All-Filipino Semis : Manila Classico

I am not really a fanatic of the San Mig Coffee Mixers but the All Filipino Conference pushed me to become an interim cheerer of the team. Simply because my mainly supported Tropang Texters was put to rest after the quarter finals. It is also because the opponent of the mixers happened to be the least team in my list (for me alone). Now I was able to absorb why this rivalry has been termed as the Manila Classico. Indeed there are millions of supporters for both teams. I am just so happy that the rumors having the game scripted in favor of Barangay Ginebra did not materialize. The coffee mixers paved its way to the finals after the seventh game and is now playing against the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters.

Generous PBA

The most popular sports league in the country Philippine Basketball Association is now showing love to the fellow countrymen especially to those who have been affected by Typhoon Haiyan or Super bagyo Yolanda.
They will be giving away 1 million pesos to the victims of the typhoon through the help of the Commissioner and its board of Governors. As a proof of collaboration between PBA and TV5 they will be coursing it through the Alagang Kapatid Foundation Inc. PBA Chairman Mon Segismundo has uttered “we stand united in alleviating the hardships of our kababayans in this latest disaster”. I salute the PBA on this move.

PBA Governor’s Cup

Last one or two games remain and the PBA conference will end as well (just like the Shakey’s V-League). But this time I am not cheering for the Tropang Texters. Though I am not actively watching like the usual, I have opted to be in favor of my old and long-time favorite Petron Blaze Boosters (formerly San Miguel Beermen). With their import who is really dependable (Paul Millsap) I hope they could get the Championship trophy this time. I have this much faith on Marcio Lassiter and Chriz Lutz not to mention that the veteran Danny Ildefonso is still playing for the team.

The Heart of Gilas Pilipinas

Truly when you play with your heart you’ll never go far from victory and that is what our very own team Smart Gilas Pilipinas have showcase during the semi-finals game against Korea in FIBA 2013. A lot of people are aware how underdog the Philippine Team when it comes to the skills of Korean but players of Gilas have proven them wrong. They played with great defense and offense mixed with precision. At first it seemed they will not make it but towards the end of the game they have made their hearts exposed along with the support of the Filipino people. Indeed it is one big achievement our entire country should be proud of. Go Smart Gilas! Laban Pilipinas! Puso!

Sad about JD

I can’t stop myself from feeling so down about the trade of Jared Dillinger. I want him on Talk ‘N Text rather than on any other PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) teams. But I guess their decision must be respected. It must be part of his punishment. I just hope that he still have the usual might in playing basketball and do hope as well that he would still stand out being one of the best defensive players even in Meralco. Still wishing the better for my Idol. Anyways, I am still willing to support you just don’t be a part of Ginebra because I might think twice on that. 🙂

Balkman’s Attitude

Basketball is a game and though it is a physical activity it does not purports to hurt anybody. The players are looked up into and being idolized by many. But what Renaldo Balkman has showed during the Petron-Alaska game last March 08, 2013 is definitely a turning off incidence. This is when he threw Tubid away and choked Arwind Santos when the two attempted to stopped him from nagging with one of the referees. It is possible that because of what has transpired will reject Balkman as the import of Petron Blazers. His being a NBA (National Basketball Association) player might not retain him. This thing doesn’t need a kind of auto lifts to be fixed. He should have shown the true character of being a model sportsman.

PBA Conference Starts Again

Yesterday marks the day of the beginning of another Philippine Basketball Association conference now with import player for each team. Other groups which were not able to showcase much of their players capability may be able to excel this time of course with the help of a foreign player. I just hope that Talk ‘N Text have gotten the right man for them somebody who will oppose and defend them even just against his co-import.
Good luck to each and every team as well as to the players of the PBA. May they continue to entertain people with this exciting sport.

B-MEG Llamados Won

It is game five of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) finals and it was Rain or Shine Elasto Painters against B-MEG Llamados competing for the Championship trophy. It is a chance to let the balloons fall for the former while a do or die game for B-MEG. Before the game starts, I had this premonition that there will be another game after this and I am glad I was right. Though I am not an avid fan of the B-MEG Llamados as I am still for Talk ‘N Text Tropang Texters, I am just so happy that they were able to win the game.

TNT not on PBA Finals

It is indeed a sad end of a story for Talk ‘N Text as this time they were not able to make it to get through the finals. For several consecutive conferences that they were in, they even got the chance to take home some championship titles. Blame cannot just be thrown to their import as they perform better even without one but it could possibly be that injuries of the players can be one of the reasons why. But looking at the reality of life maybe it is on how their wheels are rolling at this point just like the ball which is always on its round shape we can simply accept the fact that this is not their moment.

Don Allado’s Tweet

It is my first time to encounter an instance wherein someone has been penalized because of broadcasting an opinion through social media network like twitter. It was Don Allado who said that Philippine Basketball Association games are being fixed just because of a non-call executed by the referee during their game which made him believe that it was one of those major reasons why they did not win. I understand how he really wanted to release his emotions but then sometimes it is better to buy sony microphones and express our feelings and sentiments through music. Singing will not get you to pay for an amount equivalent to half a million pesos or so. But things have been done and can never be taken back. Apology is the next best way to patch things up.

Pride Behind Guilt

Indeed there is a reason for everything – whether we like it or not we just need to accept some things. Just as the recent defeat encountered by the TNT Nation. It is really hard to accept the fact that we lost despite the unstoppable effort. But what is more difficult to absorb is the obvious truth that there was something really dubious that transpired that’s why we are now at the losing end.

We are but very much convinced about the performance of Denzel Bowles, James Yap or whoever may be from the B-MEG Planet but there is such thing as conscience to consider. It may not be executed by anyone of them but it is hard to take pride behind guilt.

For me and for the rest of the Tropa – Talk ‘N Text will always be our Champion. Continue to play a clean game, we are just so proud of you guys. We love you!

Tremendous Effort

I just can’t forget how Jared has been showing tremendous effort just as for the team to recover during Game 5. I don’t know if he realizes how painful it will be just in case his bones would break because he is throwing his body like it was made up of stone.

I hope the rest of the Tropa will demonstrate the same determination as what Jared has shown in the past games. I do admire how Castro, Harvey, Fonacier, Williams, Peek, Carey, Reyes and the rest of the guys are working everytime they are on the court but how I wish Ranidel and Jimmy will be back this time from their notable vacation.

Let’s take home the sixth game Tropa! Show off your tremendous efforts while we pray.