Just Another Ingrown Story

I guess I am an ordinary victim when it comes to nail pampering story. Just last Sunday I have been murdered again, not my life (else I won’t be able to write this anymore) but my toes. Now I realized that it has nothing to do with the rate of services but indeed on the skill of the manicurist. I have encountered the most expensive amount of pedicure service so far and I thought it will surpass the usual satisfaction I get – ingrown removed without any injury caused to my toes but I guess this time can be one of the worst really. With its price on top and the swollen toe I got. I will never ever try to go back there again (Nail-a-holics SM Bacoor).

Make Over

I feel like I need some series of make over to make myself feel better. I feel like my hair has been extended and so I want to have it cut as I also miss my hair stylist and his shear holster. I also think I need some scalp treatment for the flakes on my head, a pedicure for my toenails, facial session for my face of course and a lot more stuffs. I also want a relaxing full body massage. I hope I can do all of this. I know it is possible especially if I will do these things one at a time.

Sweet Surprise

I was really surprised about the arrival of my best friend from Dubai. I did not know about the exact date of her coming which made me not able to ask her to avail of discount perfume for me. I miss the scent of Clinique Happy and also that of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea. But the good thing is that even though I was not able to ask for a specific item she still got something for us. She brought some bath & body lotion of different scent just perfect for our different personalities. Of course mine is really that of something with sweet smell.

Christmas Plans

Like most people, I also have several plans for the coming Holiday Season. Aside from shopping for gifts and preparing for some Christmas activities I also have personal make-over plans. I have been dreaming of having my hair fixed with colors and a new hairdo that would give me new look. I also want to try some eyelash growth products to add something noticeable in my face. I also would want to attend to the underarm whitening service I bought from on-line deals. I indeed have a lot of plans for Christmas as I want to celebrate it in a way that is memorable enough for me.

Beauty Regimen

My hubby has planned to start his diet program targeting to lose 38lbs. I was thinking if I would join him on his attempt or I would try to pursue on something like beauty regime.

I was told about the benefits of deadsea salt as it helps a person to get away from rheumatologic conditions, cures common skin ailments and allergies such as acne and psoriasis and it is also believed as an anti-skin aging thing.

Maybe I should give it a try as it will not only help myself but also my grandmother who is rheumatic right now at her age of 78.