GT: Basta’t Kasama Kita (As Long as I’m with You)

dingdong avanzado – basta’t kasama kita 

Basta’t kasama kita
Lahat magagawa
Lahat ay maiaalay sa’yo
Basta’t kasama kita
Walang kailangan pa
Wala nang hahanapin pa
Basta’t kasama kita

The lyrics of the song said it all – as long as we’re together we can do anything, we can offer everything like we don’t need a thing at all.

Considering all the difficulties challenging our relationship right now it somehow contributes to all those things that keeping us together.This may not be literally translated in actual, just the thought that we’re both just here for each other is enough keeping us at peace and secure.
Right now, we are mutually happy with everything that we have. Though sometimes we notice how life becomes unfair, we’re trying to look at things in a positive way. We treasure every moments that we’re together. As much as possible we don’t waste every opportunity. 
Admittedly it may be to early to tell, but collectively we define our feelings as one and the same with LOVE and there is where we’ve fallen.