Doubles on our Company Sportsfest  last year.

Though it came late and no awarding ceremony that took place, I still appreciate the token that serves as a remembrance of something in which we exerted effort and had fun about.

It maybe simple but it can also be regarded as:

Congrats to myself and to my friend and partner Elsa Castillo as well as to the rest of the winners.

Goodbye Sport Venues! Hello Blogosphere!

Lately, I am becoming less conscious about my body figure. I don’t care much on how I am getting bigger and bigger if I really do.
I have almost given up some of my sports activities. I no longer play badminton. Seldom have I played table tennis during lunch breaks. I have totally stopped on my morning jogging activities. Only my volleyball sessions once or twice a week remains.
To where did I spend much of my time lately? Well, well, well… Isn’t it actually, perceptibly and apparently obvious?
I have shifted myself back to writing again with the intention of earning dollars as well.=)

Making Sports as a Career

Yes, I have added sports as part of my career since my grade school days. And now I am giving it a little boost. I have to do it in a more serious way as I have to compete- maybe not that serious competition but something more like official. Just last Friday, we went out to scout for a badminton outfit and I am glad that we did not fail. I was able to get a bottom piece for a change. A change indeed as it was a skirt. This will be the first time for me to wear such. I usually come to a badminton court in either jogging pants or shorts. 
I just hope this will help as I was told that it can give a more comfy feeling while playing the game. I am just so excited about it.

BadmintonTeam Tag – Fartners

August 17 when we (Isay and Me) registered to join the badminton women doubles event for our upcoming sports fest. The following day we had our first practice. I am hoping Isay did not make a wrong decision in choosing me as her partner. She was one of the defending champions in the past. I don’t want her to be put to shame; with that I should do my best.
In a game, there is always a winning party in the end. But according to my partner, though “to win” is our priority still “to enjoy” is our secondary objective. While we have to play the game so seriously, we should accept the fact the we are not perfect in any sense. What is important is that we have exerted our best effort to compete. If we lose it then it is basically part of the game but if we make it to the top then that is simply the sweetest thing about a battle. However, we should always be positive in our outlook and must maintain within us the virtue of a healthy competition, keep within ourselves the etiquette of a professional player.
We have already passed the medical clearance portion and we are now looking forward to having enough time to practice as we should still improve our weakness es and strengthen our chemistry as a team.
Well, all these things I have mentioned are just a background of what I have actually thought of. I was thinking of our team’s name and I happened to consider “Fartners” which was derived from our group’s name “Tropang Utot”. Tropa means group and utot means fart, and since it is just the two of us; we are just partners. Partners with an “f”.

A Weekend That’s Tiring But Fulfilling

I have never been out for several weekends now. I think the last time was when I participated in our company outing last July 24 of this year.

Consequently, during weekends I am a full time mom, a house keeper in that sense. This weekend is just another tiring but fulfilling Saturday and Sunday.

I was able to do the laundry, did the pedicure for myself, glued my sandals, cleansed our silver accessories, took Macoi to the barber shop and had some sort of clean-up and rearrangement of some things in our home.

There was no major changes actually, except that we already placed our personal refrigerator up in our sleeping area – a space in our kitchen was vacated.

Our bed is my favorite spot at home and it feels so good to see things arranged in a manner simply fine where you can relax and spend even a few time of rest.

On the other hand, I guess the process of cleaning had worsen my condition. My colds gone really bad which might be due to inhalation of dusts.

Hope to feel well tomorrow as we have a badminton schedule with office mates.