Sweet Victory for Dallas

It made me so upset on how the NBA has ended. Dallas was able to get the title right at Miami’s home court. I wonder what had happened to LeBron James as there was as if a sudden plunge on his performance during the final games. It seemed like he has never exerted much of his power to win the last games.

If he has been injured and needed an aid of a medical equipment, I would probably understand. I don’t know if Heat would still have the chance to take revenge at Mavericks by next time. That would be possible but I guess there would be some changes on the players line-up.

For King James, he better proves himself for the next NBA season.

NBA Finals Game 5

The fifth game ended with scores 112-103, with Dallas leading 9 points making them lead the series for 3-2 as well. But the Mavericks must get themselves ready for the next game as the last two sets are to be held at Miami’s homecourt.

Top Performers for Game 5

The big three Bosh, Wade, and James just have to make themselves composed as well for the following games. They need to strengthen their defense and sweep the last two sets for them to win the championship. Go Go Miami! The vengeance is ours. I know it would not be easy but we truly believe in you. You can make surely it guys.

Miami vs Dallas 2-2

I got somehow saddened about how game four has ended simply because this time the point went to Dallas.

In just a matter of three points the Mavericks was able to get even with Heat achieving a 2-2 standing by this time. Prior to the game ending, I was looking at a possibility for over time. See plays below:

With 14.4seconds left the ball was in Miami’s possession. I know its for sure that the Heat fanatics were anticipating for a three point move from any of the Miami players. However, Dwayne just have made a two-point field goal giving Dallas the chance to move further and get ahead.

With the last personal foul given by Lebron, Dallas was able to shoot the two free throws provided to them. Congratulations to Dallas this time. See you guys on Game 5.

Miami Did it Again

Hooray for the Heat, as they were able to fetch their second win out of the three games of the finals. Though the game was played at Dallas homecourt that did not stop them to take the lead. Now they are on a 2-1 standing in favor of the Miami Heat. The big three have shown all their might in order for them to win this game.

Despite having two points advantage on the final score a win is still a win. At this point in time a lot of expectators are now anticipating for Miami to win the title for the conference. Well, let’s see on Game four if Heat would be able keeping ahead of the Mavericks.

Mavericks Vs. Heat – Game 2

Many sports enthusiasts are now all eyes to the NBA finals. Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat are the teams competing for the championship.

As of this writing, game two has just finished giving Dallas the chance to get even with Miami. They are now on 1:1 standings.

I thought Heat would move ahead as there was an instance when they had a 10points edge during the last quarter until Dallas took a 3point lead on the last 26secs. Consequently, Heat was able to recover the points few seconds after when Chalmers did the three point shot through an assist executed by Lebron James.

Unfortunately, on the last paart Nowitzki of Dallas layed up for two points with 3.6seconds time remaining and that made them win the game.